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  • Is Mixed Martial arts teaching me bad habits?

    My story is this, okay so I was bareknuckle sparring with a co-worker tonight and the thing is he is untrained and I am tranined and I was teaching him stuff but okay here is where things start to seem funny, when we started fighting Everytime I threw a perfect punch he blocked every single last one of them despite never being trained to block it's like it was natural to him but when he threw punches at me I could barely block them or react to them or understand what he was throwing he only hit me twice and I only hit him once. So tell me is MMA teaching me bad fighting habits with my defensive reflexes or is MMA or any fighting art a joke and no one should train in any because after what happened tonight it's kind of making me doubt any fighting art out there and I really don't think they are effective in a Street fight.

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  • How do you know if someone put a bomb on your car?

    Where do you check to see if someone put a bomb on your car ignition or engine or gas tank? I'm worried because I'm scared people are out to get me and that someone may place a bomb on my car and when I start my car I will explode in it. This fear is consuming my life severely! Please help where do I look to see if it was planted?

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  • Is it true that a short or small person can't beat a tall or big person in a fight?

    The reason I ask this is because I was listening to someone on YouTube and they said size and height and weight is The only thing that really matter in a fight and that the only way to beat big people is to just gain weight and lift weights. If this is true then doesn't that mean that there is no hope of a short or small person to beat a tall or big person? If so how? Because when people mention be in and out that's easier said then done. A big or tall person can just counter you. People also say get in on the inside but that's easier said then done. A tall person is hard to breach so how to you beat them? A big person is invincible so how do you beat them?

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  • Can a 21 year old beat a 30 year old or older in a physical fight?

    Like is it possible for a 21 year old to out power a older adult? I know alot of people will say no because due to a 30 and 65 year old being more developed so that makes the odds against a young adult. But what if that young adult is trained or lift ait of weights and do strong man training and stuff to build absolute power and strength could they then out power them? Besides what if that young adult have better endurance,cardio,discipline,flexibility,... iq,etc can you young person then hope to have better success in a fight with a older adult?

    Martial Arts3 years ago
  • Is it true that brute force is the only thing that matters in a fight?

    I hear all the time that skill,technique,speed is not enough to beat size,strength,raw power,and timing. But my thing is if that's the case how do you build brute strength and raw power if you weren't born with it? People say punches are made not born I presume kicks are also included in this theory as well. But if that's the case then how can you build your punching and kicking power if you weren't born with it? How can you hurt someone or even protect yourself and family if you don't have those physical attributes like a strong person? What's the point of training or learning to fight if it's all useless and dosent improve anything about you? How? Just how are you going to beat these type of people? Please don't say avoid or run away because some fights you just can't avoid and running away makes you look like a coward plus I'm sure if your family was endangered your not just going to run away your going to try and fight and protect them. Also don't say fight dirty I'm pretty sure they can fight you dirty back. Also if they are tough fighting dirty is not going to work or hurt them and most likely people like this are tough. Last but not least it's a lack of man hood for males.

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  • How is boxing a training and skill/art?

    I don't believe that boxing is a training or skill/art. To be honest I think that boxing is something anyone can do and it's just a honing thing. Boxing to me is just two street fighters putting on gloves and fighting that's all. Because if it's not then why do black people (mostly) or some people naturally have hand skills or skills in general? A skill and art has to be taught so how can boxing be that if you see two untrained people fighting like boxers all the time?

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  • Whats the point of training in any fighting style?

    Since a untrained street fighter can beat a trained fighter with sheer confidence and aggression and power shots and skills that they experimented and it worked on their own. Whats the point of training? If that'd the case then all training arts out there are crap boxing wont work Kickboxing wont work muay thai wont work wrestling wont work navy seals/military combat wont work pretty much any style out there won't work because if all it takes for you to be is a tough street fighter and just get into alot of street fights and gain fight experience from that alone then training is pointless! All a person got to do is workout, eat right, stay in shape, hit a punching bag, fight in the street alot and they will be perfect ultimate fighters. Martial arts and combat training are crap then! Prime example boxing! How is boxing a training if anyone can fight like one? All I think boxing is a honing mechanism not a legit art or skill. Boxing is just two street fighters putting on gloves and going at it instead of bareknuckle. If you don't believe me why when we watch two untrained people fight say like on YouTube or someone you actually seen in your life fight why to they already know how to throw jab,cross,hooks,uppercuts,bob,weave,slip,dip,etc and they have never actually been properly taught these things in real life? All they did was imitate! Also since fighting is all about who got the best confidence out the two since fighting is more of a mental thing whats the point of training

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  • How do you beat a big person in a fight?

    Since strength and size is all that matters in a fight shouldn't small people have alot to worry about? Speed and skill is not important as power and strength and size is I hear alot of people saying this. So the question is how do you beat a big person? Because thats my biggest fear I train in MMA and I lack the confidence to fight someone bigger because It seems impossible to beat them and I want to be able to protect myself from them. People say all the time that power,size,strength is the only thing that matters alot of time so how do you beat them if they are invincible? People say that speed and skill dissent matter simply because we'll apparently in a fight all it takes if for one well placed punch to end it all which I believe to a extent and bigger people are the exception to this so how do you beat them whats the trick!? How!? Also people like to say since size don't matter why are there weight classes?

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  • How to stay safe on the road?

    I ask this question because I suffer from anxiety and now a new problem has arised with my anxiety I'm scared to drive now because due to all of the road rage incidents involving guns I'm scared that someone is going to shoot and kill me even if im not in the wrong and they are. I always try to be a very careful driver but sometimes other peoples on the road makes it hard for me im pretty sure you all know where I'm coming from. But anyway it's starting to intefere with my life pretty badly now I'm scared to live and drive because of this. Why isn't there away to prevent these type of drivers to have guns in their cars anyway? How can we defend ourselves against these type of people? How can I protect myself in my own car from a gun? Because to tell you the truth I don't have a gun I don't really believe in them to scared to have one. The last thing I want is to not be able to come home in see my love ones due to fools on the road acting stupid and from a bullet to the head. (Sigh) I'm scared…. I hate life.

    3 AnswersPsychology3 years ago
  • Why does age matter in a fight?

    Say if a 21 year old had to defend themselves against a 30 year old or ages older. Why can't a 21 year old beat or be just as strong to handle them? If thats the case what age is a young man able to handle a older man in a fight? I don't understand why the human body operates like that.... I just think it's pure stupid!? Why can't we exceed our limits?Is there away to make you body develop faster or be stronger then a older persons?

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  • How can I get a vendor of phones to sell?

    Like you see how all those peoples on ebay or these sell online type of websites that be selling all of those phones like iPhones,samsungs,lgs,zte,etc anything that's a phone. How do they all be getting all of those phones to sell and make a living? Like whats the trick? Because I know they can't just be spending thousands and thousands of dollars to get all those supplies of phones to make a living because it's like whats the point your spending the money on the product on that you just made the money with? So whats the trick? Because I want to run my own business online and sell phones and make a living? But how do i get started? Please someone help! Any advice thank you.

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  • How are we unique?

    How are we unique or so called one of a kind if there is someone else out there in the world just exactly like you? What I mean is how can we all be so different if there is 8 billion people in the world and there has been many centuries that has passed and there will be many more to come and through out these centuries there has been some one with your same thoughts,ways,personality,interest,looks,etc. Whats the point of being you if there is another you? What's the point of being alive if you dont have your own unique path? What's the point of being you or alive if someone else only love or like you because you remind them of someone else that is just like you but they dont love or like you for just you and you alone? Whats the point of being you if your always being compared to Someone else? I don't want to be like no one else and I don't want no one to be like me I want to be the only me! I find life pointless and boring if everyone has a copy. How can we know for sure that there is no one else in the world like you? How do you explain two people who finish off each other sentences doesn't that mean they are just alike? How do you explain twins? People claim twins are just alike. So how am i unique? (Sigh) I'm sick of this question troubling me. I just want to be the only me that ever existed. Please tell me your opinions thank you.

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  • Why do I still get hit while trying to dodge punches?

    What I'm saying is I take Mixed Martial Arts but due to life circumstances I haven't been to practice in a while. MMA is my only passion but anyway let's stay on topic. Like I was saying I have been in it for six years I have improved alot but I still feel the same when I started. When I spar I still cant react in time and I can't tell when a punch and kick is coming to dodge. Even when I do dodge I still get hit. I was play fighting with my girl friend we were open hand boxing and when I call my self trying to dip under she still ended up hitting me in the eye. But I'm starting to doubt myself even more because the things is that's where I always struggled at in fighting. I want to get better at fighting so I can feel confident to defend myself when the time comes. Just getting hit by her made me lose even more confidence. I just want to approve this weakness in my fighting like I said martial arts is my only passion. So why do i still keep making these same mistakes what am I doing so wrong!? It's also like a bipolar moment some days I will do so well others I completely suck but majority of the times it's like I still don't do so well I remain the same. Please help I need some advice thank you!

    6 AnswersMartial Arts3 years ago
  • If size in a fight matters so much regard that people always say a bigger person will always win no matter what then how do you beat them?

    Why I ask is because I train in mma and I doubt myself and skills all the time and I'm afraid that mma wont work for self defense because everybody on the internet keep saying that sparring in real fighting are two different things and that sparring can not compensate for real fighting and thus it won't work in a real life situation against a bigger opponent. All these people on the internet with their article keeps saying that no matter what martial arts,speed,skill,smarts can never overcome strength,size,power and brute force so regardless the odds will always be in a bigger opponents favor and you have no chance to beat them. So tell me some how do you beat such a big monstrous opponent since no matter what you cant beat them because due to their size making them invincible. I'm scared in scared that when the time come I will fail if it comes down to it. How do I know my boxing,kickboxing,must thai,karate,etc will really come in handy if everyone on the net keeps saying so?

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  • How do I fight without adrenaline?

    Is there a way to prevent the body from preventing adrenline? Like a drug or something any type of way to prevent adrenaline? The reason I ask because Im scared to fight and the reason why is because I have alot of self doubt and I know that if I lose control and lose my center of gravity I start fighting reckless and forget how to fight because of the adrenaline. I learned that I fight better without adrenaline and under control. Adrenaline makes me make alot of mistakes no matter how much i train myself. Please can someone please tell me some tips on how to beat this?

    4 AnswersMartial Arts3 years ago
  • How do you beat a person in a fight If they can't feel pain?

    What I mean by this is if adrenaline is pumping and supposedly make you superhuman god like and invincible how can a person feel pain if adrenaline negates the effects of pain? Also whats the point of working out and conditioning yourself for fighting if adrenaline naturally produces all of this? What I mean by this is more tolerance to pain to where you can't feel it, more cardio and stamina, more strength and endurance even though you never worked out and conditioned your body to earn these things it's just naturally produced. So whats the point of it all if adrenaline is the key to everything?

    15 AnswersMartial Arts3 years ago
  • Does age matter in a fight?

    Can a 21 year old beat a 30+ year old in a fight If so how? If not why not? Why does age matter so much? I mean don't the average person fully develop at 20? So why cant they take down a age that's older then them in a fight?

    3 AnswersMartial Arts3 years ago
  • How does taste and smell affect the brain and hormones in the body?

    How does what we taste and smell affect our brain and hormones. What happens to our brain and hormones when we sense these things?

    1 AnswerBiology4 years ago