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  • What should I name my etsy store?

    For some reason I can't come up with ANYTHING. I'm selling handmade jewelry and can make custom orders.

  • Irritation on inner arms?

    If you copy/paste the links above, it shows pictures.

    I've had this irritation for about a week now and it gets worse every day. The doctor said that it was contact dermatitis and prescribed me desonide lotion, which has not seemed to help at all. I have also been taking ibuprofen and benedryl every 4-6 hours with no luck. Even calamine lotion hasn't seemed to touch it, even though it reacts with my skin very well and has worked on other irritations in the past. It does itch, but not very bad and not all the time. Mostly, it just hurts. It isn't contagious because multiple people touched it when it wasn't nearly as bad and none of them have anything.

    I need some answers because I'm getting somewhat depressed by it and I can't seem to get control of it.

    Please help.

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions7 years ago
  • Fundraising for a trip abroad?

    Hey guys! I'm trying to go on a trip abroad in about nine months, and I need to raise about $5,000. I have two jobs and am working as much as possible while still going to school. However, with the expenses that just inevitably come with life, I've had trouble actually putting much of that money aside to save up for the trip. I was just wondering if anyone knew of good fundraising ideas that a single person could do. I'm willing to work hard for this, since it is something I really want to do, so I'm open to any ideas.


    1 AnswerOther - Destinations7 years ago
  • Pain under ribs when standing straight or stretching?

    It's been there for the past few days. I can't stand up completely straight, or stretch my back at all because it hurts so bad. It's a really dull pain right below my ribs. Any ideas if what this might be?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Is BMT Doable for a small girl?

    Hi! I am training for Basic (Air Force), and I'm really concerned, because all of these bigger men that have been through it think that I can't do it physically. It has been making me really nervous. I feel that I am mentally as prepared as possible, but is it really THAT insanely difficult to do the fitness stuff? They make it out to sound like it will be borderline impossible for me to get through being a 5'2" white girl. Thank you for any serious responses.

    3 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • How do I quit a job that I just started?

    I am a waiter at a family oriented restaurant, and it's a wonderful place to work. We're all in college and new employees are welcomed and feel good about being there. I recently started a new job at a movie theatre, and it's all high school kids who sit around for hours upon hours. They made me feel really insecure and long, dreadful story aside, I do NOT want to return, and knew that within the first hour. I want to officially quit, but I really don't even want to return for the two weeks... I know this all sounds very immature, but I just don't feel like its a good fit for me. How do I go about quitting in the most graceful way possible?

    5 AnswersFood Service8 years ago
  • YouTube Beauty Guru Username Ideas?

    I really want a good username and wanted to see if anyone had some ideas! My name is Megan (or Maggie as a nickname). I really want to make a channel using affordable products. I'm 19 and like the colors purple, pink, and blue. Any real answers are appreciated.

    1 AnswerYouTube8 years ago
  • Personal experiences in the military? (particularly the Air Force)?

    I have been thinking about joining the military for the past couple of years. I am 19 and am particularly interested in the Air Force. For those who are in any branch of the military, what did you do and what was the experience like? I really just want to talk to as many people about it as possible before I make my final decision. I know I want to go into the military, but I don't know for sure what branch.

    2 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • What should I get my brother for his birthday?

    We're really close. He has struggled a lot in his life with drugs and alcohol, and even homelessness. Within the past year, he has been able to get himself a house and a job, but his health has been really bad. He's overweight and recently quit smoking. It is his goal in two years to be able to complete a triathalon. I want to get him something that will show how proud I am of him and keep him motivated while he's trying to get in shape. I was thinking of maybe a necklace (masculine, but small enough to wear daily) and I've searched around online and can't find just what I want. I was thinking that maybe I could get one with a symbol on it and write him a card saying that when he sees that symbol, to think of a particular inpirational quote that I haven't quite found yet. Any ideas of a great quote and/or the actual necklace I can buy online?

    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • What can cause you to have a late period (besides pregnancy)?

    Besides being pregnant and stress, what can cause your period to be late? As of now, it is five days late. I'm on birth control, and every time I have sex we also use a condom. When I noticed it was late, I took a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side and it was negative. I know there are such things as false negatives, but what else can cause your period to be late?

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • What should I do in this situation?

    Okay, so here's the deal: I know you guys can only help me to an extent but I'd really like some opinions.

    I've been dating this guy for about 10 months. He's really, really sweet and an ideal boyfriend. The only major thing wrong is that he doesn't really have it together...while my class graduated and went to college, he still lives at home (not really a big deal, he's 18) but has NO IDEA what he wants to do with his life. He doesn't go to college, but does have a decent job for an 18 year old. I'm also worried that he is going to want to stay in our little home town for the rest of his life. I'm older than him (by only two months). The tricky part is that I have started having feelings for this guy that I work with. He is 21 and is also a very sweet person that I love to be around. He is only in our town to go to the university, but has a plan, which I like. He is also very smart and easy to talk to. I'm worried that if I stay with the guy I am with, that I will end up marrying him and having to stay in this town forever! But at the same time, he's the most genuinely kind person I've ever met. I do love him, but I don't know if I can just stay with him when I'm having feelings for another person... I don't feel like it's fair to him. Then again, breaking up with him would completely break his heart, and I would lose him as a friend, too. I would really like to get to know the other guy better, but I don't feel like it's morally right to do that while I'm still dating my boyfriend. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • What exactly is data (for smartphones)?

    If you don't have a real answer, please don't bother responding. So, ever since I have had a cell phone, it has been just a regular old phone. All through high school my parents refused to jump on the smartphone bandwagon, which was fine with me. Now I'm able to pay for one myself, but I have no clue what data is, or what you get by paying for it... Is it internet without wifi? I have even asked friends who own iPhones and they can't give me a straight answer. It seems like no one knows for sure. I've looked it up everywhere and its impossible to get any information. Thanks!

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Where can I get my ears pierced?

    This sounds crazy, but I can't find anywhere that'll do it! I've had my ears pierced before, but they got infected, so my mom took them out since I was so little... now I'm 19 and don't know where to go! I went into 3 tattoo places and they said they don't have a gage small enough unless I actually wanted to gage my ears (which I don't). They said to go to Claire's, but I don't have one in my town. I've also heard a bunch of horror stories about guns and then the piercer acted like there was nothing wrong with them! So, needless to say, I left there pretty fast... but it doesn't get me much farther than where I started. Where do I get them pierced with a needle?

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • Is it possible to be pregnant and just have few symptoms?

    I can't remember the exact date of the last time I had sex, but it was unprotected with birth control...probably around two weeks ago. Looking at my birth control packet, I know that I am supposed to have a little less than two weeks until my next period, but today I bled just a tiny bit. Basically only enough to show when I wipe or barely in my underwear. My boobs have also been really sore for the past week or so. Could I be pregnant or is this something that happens?

    1 AnswerPregnancy8 years ago
  • What should I name my bunny?

    She's white with brown spots and blue eyes. Prettiest bunny in the world! :) What should be her name? I was thinking about Ellie, but am open to suggestions!

    5 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • I keep finding myself wanting a baby? Only 19 years old!?

    Please talk me out of this guys... I'm 19, and lately, I have found myself on-and-off actually WANTING a baby. That's ridiculous right? I been researching it so much recently and the want keeps getting worse. I know that it's not in my best interest right now, but I just really want the chance to care for another being in that way. Is this crazy or are there other girls feeling the same? I would never ever actually try for a baby at this age but if it happened I think I'd be sort of happy... I try to read about hardships and stuff online but please tell me more that you don't really hear about often, because I keep justifying everything. "Babies are expensive." Well, I've got $15,000 in the bank and a steady job. "The dad will leave." I have a rare case. I have a very stable and mature relationship that has lasted us for longer than most couples our age. Also knowing his family, he has been raised to take responsibility. Not to mention we both have EXTREMELY supportive and big families. "You won't have time to do anything like party!" We don't party or go out often at all, and would much rather stay in. Sorry this is so long...thank you for reading it all if you did. Guess I just needed to rant a bit. Any advise?

    8 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • What should I get for my boyfriend's mother on her birthday?

    She was so nice in including me in her birthday trip to the beach next week that I feel like I should get her something really nice. I was going to get her a gift card for a deluxe pedicure, but her daughter just took her out to get one the other day. Most sites say really dumb/expensive/inappropriate for the stage in mine and her son's relationship ideas... Can anyone help? Maybe a gift basket of some sort?

    3 AnswersFriends8 years ago