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  • how do I convince my parents to let me stay home for newyears?

    I am 20 and for the last 14 years we have always gone away some were for new years. Every year, I am invited by friends to come to their parties but, always decline because Im either out of the country or state. This year, they asked in september if I was interested in going to Tucson Az. I said no. Then at thanks giving they said they wanted to go to Charleston sc. I was honest and said I dont want to go away this year. Then they said that instead of visiting my grandparents who live in SC before christmas like we do every year the plan this year was to drive down christmas day and see them then go to Charleston. I said I had no problem going to see my grandparents but I wanted to come home after the visit. I explained that since my college has a weird schedule,I get done two weeks before my friends do so I hardly see them because we leave before christmas and come back and leave immediately again and I go back to school and don't see them until summer. Also,Isaid that this year I travled alot, we as a family went to peru for new years, I stated at school for summer classes, did a month in europe for a study abroad , forced to go to a distant cousins wedding (myothercousinsandsister did not go or were expected to my mom dragged me) , went to chicago and detroit, then drove from nc to Utah so i was home maybe 3 weeks this summer total. Ialso said that I have never been to an actual new years eve party before. They said we will talk more in the morningbutamIbeingunreasonable?

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  • How to get a traffic ticket in north carolina dismissed ?

    I got a ticket last night for 53 in a 35. I noticed today going over the ticket that the officer made some mistakes on the ticket. He marked vehicle type as a station wagon (truck) but, I was driving a land rover and he got the make right . He also wrote the wrong intersection were he pulled me over. Under charging officer information, he left the box labeled troop/squad and district/ zone empty. Also, he never had me sign the ticket or inform me that I was being charged with a class 3 misdemeanor. I all ready contacted a traffic court attorney and I am waiting a response I just wanted to know if any of these errors could dismiss the ticket not just reduce the charge.

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  • is she blowing me off?

    So last week for our final in my college ROTC we had to do a 12 mile beach ruck march and I meet a girl who goes to a different university and in a different company than me but is in my battalion( which is made up of several schools) We go to talking and had nice time doing the 12 miles together. Then that night she friended me on Facebook and we started chatting online and i asked if she would want to do something next weekend ( this current weekend) and she said yes. When I got back from spending easter with my grandparents we chatted a little more and I asked her if she was free friday night ( today) and she said yes and told me when she got off work and asked what I wanted to do I invited her to the boardwalk( I live by the beach) on thursday night she did not reply until to day saying she had no car but I offered to get her but she said it would be too much gas ( she is 40 minutes away) then she suggested that Me and some friends go out tonight with her friends from her university but then messaged me saying she found out she had to work tomorrow morning when she got off work i asked if she was free tomorrow night but said she was not because she had to go to a going away party. Is she blowing me off? I am confused I think if she was she would not have suggested an alternative idea and I understand the car thing it would be a lot driving to get her,bring her to the beach, and back but what should I do should i ask when is a good time for her ?

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  • will this go on my permanet driving record?

    I was driving on the beach for the first time today in daytona beach and the people in front of me were constantly stopping and climbing out of the sun roof and what not then they stopped for a good 40 seconds so i went around them right after i did that i see flashing lights and a red suv marked life guard pulls up behind me the guy gets out and apernetly he is a cop even though he has no uniform or badge and is dressed like a life gurad but with a gun so he comes over and immitly tells me i was pulled for doing 20 in a 10 and for illegally passing even though there is no signs saying you cant pass so i dont argue with him and give him my info he requests then came back and said he would only give me a written warning and makes me sign it and then lectures me on if i cant be safe dont bother comming back to drive on the beach i thought it was bs cause he should have pulled the people in front of me for not wearing seat belts or the many people who were driving in the water and out of the designated driving area but i am intrested in a career possibly with the fbi and when they came to talk to us at my college they said traffic tickets and violations can disquailfiy you in the background check will this show up on my record?

    sorry for the spelling i suck at it

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  • what are side effects of taking birth control for long peridos of time?

    So I am a guy and dont know that much about birth control pills I know that women dont have to be trying to prevent prgnecy to take them and it helps with periods and other stuff but I find it odd that it seems that women are now encuraged to take it more and more and the age women sould start taking birth control starting at younger ages like in their early teens has anyone else noticed this and why would you want to do this also could taking them for long periods of time when you dont need them cause women to become infurtile or could it lead to a genetic mutaition in which women will eventually be unable to have kids

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  • Need help comming up with MOTTO for ROTC?

    So our first Sargent asked our company to come up with motto and not to half *** it so I don't want to rip off a motto from a already existing military unit I came up with Pinnas Sicut Aquilae Latin for "Wings like egales" ( our college mascot is the egale and we also do a chant at the end of pt every morning that goes strike true strike fast egales till the last ) would this be a good suggestion or is this more appropriate for like the air force or something also I am in alaph company

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  • what does she mean by sexual tension in this context?

    so some back ground info i really like this girl and we went out on one official date in january but told me she did not want a relationship not just with me just with anyone she was really focused on her school work dance and a whole bunch of extra clubs and stuff she ended up being valedictorian this year but we continued to hang out and work on some school work together and even went to prom together After prom tried one more time for us to date as a couple she still did not want to she knew the whole time i had feelings for her i have not seen her this summer until last week i ran into last week at subway she was with her dad we briefly chatted then tonight i texted her to see if she wanted to get some coffee this week and she replied " honest i dont think that would be nice i feel like there would be a lot of awkward sexual tension and i dont want to deal with that sh it right now" I took that as fu ck off but i was confused about the sexual tension part does that mean she had/ still has feelings for me and still does not want to act on them or she finds me sexually attractive but is emotionally into some one else ? i thought sexual tension was like two people who want to do it but cant or they are like friends and don't want to like on the xfiles of the office before jim and pam were together I am just confused at this point cause i always thought she liked me but not on the level i did or she would have committed to a realtionship

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  • how to get over heart break and move on already?

    so last year in december i finally got over this girl i had been chasing since sophomore and Junior year and one day for no reason i noticed the girl i had been sitting next to in my physics class since august and noticed how attractive she looked and realized i had a crush on her so i waited till we came back from winter break and asked her out in january we went on a coffee date and had a good time but then she later texted me explaining she did not want a serious relationship with anybody i thought she was just trying to let me down easy i have heard this many times so i tried to move on but i could not our seats were changed Second semester and she was on the other side of the room but i would still try catching glimpses of her and try showing up early to class just to talk to her also i would get jealous of her talking to other guys when they would laugh it up but we ended up getting partnered and working on many labs and assignments together and went to get coffee a couple of times not as dates also help each other with physics the one class we had together then prom was coming around the corner and i took a chance based on a Fortune cookie went up to her after school at her locker and asked her to prom and she happily said yes it was the first time i ever asked a girl to a dance so we went to prom together and she spent the night along with every one else in our group and we held each other all night i wanted to kiss her but she feel asleep before i got the chance i took this as a sign she may have changed her mind and but she explained that she still did not want a boyfriend especially so close to the end of senior year it hurts because we really did have good chemistry i am not just saying that a lot of people thought we were a couple including a lot of her friends and having to aqwardly explain that we wore not also the fact i never meet her until our Finlay year of high school sucks after years of rejection i Finlay found a girl who was every ting i ever wanted in a girl if i wrote a list of my dream girl she would be it dirty blond dancer who plays the base loves comics bad movies Classic rock great sense of humor thinks i am funny and is smart she was the valedictorian of our graduating class i would also like to think she was always honest with me i think she had some feelings for me but i don't know if it was she did not like me to the same degree or that she did not feel she had the time she was involved in like 8 diffrent clubs and dance i only seen her twice this summer once and graduation after her Speech we hugged and 2 days ago bumped into her and her dad at subway awkwardly chatted i just felt like crap after she left even though i know it wont happen and she is going to a different college and i probably wont see her for years if ever i still constantly think of her everything reminds me of her she also has a very common last name so it does not help but i really need to move on i go to college in a month and need to get a move on how can i do that should i talk to her and get some closer or what also thanks if you read all of this

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  • Did I over pay for my enfield rifle?

    Just bought a enfild #4 m3 I for 1200 it says usproperty 1943 S FTR has a crown stamp with a BN1 undernith is it worth close to that at all ?

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  • what happens if an illegal admits they are in the country illegally?

    so at high school graduation today one of the kids chosen to speak by the principal said in her Speech in front of everyone that she is an undocumented immigrant who was taken by her parents into the us when she was 1. She said that for the last 12 years went to school as one and even had an older brother deported and her and her parents are illegals and how she is now american in Spirit cause she is going to college on a scholarship. So are there any legal reproductions for admitting in front of 1000 people you are illegal also how did she apply to colleges with out a social security also could she be sued for not paying local taxes to pay for the last 12 years of school and could she have put her family in danger of being deported ? What does it take to get deported does admitting to being here illegally and not paying for her education for the last 12 years and college grounds for deportation I am just curious i thought it was odd to tell 1000 people your an illegal breaking the law

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  • Should I tell my friend a girl is not interested?

    So my really good friend last Friday meet this girl they hit it off and made out at my party then my other friend through dowb at his house an thy were their but in private she said he was kind of an *** and clingy also I found out another guy had sex with her after he left he is trying to make plans with her should I let him know what happen I feel bad no one has sai anything

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  • what went wrong after we hooked up?

    so Friday night my parents were out of town and i had some friends over and we head about another party that our other friends were at and the said it was lame so we picked them up and my gay friend was trying to get girls back to my place he was able to get 1 a girl i meet earlier that night who i thought was nice so she comes over and my friend put in a good word for me so we are all around the tv and me and her start cuddling and later we are playing pool and she says she is tiered and where can she lie down i suggest my room and we go in togeter so i make a move and we go at it we do every thing but sex i did not have protection and then i told her i had an open house tomorrow and we can have sex then she said yes but she was not sure if she could come over tomorrow night in the morning we make out before i take her home i go buy condoms later she said she could come but would need a ride i said i would get her then she said she was not in the mood tonight i tell her thats fine i picked her up and there are other people over and she ignores me and i try putting my arm around her she lets me but no eye contact hardly speaks to me we go to bed and i ask do you want to pick off from were we left off and she said she was to tired to be fair it was 5 and she had to leave at 930 so i take her home and say if you ever want to finish what we started let me know she said ok that night my friend threw down at his house and i roll up and she is there but she still does not talk or really interact with me and she is all over two openly gay dudes and i finally get a sec and say that i am sorry for any unwanted advances last night and she said its fine is that all you want to say so i left later i could not stand her all over two gay dudes but what happened why was i unable to seal the deal with her i dont understand how she could be so into it then not at all my one friend said she may have been on her period also do i even have a chance at another shot

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  • What is the next steep and how do I get there?

    So I asked out thi girl in January we went out had a good time but she then told me that he did not want a relationship so I thought it ment she di not really like me but we hung out a diffrent time and would work on class work together so I took a chance and asked her to prom and she said yes witn no hesitation we went Saturday and had an amazing time and back at my house she spent the night and we shared a bed together and I had my arm around her and when she closed her eyes I asked if she wanted me to move it and she said I like it there and pulled me closer to her and we held each other all night she went home in the mor ing and left stuff at my house and I texted her and I also mentioned I had an amazing time with her and she thanked me or asking her and I told her I would not consider anyone else in the work over her and she said I was sweet so am I correct saying she likes me I want to ask her if she wants to try having a relationship but I don't know how to go about it also senior year is almost over and were headed in diffrent directions so she might not want to date over the summer I really like her a lot and holding her in my arms was one of the niceist things I have felt in a long time I finally found some one I want to hold onto how do I keep her from slipping away

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  • how do i fix this prom mess?

    so prom is next week and i was going with a girl and two other cupples i sent a message about what time they want to eat i leave for 2 hours and i have 400 messages my dated invited 5 more people to my house with out asking me despite we had a conversation last week about not making plans with out discussing them were going to a diffrent resturante now which they have not decied on and i dont know these people and she said she only wanted the two cupple with us i am fine with going to prom but i dont want 10 fing people at my house and how am i going to tell my parents by the way 2 times the amount of people are now coming for photos and i dont know half of them no one asked me if it was ok and i am kind of pissed how do i deal with this

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  • did anyone else catch this in american dad?

    in the episode "stand stays in the picture" they go back to the year 1996 to try to find Hayley's potential biological father who had sex with Francine 3 days before her and Stans did on there wedding night but the year 1996 makes no since because Hayley would only be like 16 or 17 if she was born in 96/97 which makes no sense cause she is supposed to be in her early 20s or was i wrong about how old she is because she was in college at one point and is married can anyone explain this error?

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  • going to prom but cant dance well?

    so i am going to Senior prom with this girl I really like who happens to be an actual dancer but i am not the best how can i learn I went my sophomore year with an senior and all we did was grind but she does not seem like the grinding type also i don't want to be the guy who goes but then wont dance with his date it defeats the point of going

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  • whats it mean if i really like a girl but have no sexual thoughts about her?

    This girl I really really like I have no sexual dreams or thought about her but with other girls in the past I have she is very attractive and good looking does it mean i like her more for her personality or what i just think it is weird

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  • senior prank idea will this work?

    our idea is to take some old couches we found and to use caulk to glue them to the ground to block the senior parking lot but will caulk stick to the asphalt or the couch is it easy to remove is there a better adhesive we could use ?

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  • I like this girl but she does not want a relationship?

    So I asked out this girl I like and she said yes we went on a date and we had a good time but she then told me she was not looking for a relationship at this time but we have still been talking to each othe and hanging out together but I still really like her and I figured that if she did not like at all and was really not interested in me she would not still do things with me but is this just pulling me deeper into the black hole of the friendzone or do you think she might change her mind I honestly do enjoy spending time with her so being her friend is not the end I the world and for the record she is a really busy person so that might be part of it and from what I can tell I don think anyone else is into her but I don't know if she likes some one else but she I give up hope I her changing her min

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