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  • I have been in a relationship for 2 years now with who I thought was an amazing man, we first met while he was driving the bus.?

    We laugh together, Have the same values ,We’ve talked about marriage , had date night ,visiting local spots every week.He’s met my family and friends.We seemed happy together.He loves me and would do anything for me. However, What initially attracted me to him was that he was able to look past my disability which causes me to slightly limp and balance issues. However, I recently found out that he was messaging my caregiver aide behind my back. The messages were flirtatious in nature. And he had also deleted some of the messages. I fired my caregiver because I knew her first and she should’ve told me. I also broke up with him. He claims it was nothing more than flirting and that he’s sorry and will change. He also DM another girl and was asking to be her man and can he take her out. He asked my aide “When can I come see you”. I am hurt and angry. What should I do? Does he deserve a 2nd chance?

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  • I believe I found my biological father on Facebook. I told him about my story and he claims that he already?

    took a blood test and the results came back that he is not my father. But my family has never received the test results. I am 22 years old. I look a lot like him.Should I take his word for it? Or should I try to find court documents that have the test results? Also I've heard that blood tests aren't as accurate or the same as DNA test is that true?

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  • I have a co worker who was really friendly to me, he always said hello and asked me how my day was going...?

    he smiled at me a lot and seemed to flirt with me and even gave me a rose on valentine's day! I was always too shy to start a real conversation with him. I'm no longer working's been about 3 months now but I found him on Facebook. We have no mutual friends, Should I send a friend request? or does that seem like a stalker? lol If I email him what should I say?

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  • I'm going on a date tomorrow....with this guy we havent talked in a few days...?

    I want to message him on facebook and ask if we are still on for tomorrow but I almost feel like he should be the one contacting me since he wants to take me out. Am I making a big deal of this should I just ask or wait on him to let me know.

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  • My little cousin who is 13 lost her virginity recently, another family member who is also an adult told me ,?

    about this, I am so disappointed in her! Her mother already knows about her having sex but doesn't know that I know about it. All her mother did was take her to the Dr. and put her on birth control, she didn't even have a talk with her or punish her. Her mom has been indenial the whole time, I want to say something to her mom about being a better parent, and also I want to tell my cousin how disappointed I am with her and give her advice...Because If don't I fear she'll end up heartbroken or pregnant or worse have an STD. We have a close family. Should I talk to both of them? or leave it alone? I just want to help!

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  • I have been living with my grand parents since I was 16 I am now 20 and ready to move out?

    I have an income of about 693 dollars a month and I pay my grandparents $ 469.00 to rent a room here. But I am ready to go!!!!! I need my own space and I'm ready for a change and to be independent. After I pay rent I'm left with about $ 224 dollars. I know my monthly income is not a lot but I want to be moved out by Aug.1 and I figured that if I save my entire check for 3 months I would have $2900 which would be enough for expenses on an apt. But my grandparents are acting more like land lords than family and telling me that I have to pay rent and they won't cut me any slack to save up for a while . and they own there own business so they make way more than me so it's not like they need me to pay rent. What should I do? Are they using me?

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  • I have been depressed lately....borderline miserable, Friends and family members who I am close with moved?

    away, changes in my home life and having trouble in college triggered this depression. I have been saving my money to move out of my grandparent's house and so far I have about $700 saved. My aunt knows about my depression and offered for me to come and stay with her in Georgia, To get my mind off of things, relax and just get away! Normally I would jump at this offer but instead I'm kind of hesitating because I know that when I go there I'll be tempted to spend what I've worked so hard to save. She said I could stay for 2 months.Saving the money while there is not an option because Atlanta's an expensive city and I know we will be out and about. Is it worth going there and blowing all that I've saved just to get a pick me up? Only to come back home an be broke and have to start all over again. Or should I wait and stick it out until I have my apartment and then go to Georgia when I can afford it? I 'd rather be miserable and saving my money than Happy temporarily and have to start over.

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    My best friend moved away two years ago and keeping in touch has been on and off?

    We have been friends since 7th grade. I have been depressed lately and very lonely. Shes been to visit me at least 5 times and I've visited once because of transportation issues. She just came to visit for my b-day in Oct. and we had fun. But I can remember a time when she was depressed I would call her everyday to check on her and see how she was doing. And now that I'm depressed she barely even calls anymore like once every 3 months. I don't call her as much either because I don't want to bore her because I don't have much to talk about. I feel like she's not being a good friend and caring about me like I did for her when she was down. She works a lot and is kind of busy but I feel like she can at least see how I'm doing. Because we used to talk everyday. Is she worth calling a friend anymore? Or are we just hanging on to the friendship just for the heck of calling eachother "friends"?

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  • My ex asked me why I deleted him as a friend on Facebook. But I really just blocked him & when I went to?

    unblock him we weren't friends anymore. After two weeks he noticed and requested me as a friend again...I confirmed it. But I really wanted to just clear him out of my life until I got over him.He's in a new relationship now so I feel no need to tell him how I really feel because I dont wanna get in the way of his relationship. Should I just tell him the truth? or not respond at all? Because he asked this does it mean he still has feelings for me?

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  • How do I approach my mom with this question about my biological father?

    I've never known my biological father. I will be turning 20 soon and meeting him is something that I REALLY want to do.I've always felt a little different from my mom's family.My mom never mentions him she just acts like he fell off the face of the earth lol . My other relatives know the man who is believed to be my dad. and they found him on myspace And I've even tried contacting him through myspace 3 yrs. ago. But he never replied back and I figured that I scared him away. He is very wealthy and has 3 other children and is recently married. I don't want to make it seem like I'm invading on his life or after his money because I just want closure. So How do I bring up this subject to my mom in a nice way?. She seems to never want to talk about the past.

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  • Is there some type of technology where someone can see you when calling you from an android phone even though?

    you can't see them.

    (Some one told me it was possible but I didnt believe them)

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  • So I have been broken up with my ex boyfriend for three years now?

    Over the past time that we have been broken up ..We messed around like making out and touching & stuff in highschool . He has been in 2 relationships since being with me...One that didnt work out..& He'd always come back to me to mess around afterwards. We are both @ different colleges now & he is in another relationship with a girl he really seems to like. But about 2 weeks before they started dating he said things like he misses me & wants me & Im REALLY CONFUSED! & It seems like whenever he's in a new relationship he trys to rub it in my face like ...He'll text & tell me about his date with another girl or like recently when we were chatting on facebook he asked me if I was cool? (like if I was ok with his new relationship) Does he still have feelings for me? should I tell him how I feel or let it go?

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  • So me and this guy have been talking on Facebook and on the phone for a while & he REALLY likes me.?

    But The problem is I have a disability and he doesn't know. I don't want to surprise him or scare him away. So I keep dodging his phone calls out of fear that maybe.....he wont like me or be understanding when he meets me. Its nothing major I just walk with a slight limp...but other than that I can pretty much do things like everyone else.I really want to tell him about this but I dont know how to say it w/o scaring him away....HELP PLEASE ! :-)

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