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  • Who was the group that sang on GMA this morning?

    I can't find it on their site.

    (Today is Monday, April 27, 2009.)

    They aren't a famous group by media standards, but were definitely good and deserved the exposure.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

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  • Is there some way to burn a new disk from my pc so that mac can read it?

    Most if not all of my woodworking patterns are on a disk and my MAC can't read the disk. Is there some way to burn a new disk from my PC so that MAC can read it?

    What format do the files need to be saved in - would that help? I use .gif .tif and whatever Adobe saves in for the most part. Rarely are they .jpeg.

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  • 401k education: Possible scenarios. Can you help with the answers?

    We have to decide what to do with a 401k ....

    We have children, and I am unable to work at the moment. So, his is the only income.

    We are trying to plan for retirement and for emergencies at the same time.

    When looking at what to allocate to 401k versus emergency savings fund, I find questions everywhere.

    1. Someone at his work place claimed 40% was taken when she did an early withdrawal. (She had medical reasons, which is why I'm thinking she messed up her taxes.) I thought it was 10% Fed, 10% penalty...where'd the other 20% go? The state is Va, I don't think it taxes that hard.

    2. If he dies, is that money taxed when it's withdrawn? The inheritance tax won't come into factor - the estate isn't valued that much.

    3. Does he name a beneficiary?

    4. Boss matches full 3% and then half of two more % - what is a good balance? So 5% = a 4% match, I think? Should we do 3, 4, or 5% to get the most?

    5. How "good" are mutual funds?

    6. Is it a good idea to have a separate IRA?

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  • Does ADHD automatically deem children ineligible for military service?

    I'm hearing conflicting answers.... some say "yes, regardless" others are saying "only if meds are taken" or the worst "if you've EVER taken ritalin (or equivalent) it's an automatic bounce"

    --Wouldn't that make many kids take it just to keep out in case of draft?

    --Does that include pre-adolescents?

    I can't find any real answers, not even on enlisting sites.

    Anybody know? --and what do you think?

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  • How did you say goodbye, let's separate, get divorce - whichever you said?

    I am basically a single parent. He does anything not to spend time with us. I tried getting him to take the kids on an outting for bonding, to sit with me, or cuddle, or do a task as a family, and he bolts.

    I think the way he was raised prevents him from broaching the divorce option, and I wish I could figure out a way to make the stand myself.

    We've been married 19 years in July. I don't know the final words to say, whether he should be there, whether I should stay in the house and ask him to leave (we have two miserable children, miserable because of the tension.)

    He acts as though he is oblivious to the problem. In fact, when I confronted him he refused counseling saying if there's a problem it's MY problem and I should fix it.

    He's stonewalled me long enough. As soon as I figure out how to say it, I'm leaving. Should I even say it, or just go? I've talked to deaeth and there is no doubt I will leave. But how???

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  • Need help with child escaping three point latch car seat.?

    I have a child I'm babysitting that can wiggle out of just about anything! She is in a three-point latch car seat and before I can walk around the car to get in on my side, she's out!

    I have tried numerous seats, but she's Houdini! Is there any protective cover or something I can cover the actual latches or anything at all to try next?

    11 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • What is the best stone for physical protection, black tourmaline?

    Anyone have a particularly useful, effective way to charge this stone for physical protection?

    Is there a different stone whose properties are better for this task?

    I'm not posting specific details, but trust me it's a serious situation. I am in danger from one person in particular that has threatened me. I know it's only a matter of time until there is a confrontation. (No lectures about police; they say there's nothing they can do.)

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  • Does Anyone Have A Finger Paint Recipe?

    Looking for something I can make at home. (Non-toxic, too.)

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  • MS Word Program won't open?

    MS Word -the whole program- is locked up. It won't open Word for old or new docs. I've tried clicking on Word Program and on the file itself.

    Since this problem started, I've ran a bunch of anti-virus programs...I did the uninstall/reinstall via the Add/Remove program with MS Word and then these programs:


    FireLion (awesome, awesome program!)


    SpyBot Search and Destroy

    Norton AntiVirus


    FireLion found a keylogger, and I don't know if that's done any damage other than what it's designed to do (this has always been a private computer, built by Dell, so its even being on here is worrisome.) -- FireLion is great! Side question: Is it possible for those keyloggers to attach to raw data?

    Short of wiping this computer of everything right down to the day is was born, I don't know what else to try! The computer repair places say at least a two week turn around time. So I have to weigh one option against another.

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  • Protective of, chid friendly - what breed/mix?

    I need a dog of medium or large size that will protect the family yet be gentle and play some.

    I have two kids to consider (5 and 2) and while they are well behaved (honest) I know any dog's patience could be tested.

    I'm leaning toward a Lab or Golden Retriever.

    Any suggestions?

    I know I shouldn't stereotype dogs, but if there's a general disposition common in a breed that would fit, please tell me!!


    17 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Security Breech - How do I plug the hole through which a Stalker enters? He has stolen vital info!?

    I have a stalker putting keyloggers on my computer. I KNOW there is one. (Have proof.) FireLion found one just a little while ago, and I've assumed it's him again. I had to run FireLion it when logged on under each person. I have a House acct and one with my name. Would it help if I posted the place/line it gave me?

    Is there anyway to find a date when it was installed?

    What will stop him from accessing me? I've changed/checked my firewall and passworded everything I think I can to stop the remote access option.

    At one time he set himself up as a guest and computer admin... could he have installed another acct and hidden that one so I can't find it?

    I'm trying to avoid taking the computer completely back to factory specs, but if it's my ONLY option I need to to know how to keep my raw data - can I store on thumb drives? (I don't have a CD burner)

    I have Norton (learned my lesson, no lectures, please lol)

    Could any of the anitkeylogger programs corrupt Word? I can longer open it

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  • Unknown Stone/Gem can you identify?

    I have a crystal in necklace form.

    It's a darker green with amber or maybe reddish streaks. I think it may be a Malachite.

    I'd like to know what properties it carries. What are the spiritual uses for it?

    If you are certain this is not what I have, please cite a website so I can find it.


    Please do not post an answer to this unless you're serious. Answers like "rocks are dead" etc are not only unhelpful but are insulting to others' belief system.

    3 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • Keylogger installed by Stalker?

    A keylogger has been installed and I cannot seem to get rid of it. Apparently he has hidden it very deeply. I've tried alot of anti-spyware etc programs.






    ...are a few. I can't remember what else.

    Is it possible it could be embedded in Norton?

    What/where are H_Keys - I think it may have some connection.

    I'm trying to resolve this without taking it to a shop because that will cost $100 or so and take two weeks.

    There is NO QUESTION it's still here. (I know for certain he is monitoring my IMs because of a code a friend and I came up with.)

    What is the strongest program I can use?

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