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  • what is the best way to get my child into acting for tv shows?

    im living in nsw australia and i have a daughter who is very outgoing and many people have commented i should get her into acting as she loves an audience... i have looked at a few agencies but they want money for a portfolio- i do not have the money to do this-is there a way to get her into the industry without paying???

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    if you have had a cheap wedding and can tell me about it or if you work for somewhere that does cheap functions i would appreciate the answers!!!

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  • Are there pagents for children in Australia?

    i was just wondering if Australia has pagents for children like America has??? I live in NSW and would like to see if my 4 yr old daughter would be interested in something like that! she is very out going and loves dancing already ,and i would like to give her as many options as possible to find something she enjoys!!!! please no mean or irrelavent answers,thanks!!!!

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  • How often should you change your toothbrush?

    Is there a maximum time you should keep your toothbrush?

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  • how is brett stuart allowed to play after his arrest?

    so footy players get match bans for 'GOING OUT ON THE PISS" as they are a bad role model for society,so how the h ell does brett stuart with a se xual assault arrest get cleared to still play???

    I do not think he is a good role model......

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  • hsc australia??? im 25,too old?

    Ok i dropped out of school young as i was too cool for school.

    (yr 10-s/c).

    Now im considering going back to do my hsc.

    Im 25 and a mum of 2,i have lots of tattoos and piercings but im an outgoing nice person.

    I have looked into tafe and courses but all courses im interested in require attainment of the hsc...

    So if i applied to do my hsc at a school that is only yr 11 and 12 what would i need to apply and what are my chances of getting in?

    -If you are doing your hsc would you care if a 25 yr old was in your classes? Please only nice answers...NO abuse!!!!!! :0

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  • Does anyone else feel the stimulouse package is unfair?

    Hi ok im a little confused why people who live in there own house(not renting) ,own a car or 2, work and are partnered seem to be getting the money of the stimulouse package!!!

    Im a single mother of 2 kids aged 2&3 ,renting ,have no car and no job(due to having to young kids) and yet i will be recieving s%$t all from government!!! Im struggling everyday to get by and really feel let down by the Australian government as i need help majorly and i need the money for a car or a major purchase and yet familys like i listed above with everything are getting the handouts to splurge.... Why????

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  • how much for whole set of phantom darkness and/or rise of destiny!?

    I have been collecting yugioh for a bit now and was thinking of selling some lots of cards i have!

    I have complete sets of Phantom darkness and Rise of destiny.

    How much should i sell them for???

    How much are the complete sets worth?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  • I want snakes as a pet but what exactly do i need?

    Ok i would like to get some small good looking snakes.

    Like maybe a male and a female but do not have a clue on if i could even keep them together.?.

    Im looking at buying a complete set up off ebay.

    If i win it what sorta snake would be ok and can i get a pair and how much food do i need to buy?

    Oh also do they only eat mice?

    Thanks in advance!!!! ....

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  • How can i feel happier &make my life feel worthwile?

    Im at my wits end with the way my life is and im starting to find myself give up....

    I had a good 6.5 yr relationship until august last yr when my fiancee had an affair and tore my heart out,we have 2 kids together and im so hurt by what he did and really dont know how to even be with him without thinking hes gona run off again.I have such bad luck with men,money,and everything...

    I am on medication for depression anxiety and ocd as ive always been an emotional wreck but even though im on them i feel like i could just end it all...

    Honestly the only thing keeping me alive is my kids.

    Im sick of being poor and not getting anywhere in life.....

    I want to be a fasion designer but i know i will never succeed in making my dreams and goals of that true as im broke so i cant even afford to do courses or buy equiptment.

    I feel like im just wasting time bein here,whats the point if my life isnt getting better..?Im so over everything im crying as i write this...

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  • Stimulous package for Australia??????

    Ok im a single mum of 2 kids(aged 2&3),im on a sole parent pension,i get family tax benefit parts a &b.I do not lodge a tax return as i dont have a taxable income,so i was wondering do i get anything outa the stimulous package or do i miss out...Also does anybody think its unfair?

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  • does he deserve me?and should i stay with him?

    well ive been with my partner for 6 years and we have 2 kids together.(aged 2 and3).In august he had a 1 month affair with a young girl he worked with and treated me like crap through that month.He also missed his sons birthday as he was to busy with her.we were engaged to be married on 21st feb but i called it off due to the affair.

    I made him end the affair as if he didnt i was taking the kids and leaving.he ended it for me but if i bring it up now i get in trouble and he yells at me.

    He acts like nothing ever it wasnt even that bad but he slept with her multiple times and i think that is a serios matter especially when ur engaged.....

    My parents think i shouldnt even consider re-organise the wedding let alone even have him living with me and they basically have disowned me for staying with him.I dont trust him but i love him and im still very hurt by the affair.He says he wants to marry me but i dont know if its right.should i stay and try be happy or should i tell him to leave and try make a new start for my kids and myself???? please help!!!! :(

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  • Is Australia going to have a state funeral for the victims of the victorian fires or will familys pay?

    wat happens for the familys where the entire family has perished?


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  • how will the Australian stimulouse package help me?

    Im a single mum of 2 kids who are aged 2 and 3. I get family tax benefit part a and b!

    How much will i get and when does the money get given out.???

    Thanks in advance!

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  • HELP! I want to buy GOD cards!!!!!?

    Ok looking to buy god cards for my fiancee for valentines day!!!

    I dont trust getting them off ebay as there are so many fakes....

    For his birthday i got him the authentic exodia the forbidden one,+arms &legs, cards (cost me heaps) and now i think it would be cool to spoil him with authentic god cards.I have found all 3 for $230 +$4 this a good deal or can i get them elsewhere for cheaper?????????

    Please help....(oh im in Australia.)

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  • is there a safe website/shop i can import food from?

    I live in sydney Australia and would like to import candy corn,mini oreo's,and american /canadian candies...I would like a safe/trustworthy place to buy through and a reasonable price.

    Also if there is a store could anyone suggest some nice american / canadian food to try.(i dont have any allergies so all suggestions welcome).


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  • About the australian defence force!!!?

    OK im interested in joining the adf but dont know where to start and if ill even get in...

    So i would like to do nursing or payroll but dont know how to get into them also i am covered in tattoos and have piercings(which i can take out) and ihate running so im scared of doing the fitness test!

    Can anyone help me...ive been on the adf websites and they freeze and it pees me off.

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  • my fiancee had an affair and i dont know what to do? help please...?

    Ive beeen with my fiancee for 6 yrs.,we were meant to get married this feb!we have 2 kids aged 2 and 3 and we were very happy until::::::::

    He had an affair with a chick at his work that knew we were engaged and even played with our kids.

    It started with text msging and then he wouldnt come home from work leaving our kids and me waiting all night.

    She would leave nasty messages on my phone and he wouldnt answer my calls even when i tried to call in an emergency-he was to busy with her.

    He denied it for so long but i finally got it out of him that he slept with her,multiple times,this all went on over a month(august) and he even missed his sons birthday as he was with her.

    i told him we were finished so he ended the affair,quit his job and begged me back.i took him back to see how we go. but now he re-preposed.I dont trust him at all so i dont think i can marry him.what should i do.?has anyone been through this.....?

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  • help me with yugioh deck pls!!!!?

    Ok im a chick starting out in yugioh.can anyone help me in telling me what cards i need to make my deck strong and able to beat the i have:

    jinzo x3

    jinzo returner x3

    jinzo lord

    cyber dragon

    cyber pheonix

    card trooper

    dekoichi the battlechanted locomotive

    armageddon knight

    dark grepher


    future fusion

    overload fusion

    monster reborn

    premature burial

    heavy storm

    mystical space typhoon

    giant trunade

    lightning vortex

    reinforcement of the army

    allure of darkness

    veil of darkness

    foolish burial

    limiter removal

    call of the haunted

    limit reverse

    chimertech overdragon

    chimeratech fortress dragon

    So anything i need to ditch or obtain???

    (* ok red d no mean or smart **** answers please...ive read some of ur replies!!!!)

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