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  • I bailed my ex gf outta jail with a bail bonds man. Complicated but she played me.?

    I paid 500 damn near but it s 3500 if she don t show up. Well she saying she s running. So what do I do 3500 I can t really afford that! It was stupid on my part in the 1st place. But still what do I do so I can save my own ***??? Thanks

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  • when u air bag a fullsize truck do u lose your load rating?

    i have a 92 chevy 1500 i'm getting ready to put a 4link on it. I'm woundering by taking out the leafs and going to 4link would i not be able to haul a car trailer or 5th wheel? thanks

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  • what rear end will fit under my 55 internation r-110 series pickup?

    Just got the truck and found out someone over loaded it. I think anyways the spring perces were all crused into the axle housing. anyways what rearends would bolt up to my driveshaft and my original wheels which I'm told there 5x4.5 lug pattern?? I'am tring to get it back on the road as fast as possible, so any help is much appreciated! thanks

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  • fluid leaking in my car from brake pedal box?

    I have a 1988 jaguar xj6 soveigin. I have a hydraulic brake servo. Fluid is leaking in my car not streaming out of there but good enough to complain about it. I have done some research on this car and it seems i should carry a stick of dynamite with me lol. Well bottom line is I need to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas where it's coming from? Is it or could it be the master cylinder? or is it the brake servo? If it's the brake servo is there any cheap fixes I cn do like install a new oil ring or something? I really really need help with this as I can't find anything about it online. Thanks

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  • whats the difference between an electric supercharger and a real supercharger?

    But not the big belt driven supercharger. Thanks

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  • If I had an empty dry nitous tank..Where would I go to possibly get it refilled and roughly how much?

    And roughly how much would it cost? Does cut rate auto parts do that? maybe Thanks

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  • How to make a coil spark? on a car?

    How do u make one of those round,long coils spark? Putting 12 volts to it doesn't do it.

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  • Does anybody know how to connect the audio cable to my current sound system for CM-701DR 7 in. Car Monitor?

    I have this roof mounted monitor CM-701DR 7 in. Car Monitor and on the video box it all has audio inputs and no audio outputs. So where does the audio go?? please help Thanks

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  • Does the united states postal service(parcel post) and ups work on labor day?

    just woundering if they work on labor day?

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  • kinetic hc 600 battery for car audio question?

    Well I'm lookin to buy 1..but I don't really know y. I've been told I need to get one but never could tell me y. Can someone possibly tell me. couple questions, is it safe to run a dual battery setup on it? will my alternator hurt it? This is my system setup as of now.

    2 batteriers 1 optima redtop (old one)

    1 optima blue top marine battery

    4gauge power/ground wires.(memphis)

    it comes from the front all the way to my back so heres how its routed from the front to about the middle of front seat(6ft) to capacitor then about 8ft to the back where it goes in2 a y block and power leads go to my memphis mcd 1000 (1125watts rms) powering 4 memphis 15s wired on a 1ohm load. then to my boring alpine 2oo watt amp to power the fronts. And the capacitor I have is a 6 fraud. I was told it would help my system out alot, Which when I watch the volt meter on the cap at 50 mph it normally reads 14.4 to 14.8 with out system on But when I really pound hard it goes down to 11 volts sometimes and it makes my car stutter and one time it did kill my car on the freeway doin 60mph. So I was told I should get a kinetic battery. Should I? Thanks for your time.

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  • Car problem: I'm tryin to find out this nosie and what could be the possible problem.?

    Symptoms: I hear a high pitched sqeal when I turn right. I hear the noise when I barley turn right. But If I make a sharper turn I don't hear it. Thanks for the help

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  • car troubles.. I have an 88 chevy celebrity with the 2.5 in it. Well my car just died on me and..?

    my car just died on me but after a couple of tries it started back up. But seems like it was only runnin on 3 cylinders then I checked for spark and found out number 1 and 4 was dead. so I replaced one of the coil packs but that didn't help. and I didn't know about the cranksaft position sensor was hooked up behind the module. and when I got it out it looks like it has a couple of cracks in it. Could that be my problem? But what I'm not understanding is y only 1 of the coil packs work being numbers 2 and 3. could it maybe be my module? Please help thanks

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  • does craigslist still work?? or is it shut down?

    jus wounderin cuz I was wantin to look at some auto ads and when I tried to click the link it came up as a pop up for like google. everything I tried to click aways came up as a pop up for google. any ideas?

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  • I have a question about speaker box design?

    I have 2 memphis pr-15s right now and getting 2 more next week. Well I have been running with 2 right now in a memphis slot ported box. But I think a sealed box works better. So my question is should I build a box that sealed or vented? And I'm tring to get LOUD bass. The only thing that scares me about vented boxes is that they don't really support the woofer. but they say a vented box will give me a little more DB. But 2 tell u the truth I haven't really heard a difference in my setup goin vented or stuffin the vent to act like a sealed enclosure. The little difference I did hear was with the vent stuffed. Sound like it hit harder. Well I guess I'm asking for opinions. Thanks

    1 AnswerCar Audio1 decade ago
  • subwoofer connection question PLEASE HELP?

    ok I have 2 subs with dual voice coils. Well I'm gonna tell u how it WAS hooked up. 1 sub I had a jumper wire going to + to - then the other + and negative went to the amp bridged. the same goes with the other sub. to the same amp giving me a 4 ohm load. I know a little bit bout car audio. Well the tenciel lead broke on 1 of the subs from the speaker cone. So now I have basicly the same setup EXCEPT the other sub is only + and - now since only 1 side of the sub works. I hope your understand this as am typeing it, it doesn't so real clear. I wish I could put a pic on here but.. Well what I'm tying to figure out is am I running a lower impedence now? or am I still at 4 ohm? will this mess up my amp? I know I need to buy another sub but I'm just tring to wait it out a little bit til I get my paycheck. but until then I wwanna make sure I'm not gonna fry my amp. Thanks

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  • in need of GOOD opions on which subs to get?

    Currently I have 2 memphis power reference 12s. Hooked up to a 1000 watt sony explode amp with a boss External cross over. Well the thing is I LOVE my memphis subs! BUT.. Lately I have been hittin so hard that the wires thats soldered to the terminals broke loose. Easy fix in which case I did. But 2day the wire actually broke from the speaker cone itself! Instead of the terminal end. Tried to fix that as well, but just not able to get in there with out takin my sub apart which I don't know how to do either. So I'm lookin in the price range around $100 preferably not any higher. Cuz I bought the memphis's for like 80 a piece. So I would like a couple of opinions from EXPERIENCE ppl. Also I would like to have some subs that I'm able to play loud and hit ALL day long! Like my subs have did that for me for quite awhile! Thanks for the help

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  • jus wounderin what kind of views nfs undercover has. I was woundering does it have the in car view?

    before i buy it, i wanted to know if theres an in car view? Where u can see the steering wheel and stuff. Thats y i like midnight club los angeles and test drive. And is it worth gettingg? Thanks

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