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i just wants to met lots of friends, u see my 360 u will see how i really look like 多谢您们!!!

  • Someone anyone pls help me?

    When my bf left me, and i found this guy whom i love for five yrs, he run away cause he is not sure he is in love with me or not. now he sure that he is in love with me from the beginning, when i know the truth i am happy, not at the problem is my bf wants me back

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  • who do u save first?

    when yr mom fell in the lake yr love try to save her and he or she instead of saving yr mom yr love cant swim, who do u save first? and why

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  • If u a citizen of America which one will u be?

    Republic party or Democrat party and why u choose to be Republic or Democrat?

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  • Must she wait?

    She live Singapore(my cousin) and she have a boyfriend at Canada, they communicate by net and phone calls, cause of the time different of 12 hrs she always wait for him.

    Today is no difference, she give up waiting after 8 hrs, then she came back to the net(late by half hour), her boyfriend leave her a message "Love sorry i am late, i am half drunk" he give 2 sec to pick up the call.

    She cried cause she miss and now he is sleeping and post on the screen "l love only you, I love u"

    Must she wait for him that long and miss him when he is back?

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  • when i was 24 i got a boyfriend who say love me to death....?

    if u are my boyfriend and call u and say love, i think i might be pregnant cause i miss my period for a month. and u love me because u can sleep with me whenever u want. my question is what is yr first respond respond will be remember u want me because u can have free s** with me

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  • I need an advise.... please?

    i found out that my dad is having an affair with his own niece, that s my cousin who is single and rich and they use stay under the same roof.

    Maybe she can give all the thing my dad wants. she love my dad, cause my dad is in love with her? or my dad earn good money? or my dad is good looking n charming?

    I really need to know why this happen to my family, my dad got a good wife and he went looking for another lady? why?

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