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  • Can a piercing get infected if it's five, or more, weeks old?

    I got my ears (lobes) pierced a little over a month ago. They seemed to be healing fine, but tonight touched one of them and found that it was secreting liquid. I'm not sure if it was puss. Neither piercing has given off any form of liquid before this, except the first couple days after I got them done. The area surrounding the piercing isn't tender or inflamed, but the location of the hole looks almost purple-ish. I've since cleaned it and will clean it more thoroughly when I shower. Should I continue with the regular after care, ie cleaning with a "light" facial soap and spraying with the saltwater solution the my piercer gave me? (I would go and ask her, but I don't live anywhere near the shop).

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  • What word am I thinking of?

    I am trying to say "This is a definition that my generation and those (before and after/surrounding/either side) have come to see as normal."

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  • How can I convince my family to clean out our cabinets of unhealthy foods?

    I've been struggling with my weight my whole life. I need to change my eating habits, so I can get to a healthy weight, and to do that I need my family to get onboard and help me. But my brother is this stick thin athlete who eats almost 3 times as much as I do and doesn't gain a pound, so he has to gain weight. How can I convince my family that changing all of our eating habits will help all of us?

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  • How would you write a scene where the main character is dancing from his pov?

    My character is a really good dancer, he pretty much does any type of dancing. Ballroom, hip hop, breakdancing, just a few examples. I'm having trouble putting it in words, I want to make it clear that he is really good at dancing. I could always have another character compliment him, but that might get boring. Any ideas?

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  • What are some current slang words/phrases used by the teenagers in Great Britain?

    I am writing about a 16 yr. old Londoner who moves to San Francisco. I know people always say that you should write what you know, but I like taking risks, and I think this is one worth taking. I would like to show the difference between British and American teenagers. So do you have any suggestions?

    I've watched TV shows like Skins and Shameless. I figure they are fairly accurate, but I don’t want to use TV shows as my only reference in creating my character's voice.

    Please don’t respond if you're just going to say something like "If you want to know how they speak, then go there yourself." I would love to do my research in London but unfortunately that is not possible at the time.

    Thankyou for the help :)

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  • Description, how much is too much/too little?

    I had my brother read the first twenty pages of the book I'm writing, and he said I needed to use more descriptions. Does anyone know what a good balance is between dialogue, character description (physical/mental), location description, and story progression?

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  • Does anyone have ideas for magical modes of transportation for my novel?

    Can anyone think of any magical transportation? I've already used portals in my novel, and I don't want to overuse them. I have tried searching the internet for even the smallest inspiration, but everything I get is Harry Potter related. I like how Rowling didn't overuse any particular mode of transportation in HP. Any ideas? PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP.

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  • What's it like in Scotland?

    I'm writing a novel, and I would like to set part of it in modern day Scotland during the winter. The Glasgow area to be specific. My main character is a teenage guy from Seattle so I would like be able to take note of the scenery, the people (what they look like, what they sound like, and what kind of clothes they wear), the food, and the culture. I don't know much about Scotland myself, and the internet isn't much help. I know this may sound like a stupid question but, if you think you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Is it okay to use the F word in a book?

    I've been working on writing a book for a while now, and I would like to give one of my characters a foul mouth. The book is targeted at young adults, there are already parts that insinuate nudity, and I may also suggest that certain characters have or will have sex. So i want to know if people think it would be okay to use the F word in the dialogue.

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  • I need to update my closet, can someone help!!!?

    I'm a sophomore guy in highschool, (almost 16) I'm a little on the heavyer side, and my school only allows us to were shirts with a collar or sweater. I could really use some help, I've never been good at keeping up with what's in style. Please help :|

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