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  • disconnecting telephone line from computer?

    i was just about to install a new dimm card to my windows xp computer, but i wasn't sure what to do about my internet/telephone line box.

    the dell manual says to disconnect any telephone or telecommunication lines from the computer. there are two plugs on the back of the box that i can disconnect. the one i wasn't sure about is apparently called the coax line. is it absolutely necessary to disconnect this before working on the computer?

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  • Getting my Belly Button Piercing Repierced?

    I got my belly button pierced last summer. It started rejecting once I had it for 6 months, and one day it completely ripped out. It was painless though, and it just left a little red scar. It has been 3 1/2 months since then, and I am wondering how long I should wait before getting it repierced?

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  • Dancer with Navel Piercing?

    I am a 15 year old and I just got my belly button pierced 2 days ago. I checked with all the piercing studios around here and they only pierce with the rings, not barbells. Of course it sticks out quite a bit.

    Well, I am also a dancer (ballet, tap, and jazz) and I have to wear tights and a leotard to class. I'm assuming that the ring would not work because it sticks out and would get caught on my clothes and probably rip. I know that a banana bell or barbell wouldn't have the same problem, so I was wondering when I can change to one of them? The piercer said 4 weeks but many others said to wait MONTHS. Class starts in 7 weeks, so I just wanted some opinions on whether it should be safe to change my piercing by then. Also, the piercer said to try changing it on my own and not come in for her to do it, but I think I want to the first time- just to be safe.

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  • Fake Belly Button Ring Damaged My Belly Button..?

    I'm 15 years old and this summer I am getting my belly button pierced. My mom is too scared of the people working at tatoo parlors to take me, so I have to wait for my dad to. He lives out of state so I barely see him, but he said he'll take me next time I do.

    Me and my friend were at walmart and we saw fake belly button rings in the 25 cent machine. We bought some, and they hurt a little bit to clip on. They didn't stay in well either. Over the course of the day I couldn't have worn it more than 10 minutes.

    The next morning I went to put one in and noticed that it hurt horribly. There were only tiny red dots above my belly button, but inside where the bottom of it connected, there was a cut and my belly button was full of blood.

    Of course I stopped wearing them, but I need to know how to help it heal so it doesn't get infected, and how long I should wait now until I get it professionally pierced.

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  • Louis Vuitton Handbags (Speedy styles)..?

    I'm trying to decide on a Louis Vuitton handbag to buy and I think I want to buy one of the Speedy styles (probably in monogram canvas).

    Is there anyone who has one of them that can tell me which version they prefer? I'm leaning towards the Speedy 30 but I'm not sure if it would look too overwhelming on me...

    I usually go for smaller purses because I'm a shorter small framed girl.

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  • Hollister Sizing..?

    I want to order some Hollister tees online, but because there aren't Hollister stores around here I'm not sure of what size to get...

    I'm 5'3 and 120 lbs... At American Eagle I wear mostly Medium shirts and they aren't tight but not too loose. I also have a few size Smalls in tanks and camis.

    From what I've heard Hollister sizes seem to run small, so should I order mediums or go for a larges?


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