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  • Has anyone ever known a scene from a movie before they've seen it?

    I don't mean like you find out you've seen it and just forgot about it. I mean a new movie one where you can not possibly know about the scene. It happened to me with the movie Knowing; the scene where the kids and those other people go to that other planet. I had seen that exact scene in my dreams for as long as I can remember. I knew everything about it the colors the weird plants I even saw the kids although in my dreams their faces were always a little fuzzy so when I saw the movie I didn't recognize them. In the movie when they turn around in slow motion and the wind is blowing their hair a little and they start running towards the tree; I even saw all of that it was in slow motion and everything just like my dream. What do you think that means?

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  • Does anyone have weird feelings about 2012?

    My whole life I have had feelings that something was going to happen, something big. It won't be the end of the world its self but the end as we know it. I always had the feeling that I was meant for something but I'm not really sure what it is exactly. I have a strong feeling that it might have to do with 2012. I have always known that something big was going to happen in my lifetime that would change how everyone lived. Whenever I think or dream about the future I always see rumble all around building that have collapsed and groups of people just trying to survive. I know that that sounds like a scene from a movie but its true I firmly believe that it will happen. I was wondering if anyone else thinks it will and if someone knows of any 2012 sites that have a forum for similar discussions?

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  • Please help I REALLY need the name of this movie!!!!!?

    There were two kids a boy and a girl the boy’s name may have been Paul. Either they or he is being chased through their town which is either solely made up of huts or just mostly. There is an old man I think he might be the boy’s grandfather but I’m not sure. He either gives them these things that look like those surfboards with sails only they go on the sand or they just take them. They are being chased in the desert I can’t remember why they’re being chased or where they are going. I just remember that they are trying to get somewhere and people are trying to stop them. I’m pretty sure the sand surfboards break down at some point and they have fix them.

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  • How old is Leif Green? He played Davy in Grease 2.?

    I have looked everywhere but I just can't seem to find his D.O.B.

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  • I am trying to become a writer and would like some help.?

    I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate on a couple stories with me. I have a lot of ideas and have started writing some of them but I have a lot of problems because I can never seem to write them down like I see them in my head most of my ideas are complete but as I said they are trapped in my head.

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  • I am writing a story and was wondering if these names sound good.?

    It is a family with ten kids what do you think of the children's names?

    Lucas William Isadore

    Emily Christina Paige

    Sarah Dylan Noel

    Quinn Elijah Nathanial

    Tobias Gabriel Orion

    Jordan Taylor Ryann

    Chase Andrew Jeremiah

    Kyle Abigail Gabriella

    Nicolas Tyler Isaiah

    Riley Isaac Bryan

    The surname will be Matthew.

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  • What are your cast ideas for the Maximum Ride movie?

    I don't know about the others but I think Sydney Park should play Nudge. I'm most interested in hearing who should play Iggy but would like to hear about the others as well.

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  • Need help naming a movie from the 80's or 90's!!!!!!!!!?

    I don't remember to much of the movie but the main character is a boy about 14-16. There is some stuff that looks like fluff that the town the kid lives in eats and it changes them it makes them controlled by something the the boy is the only one who sees it for what it is. There is a scene where the kid and his family are eating dinner and his family is trying to get him to eat the fluff. There is another scene where there is this big propane truck (at least that's what it looks like) and the kid is trapped inside (I think he was put there by someone in the town) but instead of propane there is the fluff and he manages to escape.

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  • Looking for the name of a book.?

    I am looking for the name of a book from I think 1997. It is about a boy named Luke who is the third child in his family where it is forbidden to have more then two. People move in across the street and Luke keeps seeing a young face looking out the window, after seeing two kids already leave. He sneaks over one day and finds Jenny another third child who is trying to recruit other children like them to march down the street (by the White House I think) in protest of the law that forbids them to live.

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