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  • Dares for guys while texting?

    Ok so me and this guy are playing 'truth or dare' over the phone (texting), and I cant think of anything for him to do Monday, so I need help with some dares for him, not too stupid, and not dirty!!

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  • Should I pierce my nose?

    Well, I want to pierce my nose but I don't want to do it professionally. Is it okay if I just do it with an earring i found in my drawer, and clean it with the earring cleaning thing? Or should I get it professionally done?

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  • How do I repair my iPod touch screen?

    Y.A. users,

    The bottom left corner of my iPod touch screen doesn't work. Not even the slide part. So I have to use voice control and tell it to Face Time someone, then click the homescreen just to get onto my iPod. But I reset all of the settings before, and my wifi password has numbers in it. And if you go to the keyboard, to type the password for your wifi. The number/puncuation button is in the bottom left corner, so I cant even get wifi. Does anyone know how to fix it? Please help!

    Love, Ashelyn

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  • How do I unfreeze my iPod?

    Y.A users,

    Well, users. I'm sorta in a dilemma. My Mom won't buy me a phone so I have to use a texting app on my iPod. Well at lunch today, I took out my iPod and it wouldn't slide (slide to unlock). No matter how hard I tried, it still wouldn't. If you reboot your iPod, it will make it so you don't have to slide, it will go right to your pass code. So I rebooted it by holding the lock button, and turning it off, then turning it back on. (I did have trouble sliding that too, but I eventually got it.) So it went right to the passcode. My pass code is 2-2-1-5. (I know, I told you.) And it wouldn't let me touch the 1 on it. I really, really need help! My life depends on youuu!

    Love, Ashelyn.

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