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  • Emma, Lia, Mia?

    We love these 3 names: Emma, Lia, and Mia. There's no way we would call her Emma Lia Mia (or any variation of that). So we thought to combine the names. We've come up with:

    Emmia, meaning whole/universal/mine

    Emilia, meaning friendly/soft/rival

    We can't decide between these two. I like Emilia a little bit more, but i'm not sure if it's too long. Or if it has too many options for nicknames.

    It would help if you would explain why you like one of the names better!

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  • Eben or Owen?

    Which name do you like better?

    Siblings are Kyla, Avia, and Levi.

    Thank you!

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  • How to spell Makenna + more questions!?

    I love the name Makenna, but i'm not sure if it will age well. I'm afraid that it'll be too childish for her 20 years from now.

    How would you spell Makenna?

    Makenna, Makennah, Mckenna, Mackenna, etc.

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  • Which Name Goes With Mia?

    I really love the name Mia, except i like longer names. I'm having trouble finding a name that can have Mia as a nickname.

    Which do you like better, Emilia or Amelia?

    Or I was thinking to use a double barrel name.

    For example, I like Mia-Gabrielle, Mia-Cadence, and Mia-Andrea.

    What do you think of double barrel names?

    Any suggestions for a name that could go with Mia?

    Thank you!

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  • Double Barrel Names: Mia?

    I really love the name Mia, except i'm having trouble finding a full name that Mia can be used as a nickname for. Emilia and Amelia are the only ones i could find.

    So using a double barrel name is my next option.

    What do you think of double barrel names?

    Since Mia is a short name, I think it'll sound cute with another name that's 2 or 3 syllables.

    Maybe Mia-Sophia? Or Mia-Haven?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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  • Need A First Name To Go With Middle Name?

    The middle name MUST be Andrea.

    We like Veronica, Eliza and Delilah except the -a endings don't blend well with Andrea.

    However, we do also like Skylar "Sky" "Kylie" and Harlow "Harley" "Lola".

    What do you think of Skylar Andrea and Harlow Andrea?

    Any suggestions?

    If it's any help, brothers' names are Gavin Carter, Connor Wesley and Rylen Nicholas.

    Thank you!

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  • Suggestions For Girl Names?

    What are your favorite girls names?

    There are so many out there that i havent heard of!

    I want something unique and trendy.

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  • Help with Girl Name Decisions?

    I really really love these 4 names (+ their meanings) :

    Veronica - true image, victory bringer

    Lizbeth - God's promise, God is my oath

    Memory - the power to remember things

    Delilah - delicate, weak, languishing

    I cant decide which 2 names would sound best as first + middle name.

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  • Which 2 names are your favorites?

    Please choose your 2 favorite names!










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  • How would you pair these names?

    Pair these as first names + middle names!




    Rylen "Rylee"






    Any name suggestions?

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  • Baby names similar to Gregory?

    I love old fashioned names & i'm looking for names (boys and girls) that could work as sibling names.

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  • WDYT of the name Brookelle?

    I find Brookelle interesting & definitely unique.

    But what society thinks is just as important.

    What do you think?

    Do you think it suits a girl with brown hair and startling blue eyes?

    Also, which is your favorite?

    Brookelle Harper

    Brookelle Harlow

    Brookelle Haven

    Brookelle Hazel

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  • Eliza vs Elizabeth vs Lizabeth vs Lizbeth?

    Which one do you like?

    Middle name would be Hope.

    Im leaning towards Eliza or Lizabeth.

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  • Thoughts On This Name?

    I was browsing through baby names and i came upon a very unique one.


    I'm having mixed feelings about it because it has a variety of nicknames (Brit, Britney, Nic, Nicki) but it's also the name of a reference book.

    What do you think?

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  • Help with sibling names!?

    Children are Gregory Owen & Emilia Hazel.

    I was thinking Rylen, Andrew, Wesley, and William.

    Which names would you suggest?

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  • WDYT::: Emilia Hazel?

    At first i loved Amelia. Then i found Emilia and instantly fell in love with it.

    I love how many options for nicknames it allows (Em, Emma, Emily, Milly, Lia, Mia).

    What do you think of it?

    Also, what boy name would go with it (as a sibling)?

    For boys, i like Owen, Gregory, William, Mason.

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  • Opinions on Harlow + Middle Names?

    Harlow Genevieve or Harlow Alexia?


    I need a name for a girl with light brown hair, tan skin, and green/brown eyes so what kind of girl do you picture when you hear the names




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  • Which of these names are your favorites?

    Olivia Alexia Skyler Johanna Rosabel Delilah

    Any suggestions?

    Which would be paired as a first & middle name?

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  • Follow Up Q: Skylar or Olivia?

    I asked a previous question whether Skylar, Olivia, or Alexia is a better name.

    Here is the link to the question:;_ylt=Aq6a6...

    So most people chose Skylar and Olivia over Alexia.

    Would Skylar Cadence or Olivia Cadence sound better?

    Nicknames for..

    Skylar- Sky, Kylie

    Olivia- Liv, via Livia

    All comments would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Olivia, Alexia, or Skyler?

    I cannot decide between any of the names! I really want the middle name to be Cadence.

    So which is your favorite? What do you think of them?

    Im assuming that she'll be blonde with brown or green eyes.

    I like Olivia cause its fun and feminine!

    Alexia means defender & i like the options for nicknames (Al,Ali,Alex,Lexi).

    Skyler is pretty, but im debating whether it's too masculine. Should it be spelled Skylar?

    I like to hear others opinions about names so make sure to say what you like/dont like about the names! Thank you!

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