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  • American's do you believe you were all played, each and every one of you????

    I have wound plenty up about stuff but the fact is, you were all played ...very easily. the health bill was never going to be accepted ...fact ...basic math...only wealthy insured fully, some decent cover , millions none....= government pick up the bill for it...the wall? Never gonna happen and never was gonna...again the simplicity of it, Mexico paying for it.. ( of course they refused ) trade tariffs ? no way would make up especially as tariffs works both ways. the payments sent via visa back home claw it back? Not a chance, if deporting fast and then not enough and if they are in Mexico gonna not need send money way congress agree pay it as add the billions and interest on top? Not ever was gonna happen.... Now lets see on each major promise which was never ever going to happen ...well it was not my was the dems, it was the republicans who would not agree etc etc etc he has caused massive division which will escalate into open hostility of each blaming the other for his failed promises which sadly a half wit could have seen it coming a long way off, He has no morals and cares for none but himself, his family and friends, has disregarded nepotism by employing them with no qualifications or knowledge at your expense, ignored the emollients clause and of course his decisions will be based upon his own profit and self owned companies, is costing huge amounts on trips and those that defend him? go ahead cos you are paying for it,pity you all.

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    Somehow i think Potus would begin sweating profusely...not a single country on that list committed terrorism in USA ...however from some other countries left off the list do a blanket ban ...insist, stay extra safe and demand it! You won't simply because Potus has left off the list all the countries where he would lose millions of his own capital tied up there and obviously not the saudis as they have oil and would cripple you lets at least be honest , racism obviously rife there and sadly so is even basic education...Mexico won't pay for the wall..why? They said not...potus is removing as many as possible and as fast as he can...great now the options mentioned to regain the money was trade both ways, a non starter there...from visa and taxing money sent back home to Mexico families...after deporting them that option gone there stupid to believe his dribble? The wall is for his ego only. Help the vets removing their food and help? Healthcare...its not the people who need it but the people who pay the taxes ( trump clearly not paying his ) was basically the response to several questions regarding how many will suffer without healthcare...laughable, now pay for your errors

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  • The Stock market crashed....depends on which way you look at it lol?

    If for example the whole Brexit was just an exercise to destroy the far right which is where most EU countries were heading towards, that all a facade to divide and conquer, the stocks bought by the EU using companies, so the Brexit crashed the stock loss if hold the stocks and sell at the low price back to another part , hardly much of a loss? The UK prime minister instant resignation of course going to send the £ plummeting further, even an idiot would be able see that. Parliament talking about different models but the EEA is hardly out of the EU, governments think things through years ahead, the think tanks plan for all scenarios. The UK will be forced into a rapid recession, the EU will reform suddenly, the far right parties destroyed, UK will at best stay at a high tariff and have open borders ( cheap labour, we are richer? My brother was getting £13 ph 20 years ago, a few years ago getting £7.50 doing the same job.) I doubt the UK will actually leave, nor will any other country contemplate it, the EU will reform now...all round a very well thought out plan and all issues resolved and the EU superstate will thunder onwards! :-)

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  • The best way to win a fight is?


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  • Do all really think the Brexit vote was an exercise to quash the EU disquiet and just an exercise?

    The fact that the governments plan way ahead and assume all variations that could happen, they somehow never thought that a vote leave could happen or planned ahead? think tanks are for????More like planned well in advance, the fact that many EU member countries wanting out and how to crush all resistance in a way to put any stop to it..The EU superstate has been years in the making, huge financial cost and planning , really expect they ever would stop just because people disliked parts? It will go ahead, now they have the UK Brexit , odd Cameron resigned immediately throwing the economy of course instantly into negative and the talks today based on various models which nullify already the argument over open borders. No doubt the £ will plummet and the UK needed to suffer recession in order to teach the rest a harsh lesson, alongside that racists also exposed and ridiculed all in a single go...maybe my thoughts seem far fetched though probably to soften all up for when tighten the screws further...we shall accept and bow down of course as what choice have we got? HAHAHA

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  • Not a fortune teller, but brexiters mark my words, we have been conned!?

    I listened to Cameron very closely today, dodged questions on the immigration issue, also on whether any future government attempting to block the Brexit. As for the Brexit...all he talked about was various models like Norway etc..The single market. Fact, single market means our borders stay open, that is set in stone! Also think our economy is going to be rigged for the £ to nosedive , paranoia? Wait and see, at the end of the day , to have the nation beg to rescind the vote or accept open borders it is a very small price to pay and which recouped instantly and with huge interest by the whole of the Elite and banking system plus of course the EU...curious to see how things pan out but i reckon not far too wrong... and want to take a wager????

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  • facts Why are UK racist, vote leavers considered stupid etc? Give reasons not just total ****?

    Eastern European countries when joined, of course poor countries so what did the EU expect to happen? UK not the only dissatisfied countries as further referendums if given will show. Nothing to do with racism, UK is not a white country given the vote, it is made of of many different cultures. The scare stories have been vast and well publicised and gaining momentum still hoping to scare us into changing our minds. The banking groups threatening maybe relocate to France due to needing workers here and if left EU not possible , same argument regarding NHS nurses etc? Absolute rubbish! A points based immigration policy, if a bank wants the workers, of course they are allowed, simple, nurses, same, they get the points as those are needed, likewise and trade and skills needed, the unskilled jobs, not needed due to high unemployment here and unskilled workforce available. The currency dip and stock markets, they will sort themselves out. Yes a bit of uncertainty at the moment but to stay in the EU, certain to get worse as the larger that gets so does uncontrollable immigration. Race or colour for me is irrelevant, if you are rainbow colours but able provide a skill needed? You get the points and you are in! The cost to being in the EU too high. Laws ought be made and we governed by the UK, not EU decide. The EU will trade with us fact, we still shall continue as beneficial, we also able make trade agreements with the WORLD as not tied by EU laws or 28 countries need decide!

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