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  • Amazon KDP tax question help (UK)? ?

    There's a specific part of the tax interview on amazon kdp that I'm struggling with.

    When it asks for my TIN, do I say that I don't have a TIN or do I say that I have a non-US TIN and put my national insurance number?

    1 AnswerHomework Help11 months ago
  • Is this rude to do to my dentist? ?

    Last week I went in to get a filling. Dentist kept arguing and being passive aggressive with the nurse, so was obviously in a mood. 

    At one point he leaned down on my front teeth incredibly hard (I've had a filling before and the dentist never did this). A week later my front teeth still feel very uncomfortable. Idk if he's done anything to them but it's very, very uncomfortable.

    Is it rude if I phone up to change my next appointment (next week) to another dentist? And could he have done anything to my teeth when he leaned on them or is it just discomfort? 

    8 AnswersDental11 months ago