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  • Why do Conservatives believe what they do?

    I'd like honest, rational answers here. Whether you're motivated by socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, or just because your parents believed exactly the same thing, why do you believe in maintaining a broken system? Even a blind cave fish could tell you that demographics have changed, and the libertarian Christain white society that you try to "maintain" hasn't existed in a very, very long time. So, why do you believe in what you do?

    Let me provide an example to illustrate why your position is, in effect, doomed. In the mid-late eighteenth century, France was dominated an absolutist king and the aristocrats, who ensured that all legislation passed by the monarchy favored them. In the wake of a massive economic crash (at one point, half of the French government's income went to paying the INTEREST of their debt), the poor bore the burden of the nation's debt (as the aristocracy and the clergy were exempt from taxes). And, just a few years later, that is why France had a revolution.

    There will probably never be anything as dramatic as the French Revolution (our economic woes are nothing in comparison), however, do you see that as policy increasingly reflects that of pre-Revolutionary France, there is a growing divide between a majority of the population and conservative ideology?

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  • Which fandom is more annoying, Bronies or Homestuck?

    This has been the subject of some debate between myself and a friend of mine. As a brony, I find Homestuck people to be more annoying, while he is of the opposite opinion

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