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  • Muslims: Is this story true?

    Assalam Alaikum, I was really touched by this story and I am fascinated by the life of Umar ibn al-khattab r.a. but I tried searching for this story online and couldn't find any references. Can anyone please confirm this encounter happened or not?

    I was listening to Nouman Ali Khan and he told a story about Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (r.a) when he wasn't a Muslim, the story I heard was during the night Umar r.a. wanted to attack the prophet muhammad pbuh when he was praying, so during the night he hid behind the kaaba's black veil hidden in the blackness of the night hoping to attack him but when the prophet pbuh starts reciting Umar finds it so beautiful that he thinks in his head that this guy might be a poet, the next moment the prophet recites the next verse and it so happens to be "it's not the word of a poet", Umar says "how'd he know that? He must be a mind reader" then the next verse the prophet recites "it's not the word of a mind reader"...

    Here is the video

    Youtube thumbnail

    @ 14 minutes.

    Please confirm it if it's true.

    No trolls or unnecessary answers or statements please, I have my reasons for believing in my religion.

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  • Does the phone insurance transfer when I buy a new phone?

    Hello, I was thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S4, but because it is €650 in stores and 15 per month extra. I got a little put off, so, I found one on a advert listing site selling one for €450, the guy says the phone is unlocked but he has vodafone insurance on it, I want to know if the insurance would transfer to my name when he sells it to me? Or is he going to file a complaint that his phone is missing and get my phone shut?

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  • I'm in love, but I don't want to fall in love!?

    With this girl, but I'm not the type of guy that falls in love so quickly! How do I make this feeling go away? It's making me smile like a unicorn every time I see her.

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  • Can Julian Assange get from the Ecuadorian embassy to Ecuador?

    Now that he is under the protection of the Ecuadorian Government, his friend, can Julian Assange get from the embassy to the airport? What are his options? I barely believe that he has any sex charges on him, its very suspicious also because these allegation came almost at the exact time these conflicts started. Can he get into an embassy car and drive to the airport? Or would he have to go by helicopter or something?

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  • Why in Islam life a test?

    To worship Allah for the betterment of ourselves but why did Allah put us on Earth for what reason? To test us who will go to Jannah? This question has been at the back of my head for some time. Please writ a detailed answer.

    Thank you.

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  • Can you avoid e-Bay final value fees?

    I need to make €80 quick, by selling a bunch on PS3 games but these final value fees are cost me €20. Can this work? That I advertise on eBay and make the price .99 and write in the discription to pay me privately via PayPal in order to avoid FVFs? They don't have to click buy, they can just message me they want it and pay me seperately by PayPal. And once they pay like that, I remove the ad. I don't want any alternatives since there all horrible and don't have a large enough market even Amazon. Do you think this can work?

    I don't want to pay 5-15% of my profit, I bought an iPhone 4 for €350 and sold it for €350 and eBay charges me €40. What's the point in selling then? It's making me mad. Please write a detailed answer.

    Thank You.

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  • Ramadan: What to have for Iftaar?

    I have an hour left before I can break my fast and no one is in the house what should I eat???

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  • Ramadan: Can you drink water 10 minutes after Sehri?

    Hey, so I need a quick answer.

    Sehri or Suhoor just finished 10 minutes ago, I ate loads but only drank 1 large glass of water Sehi finished at 3:54 AM it is now 4:05 AM. I am just afraid I didn't enough for the day. I only drank once because I had to go take s**t really badly. So when I came out I noticed Sehri was over. I was just wondering if it is permissable to drink water cos I will get really thirsty and my mouth will be very dry through the day

    Will Allah forgive me?


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