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  • windows 7 acer x183h driver?

    I have a Acer X183H and it was working fine till this morning when I turned it on the display was all "smooshed" like everything seems larger then it should I found a Driver from Acer's website but it only has a ICC Profile and when I install that nothing happens. Can anyone help me?

    3 AnswersMonitors9 years ago
  • Blackberry Playbook PDF Help?

    I go to read it a PDF my tablet and it shows the first three pages and the bottom half of the fourth page. Any idea on how to get the PDF to work properly?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Making a Vacuum Former Help?

    I'm going to make a vacuum former and I need to find the plastic for it. I noticed a local hardware store sell hi-impact, weatherproof, flexible polystyrene plastic. Could I use that in for my vacuum former?

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • Building A computer help?

    I already have a case and hardrive. I found a video card and processor but now I need to know what kind of motherboard I should get. I wan't at least 4gb of Ram. I'm shopping at the Newmarket Canada computers.

    3 AnswersDesktops9 years ago
  • Apple Power Macintosh G3 400 Should I buy?

    I noticed someone was selling a Apple Power Macintosh G3 400 on Kijiji for $50.00 I always wanted a mac for internet surfing would this be capable to play youtube videos at a normal speed and browse the web?

    1 AnswerDesktops9 years ago
  • YRT Strike I don't understand?

    So all these routes are unavailable, No body can use them, correct?

    3 AnswersCommuting9 years ago
  • Help finding a Blackberry Playbook Case?

    I'm looking for a case that I can put in my backpack without worrying about damage, my backpack it just one big compartment and I have a binder and a laptop in my bag. I'm probably looking for a good sleeve case. Any suggestions?

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds9 years ago
  • Wierd noice from computer?

    I'm playing mine craft with Facebook open and randomly I'll hear "dun dun dun" played on a piano. Mine craft volume is muted but computer volume isn't and I don't have a virus. what could it be?

    3 AnswersDesktops9 years ago
  • Desktop to laptop conversion.?

    I was wondering I I could buy a cheap older laptop and upgrade it using the parts in my desktop computer, or would I be better off buying newer parts? Or can this even be done? (my budget is $400)

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Selling my Acer Aspire One Help?

    I can't figure out a price to sell it for I tried looking for the model I have on line to base the selling price off of but I can't find my model. I I tried going to Control Panel > System and Security > System. And all it tells me is I have a Acer AOD255E. And on the bottom of the computer it says Aspire one D255e-13661. So if any one could link me to the price new or give me a idea of how much to sell it for?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Why should I buy a iPhone?

    Ive always though about buying a iPhone but then I thought why? If I own a iPad then why do I need a phone that can play the same apps on a smaller screen. Another thing that bugs is that in a year its going to be outdated and then your going to want the newest one. So why should I buy a iPhone?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans9 years ago
  • Buy online or in store?

    I'm going to buy a video game I have a $20 credit to a online store. I'd rather not wait a week for the game, should I just buy at walmart or online store?

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • conserve energy but buy electric cars huh?

    So I keep hearing "turn off that light when not using it" "unplug unused electronics" but buy electric cars because there Eco friendly. I'm a bit confused. So are we buying electric cars to help the environment? So why do we need save electricity? (beside the cost)

    7 AnswersAlternative Fuel Vehicles9 years ago
  • Kobo Android Tablet Help?

    Hello today I just bought a Kobo Vox and i'm trying to install Adobe Reader. I originally tried on on the table but when I tap install is says "There are no android phones associated with this account" so I went into the Account & Sync on the tablets settings add account cor prate (because I don't use Facebook) and entered my Gmail email and password but that tells me "unable to open connection server." So can anyone help me install Adobe Reader?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • AVG Free 2012 Install Problem?

    I'm installing avg free and it says Setup error. Error Code: OxC0070643. Error Message: General Internal Error. Additional Message: MSI Engine: Failed to install the product. @AVGMSI_Error1719. Context: Installation of AVG Core, MSI action failed.

    I have no other anti virus installed, I tried to restart, re-downloaded/installed and still get the same error can any one help?

    4 AnswersSecurity9 years ago
  • How do I change my search engine?

    I have Mozilla Firefox and when I search something using the URL Box (not the search box) it usually searched Google, but now its different how do I change it back to Google?

    2 AnswersGoogle9 years ago
  • I felt bad after doing something can someone be the judge?

    Yesterday I decided to masturbate to a good friends picture. I felt horrible after doing this. Is it bad that I did this? (not the masturbating the picture thing)

    4 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • Call of duty 1 unlimited health?

    I don't know what patch I have so can some one help me with unlimited health

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • iPod Multitasking HELP?

    I just got a new iTouch 4, and I found out it has multitasking which is driving me crazy. Every time I close something then go to the multitask option (double click home) whatever I closed is there. Can I stop this and does it take up battery?

    4 AnswersMusic & Music Players9 years ago
  • Which Skull candy Headphones?

    I have a $40.00 Credit to skull candy what headphones/ear-buds should I buy under $40.00 with would be easy to sell on Kijiji/Craigslist?

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics9 years ago