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  • When did being myself start meaning that I have weird views on gender?

    In the last month I have been told by two very close friends that I view gender in some weird ways. They listed examples. I am always picking up little presents for my boyfriend even if he does not do the same. I do all the cooking in our relationship and usually clean up the kitchen if I am there for any length of time. I straighten up. I don't mind saying "eh, he's a guy" if he farts ( why cause a scene over a bodily function I say). It's weird, apparently, that I always wear makeup. (WTF?) I am very much a nurturer. He does not expect me to do anything, never asks me too and always says thank you. I like doing domestic stuff, why is that a problem?

    It's not like I am helpless and all I can do is cook and wait on my man to decide to marry me. I own a home, I do all my own repairs, have a career. When did my getting up for a snack and making my guy a sandwich (no pun, I made him a darn sandwich and it was good!) become a reason to look down on me as if I am not enough of a woman?

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  • Men: Do you like getting a booty call from your lady?

    Do you enjoy it when your girlfriend/whatever you want to label it calls or texts specifically for you to have sex with her? Not to hang out. Not to talk.

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  • What is your favorite meal to cook?

    What is your favorite food to cook? Does making it bring back any memories? What is your gender?

    I love making chili. I know a lot of labor intensive things that I like to eat more, but something about chili on the stove screams a cold winter day with my parents and sisters.

    Also, ginger snaps. I used to make them for my baby sis while we were growing up. they were her fav.

    Oh! Yeh, female. :)

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  • How many men dislike women fixing things around the home?

    I am wondering how many men don't like their significant other to fix things or work with tools?

    An ex of mine was adamantly against me fixing anything. He insisted that he was the man and that was his job. I was raised on a farm with my parents and 2 sisters. So any repairs fell to the 5 of us. Being that was how I was raised I have a very good working knowledge of tools, plumbing, wiring and basic repair. I was still willing to let the ex 'be the man'. When he started breaking my tools, I had a problem. He had no idea how to use tools or fix things but he didn't want me doing it either.

    My current bf takes a different approach. He acknowledges that he's not the best with tools and will happily let me tinker to my hearts content. We work together on things and learn from each other and bounce ideas off each other on what could be the problem/fix. He even brags about me fixing things. :)

    I'm not saying that women are better with tools. I know that its actually a bit strange that both men I have dated aren't the handy type and that tons of men are much better at repairs than I. What I am asking is:

    If your woman is mechanically inclined, would you be willing to either let her handle some things on her own and also work with you on repairs?

    Do some men see this as an affront to their masculinity?

    Please, I'm not looking for bashing. Lets have a decent conversation. We're adults.

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  • Why won't some women own up to the fact that sometimes men not wanting them is their own fault?

    I have several friends that complain constantly about not having a boyfriend or never getting asked out. But when I give them positive advice such as, be more confident. Just go talk to him, you can't expect men to do all the work. They give me these looks like I just suggested they screw in a corner booth without asking the guys name! Take friend X for example. She's gained close to 100 lbs since highschool. Dresses like she crawled out of a box of rejected goodwill clothing, never fixes her hair in the least, refuses even the slightest make up advice. Bemoans her size when she drinks nothing but sugary carbonated bevearges and calorie loaded junk food. Then tells me that she shouldn't have to change or look any different to attract a male.

    A lot of these women also like to put me down about the way I operate. They poke fun because I order the steamed veggies rather than fries, tell me that wearing skirts an heels objectifies me (I like the way my calves look ). That fixing my hair is a waste of time. I'm not super slim I'm about a size 8, fairly flatish stomach, and what I would call fair looks. I work HARD to maintain, since I hate exercise I watch what I eat constantly. I'm not vain but I do like myself and I want the outside to reflect how I feel inside. I have a boyfriend, and for some of these women it's like I must have done something that they aren't capable of to have gotten him.

    I'm not saying no one would want these women, I firmly believe that there is some one for everyone, BUT COME ON! If you're unhappy make a change.

    I just don't understand why some women can't take responsibilty that perhaps it's not always the guys fault that they are alone. Perhaps they are the real problem.

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  • Ladies - How true do you find this statement?

    Women dress more for other women than for men.

    I personally find this to be very true.

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  • What is with all the gender bashing in this section?

    Women asking purposefully leading questions to deface the male of our species. Men asking questions that make it seem like they abhor the female. What is going on here? We're not all mindless, petty, vain pieces of meat. And men aren't all jerks who only want to get in women's skirts or try to oppress us. I really don't understand the spite. What happened to many of you?

    I'm not trying to be mean, I really want to know what is going on. I know that not everyone does this, but there does seem to be a trend.

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  • New boyfriend Valentines Day dilemma.?

    I've been seeing a guy for about 4 weeks. Last Saturday night he asked if I was seeing anyone else, since I am not, he asked if we could be exclusive. I said yes. Now the problem. What on earth do you get a boyfriend of one week for Valentines day? I no nothing too personal, I don't even really know the guy yet. I do know that he doesn't eat sweets. He is 25 and I am 23, we both have our own homes and all that jazz. Both very independent. I had one friend suggest a card and then a pair of underwear for me to wear for him. but I don't know.

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  • Panic Attacks - Medication?

    have had panic attacks most of my adult life. They have been controlled by medications before. I used to take 10 mg Lexapro everyday and .25 Xanax when needed for sudden symptoms. The problem I am having is that I no longer need the Lexapro and do not wish to continue its use. I have been over medicated before and am wary of long term continued use. However I do still need to be on the Xanax for sudden panic attacks. I do not abuse it. I only take it when needed. The problem I run into is that my physician won't continue to prescribe it for long term b/c she is a general practitioner not a mental health professional. But the only doctor in my area that is accepting patients does not believe in ANY medication that could for any reason be addictive. I have had all the therapies and the classes. Does anyone know of a way to find a doctor who will prescribe the medication or of a medication that works quickly for sudden symptoms?

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  • Men - By what date do you expect sex?

    You meet a girl. You have similar interests. You get along wonderfully. Conversation flows easily. She hasn't gotten all clingy or freaked out after the first few dates. And there is most definitely a strong physical attraction. At what point, do you think sex should enter the picture?

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  • How soon is too soon for sex?

    I was recently dumped, as in a little over a week ago, by my boyfriend of five years. After a day and a half of crying I realized that it really was for the best. I feel I got over the whole thing rather quickly but I suppose that is just a testament to how the relationship wasn't working. Almost immediately, however, i had men calling requesting dates. I have seen one of them twice in one weekend and am already feeling the urge to fall into bed. Is it too soon?

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  • Why do peiople expect me to have a ring?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. I am only 22 and neither of us really has any desire to tie the knot. But in the last 4-5 months (the ones coming up on the five year anniversary) I have been getting a lot of odd comments, some even insulting. "Where is the ring?!" "What's wrong with him/you?" "So, I guess you think it's ok to live in sin?" "God wants you to get married. Don't you love god?" Someone really asked that. Most of the offending parties are girls my age. But his friends are asking too. Even family.

    The worst happened after the anniversary. He got me a matching set of black and white diamond earrings, necklace and ring. Now the questions are being thrown faster. I try to explain that the ring is just a ring but everyone is conviced I eloped. What is everyones deal? Can't they respect that I don't want to be married yet?

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