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  • cat warble problem? need help asap?

    my cat very recently got this lump on my neck and a friend of mine said it may be a warble. then tonight, i looked at him and the warble was like falling out. i know it may not have been the best thing to do, but i got tweezers and wiped them with an alcohol swab and pulled the warble out. i think most of it came out. now what do i do? we cant get hold of my vet. (i think they wont be in till monday after new years)

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  • need help with a topic for a book?

    im in this weird dare where one of my friends said something and her sentence ran together so she said "patience and nakedness". so i said "that sounds like a title to a weird book haha. she said "you wont" so now i have to prove her wrong so i need a topic. nothing long, just something to use. please help

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  • warble hole in my cats neck?

    all the sudden, my cat had this lump on his neck, within a day or two, there was an open sore... im almost positive its a warble... and i heard that warm or hot water will drive it out? will it?

    ...***and im taking him to the vet as soon as i can so please dont start the whole "dont take in an animal if u cant take care of it" thing. he's perfectly happy and healthy, i just want to help him asap

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  • am i sick too? please please help?

    my boyfriend starting getting cold sores when his grandma gave them to him when he was two. i know they can appear anywhere and his parents think he has one on his cheek/ear. if he kisses me, can i get them too even though he doesnt have any on his mouth? and if i, or anyone, touches it with hands or fingers, will we get it too?

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  • cold sore help, asap!!! please help?

    my boyfriend has gotten cold sores since his grandma gave them to him when he was two.. i know its possible to get them anywhere and his doctor says that he has one on his cheek, by his ear. (i know its kinda gross), but my question is, he came up and kissed me without thinking, will i get them now too? was he contagious? if it is touched by another Body part, besides lips, is it contagious? im just really worried and dont want this to happen to me

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  • am i wasting my time with him?

    i have been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year now. since high school, its been ok... like the "friends" ok... im his first girlfriend (he was really shy in school) and ive been trying to socialize him. he took to it well and he's been really great now that i got him out of his shell. but now... its like died. i dont know whats going on.. it just doesnt feel like he has that "fire" or whatever anymore. should i stay or should i go, and if i stay, what can i do to try to make this better. i really dont want to loose him

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  • constantly fighting teen team. need some kind of bondind/peacemaking avtivity. PLEASE HELP?

    i am the captain of our high school cheerleading squad and we have a few girls that love to start with other girls and make them feel bad. the leader of the few problem girls was my best friend and suddenly she was rivaling me and just being a really terrible person all around. she has inflouenced and changed the minds of a few other girls who used to be very wonderful members. i just need some ideas on how to bond the squad, and show these few girls that they are not better than the rest of the squad. i need to save this before the other half of the squad quits because of this one mean girl. please please please, i need ideas asap

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  • i cut my extensor tendon in my thumb in may. my docs & therapists wont tel me wen it may heal by. ne ideas?

    i know its an individual healing time and everyone is different, but i want to know if this is a few month thing or a few years thing. none of my doctors will even tell me how far it has gotten. i just want an idea for peace of mind. thanks

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