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A general animal lover, i practically run a zoo in my backyard. I have background in human biology and mental health, conversely i have been on the other side and have been diagnosed with a range of different mental health disorders ..

  • Car battery dying VW polo won't start PLEASE HELP?

    Ok, i've had loads of problems with my lovely 12yr old polo. I cant afford to keep repairing it and i'm hoping someone out there can help.

    I have had.. 2 Brand New Batteries, a new alternator (im sorry i don't know how it is spelt) i've also had an auto electrician look at it and he changed the locking system as he said it had broken and was draining the battery (apparently this is common).

    Since then my car has had to be jumped (several times) on two occasions. Both times i have taken it to the garage, they have said the battery was dead, but they don't know why.

    I have turned all lights off, windscreen wipers, radio, nothing is plugged in the cigarette charger and this afternoon yet again the car wont start.

    I used a volt meter, and the battery read 11.86 volts, when i tried to turn the car on, it dropped to three. (i don't know if this is significant).

    Someone please help me (as you can guess from the fact im driving a 12yr old car) i really cant afford to keep taking it to the garage. I've got the battery on trickle charge as we speak, but i cant keep taking the battery out to put it on charge once a week.

    Thanks in advance xx

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • My cat has bought home a juvenile starling.. what do i do!!!!?

    Ok, my killer cat has bought home what looks like a juvenile starling. It has obviously broken a leg or something as it is not standing or moving, just blinking, breathing and occasionally squawking. It has not moved its wings either. There doesn't seem to be any blood.

    I have put it in the bathroom, in a small, open box away from the cat. I really don't know what to do, all animal sanctuaries/vets are closed.. how can i care for it until i can get it somewhere safe? x

    Please help!!

    2 AnswersBirds8 years ago
  • Can BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) sufferers ever become 'Normal'?

    Right now I am driving myself crazy. The symptoms that characterise me as BPD are ruining my life, and i genuinely have no idea on how to change them. I've tried explaining to my other half what goes on in my head, how i feel, and what he can do to help.. he tries to some extent, i know he does, and i should be grateful.. but i'm not, i get angry and upset that he doesn't support me in the way i need him to.. (not that i can exactly tell him what i need him to do)

    My work life is hell, i love my job, i really do, but there are days where i just sit on the bed and cry before i go in.

    I have no friends, im scared to make them, i ruin everything good in my life, loosing them hurts more than constantly feeling alone.

    I just want to know that i can get better, that there are people out there who've been through this, suffered the major lows, and have come out the other side.

    I need that glimmer of hope. Please.

    5 AnswersMental Health9 years ago