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  • Question of Hypothesis !! Help !!?

    Does the use of fancy fonts slow down the reading of text on computer screens? Adults can read 4 paragraphs of text in an average time of 22 seconds in the common Times New Roman font. The standard deviation is known to be 4 seconds. A random sample of 25 adults was asked to read four of the same type of paragraphs in the ornate font named Gigi (Gigi). Their times (in seconds) were recorded and are listed below:

    19.7 23.6 21.8 30.1 24.2 31.2 22.7 22.9 24.6 18.8 28.7 20.6 18.8

    27.6 24.7 23.6 29.7 28.8 22.7 29.4 23.8 29.3 25.5 24.9 19.2

    Can you conclude that the mean reading time for Gigi is greater than 22 seconds? Use a 5% test. What is the p–value for this test?

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  • Does Macdonald call on any other name in other countreis?

    I am doing research for my study. So i just want to know, does Macdonald have another name in other countries? Like for Aussie they have started with Macca name. So do you know something like that? Thanks

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  • Has anyone got Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

    Few days ago I have lost my Samsung Galaxy S3. If anyone get my mobile, please please let me know . I am very shocked for my mobile. This is my 1st smart phone that i bought. My mobile colour is white and if anyone know any IMEI tracking software that can track the location, please suggest me about that. That would be very great for me. God bless you everyone !!!

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