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  • What 16 songs on the white album did all beatles collaborate on?

    Wikipedia says all the beatles performed only 16 songs of the 30 songs on the White Album. But I have trouble finding out which 16 songs those are.

    Does anyone have that list?

    (Also, people have discussed in forums about if the white album was reduced to one record. These 16 songs could be a good case for a single record).

    Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerRock and Pop2 weeks ago
  • for those that do not hate trump, need help?

    again, I am not interested in hearing from someone that does not support trump, or hates trump. 

    I told facebook I was voting for trump. Then a black  friend from school, not a great friend, but hung out sometimes (over 10 years ago) , responded with : 

    "trump is an incompetent fool & thats why the country is so divided. Thats why millions got sick & thousands died! Trump is an incompetent fool, Im deleting any and everyone from my friends list that supports a racist fool".

    And he did delete me.

     He got some likes from people though that have not yet dropped me. 

    How do I even respond to that?

    8 AnswersPolitics4 weeks ago
  • what is the best way to back up a c drive - see details?

    I am trying to avoid warrantee because they always have to wipe the harddrive. this means I will lose programs that are already difficult to install. 

    back end programs, like oracle express, along with it's front end programs like sql developer. then other programs like visual studio.

    can you simple "copy and paste" the entire c drive onto a thumb drive and then paste it back onto a laptop after a laptop warrantee wipes your drive?

    currently I am having battery issues where it drains when I turn off my samsung laptop.

    If I use my warrantee for any other reason and ship it off, is it save to simply paste the c drive back onto the computer and then be able to run oracle express and sql developer? 

    6 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 month ago
  • My laptop does not flicker but the  brightness adjusts, how do I fix that? see details ?

    I have a Samsung laptop 950QCG.

    It does not “flicker”, but I usually set the brightness low. When I turn on the computer on and log in, it adjusts the brightness ever so slightly for the first few seconds and then stabilizes the rest of the login session. You must stare to notice it, but it still concerns me. When I turn it off and it goes to that blue log off screen, it does the same thing.

    Only one time did my screen turn black for split second. I had this computer for about 2 months.

    I reset the drivers by pressing shift+ control+ window +b. But I still have the slight brightness adjustment.

    I thought about sending it to Samsung while it is under warrantee, but they want you to box it yourself and send it out. What if I don’t box it well? I don’t want to do that If I don’t have to.

    To note, this does not happen when the brightness is set real high.

    I saw some complicated instructions about deleting the driver by going into safe mode, etc. but that scares me lol. And I don’t know if that is the exact issue.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks2 months ago
  • This is about infinite tetration. see details?

    I put up a message asking if the infinite hyper root of 1000 equals 1000^ (1/1000). Some one confirmed that the answer to x^^ infinity is always x^(1/x).

    One source claims that the range for x is e-e < x < e1/e

    And that is fine, because 3^(1/3), 5^(1/5) etc falls in that range. But this source says that the Y values are only 1/(ee) < y < e(1/e)

    That apparently means that (3^(1/3) ^^ infinity is not the cubed root of three.

    Even worse this implies that anything above e^(1/e) diverges. So is there no answer to x^^infinity= 50, because 50 is greater than the Y range? How can this be?

    This site { claims this saying "It would seem then that x would equal the cube root of 3 when solving the equation y = 3, but this is not the case. In fact, this procedure will only work when

    e-1 < y < e so that 1/(ee) < y < e(1/e)

    This has been established by Knoebel [I] and Mitchelmore [2] in their treatments of iterated exponentials. Knoebel introduces the notation nx for these 'hyperpowers' where x, xx, xxx ., . . are

    written1x,2x, 3x . . . and y in the example above would be the limit of the sequence y = lim nx.

    as n approaches infinity. He then proves that the sequence {nx} converges only in the interval

    e-e < x < e1/e


    can any refute this or confirm this?

    Mathematics3 months ago
  • Employers or managers, would having nsls or the national society of leadership and success on a resume impress? ?

    I don't know if I want to join an organization. I am busy enough.


    1 AnswerHockey3 months ago
  • My mail tracking for usps is moving my mail randomly across the country, why? see details?

    I am in  Indiana.

    The package started in Florida.

    Then it went to Toledo, OH,

    Then it went to  Detroit MI.

    It's currently at Pittsburgh's PA network Distribution Center.

    What is going on?

    Is this efficient somehow?

    Thanks in advance

    5 AnswersPacking & Preparation3 months ago
  • I switched my Microsoft account to a local account. can i switch back and forth and keep saved programs/ files? See details?

    When I first started my new laptop, I signed up for a Microsoft account. I saved a test word file and downloaded a Webroot paid for anti-virus service that was not already on there.

    I then created a “local account” for the first time. Those two things files were there so, great.

    1. I see that my Microsoft accounts have saved in the control panel. So, if I go the Microsoft account again, will my files and programs be there?

    2.:And If I try to go back to the local account “ again” after going to the Microsoft account “ again”, will that  local account option be saved?

    3.And once I go in the local account, will my other files and programs be saved?

    (I have used local accounts forever. Now they are scaring me thinking I will forget my password and I haven’t for 20 years.)

    1 AnswerSoftware4 months ago
  • I need to know the name of a German cartoon from the early 1990s. see details?

    There was this cartoon with a boy and his dog. Whenever his parents went to sleep or went out at night, He and his dog would go into this rocket ship and go to other planets.

    I watched it in the early 90s, but it could have come on earlier, not sure. Maybe it was one of those ZDF channel shows, but I cannot recall. I was kindergarten age.

    Comics & Animation4 months ago
  • What is the infinite hyper root of 1000? See details?

    {hyper root is an opposite of tetration]

    So, unless I am misunderstanding what I read, there is a paradox. [x ^^infinity=c} then [x = c root of c]. but people have pointed out that the [cubed root of 3)^^infinity is more like 2.44 than 3. Why is this?

    And I know that the infinite “regular root” of a positive number is always 1. But the infinity “hyper root” of a positive value greater than 1 should NOT be equal to 1.

    For x^^infinite=c, the maximum x value is [e^1/e] or 1.4446 would the “ infinite hyperroot of 1000” be something close to 1.445? anyone calculate what it would be?


    1 AnswerMathematics4 months ago
  • In a call center, how do the Chinese and Japanese verify the “character spelling” of a name ? See details?

    In American call centers I have worked in, we needed to verify names and street names with phonetics. For example “ Is Carson spelled C as in Charlie, h as in hotel, a as in alpha, r as in Romeo, s as in Sam, o as in Oscar, n as in Nancy.”

    Do the Chinese or Japanese, do something similar by asking what the radicals or components in the characters are? They have so many homophones; how do they distinguish the characters?

    2 AnswersLanguages5 months ago
  • In database/ Venn diagrams, why isn't there an "anti-intersect" binary operator? see detaisl?

    In database/set theory/venn diagrams,

    we have set operators:

    A intersect B, gives us the common values or rows of the two tables/diagrams.

    A union B gives us all the values of both A and B.

    A Union All B gives us all the values of A and B along with Duplicates.

    A Minus B gives us A values with exception to the values it shares with B.

    Now why isn't there a binary operator for the union of A and B except for the values they have in common?

    Is there no use?

    The only way to do an "anti-intersect" is to do: (A union B minus ( A intersect B)) I think.

    Thorough answers are appreciated.


    3 AnswersProgramming & Design6 months ago
  • Two part Database question, see below. Any thoughts from those in the DBMS related fields would be appreciated.?

    Background: I will be switching from Database admin certificate of courses to a more analytics role because, it turns out, you need years of experience to become an administrator. ( have taken a basic sql course and a general database course, along with other courses like computing logic and hardware/software support). I already have a Business undergrad degree.

    Here are my two questions:

    1. I'm sure that I will need to learn additional languages. Some quick searches suggest that data scientist or analysts learn python and "R", asside from SQL. Is this accurate?

    2. I am currently trying to get an oracle certification izo-071. Right now my school is not offering a one hour study course. I was given some links for some study material. What is the best way to study for this test? The Khan academy? I am willing to spend some money, but not a four digit figure like the Oracle site wants.

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance

  • Attachment image

    Apex oracle Database class help needed on PK and FK.?

    Hello, I successfully created all of the tables in the attachment in apex oracle.

    the next assignment is to alter the tables and add primary and foreign keys. ( our professor did not want us to add them until after forming the tables). I cannot get my syntax to work. I put together what I think is the right syntax for the "D_PLAY_LIST" TABLE, for updating the primary and foreign.

    Here is my syntax: ( when I put in the tables I did not put in indexes to shorted play list to plm):







    I think I am following examples to the T and nothing is working. Please help.


  • Attachment image

    I need help designing a raptor flowchart program for an ATM that authenticates user name and password.?

    I attached an image of what I have for the loop.

    It has me put in the username many times, but I cannot get it to compare username to password.

    I tried doing arrays and putting conditions like ID[k] == username [k] and password[k]. But it has an error because we cannot compare string data. I have no idea what to do.... usernames are strings like rbrown and passwords are things like blue123.

    I found stuff about intermediate level stuff like boolean, but we haven't learned that and it's confusing.

    I attached an image of what I have so far inthe loop part.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design12 months ago
  • Travel options: Honolulu, San Francisco, or Gatlinburg?

    I’ve already visited San Francisco. But it was super nice stucco buildings and blue skies.

    when traveling, I am all about the downtown areas. Which one of these three have the nicest downtowns and skies?

    4 AnswersOther - United States1 year ago
  • How can I build a sling shot that can sling a soccer ball up to 60 yards?

    Please, answers from people that have a solution.

    One person suggested that the base that holds the ball be wooden or metal for stability.

    I also want it to be unmanned, meaning, I want to attach it to two poles so that only the person slinging it needs to hold it and no one else.

    Are there companies that build prototypes under 1000 dollars?

    1 AnswerEngineering2 years ago
  • Informal poll: who owns a 4k uhd blu-ray player?

    I wish t.v. Ads would show the 4k disc when advertising a new movie. I wish there was better marketing to help the format prosper. I don’t think most people have 25 mbps internet to have decent 4k hdr.

    Thoughts? Who all owns a 4k Blu-ray player?

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 years ago
  • question about the mandarin pinyin "y"?

    I know the number one is pronounced "yi1". But when I hear native Chinese people say it, the say "ee" as in queen instead, like the "y" sound is silent.

    Why don't they pronounce the y?

    1 AnswerLanguages2 years ago
  • For a Copyright, is it better to use Legal zoom or go through

    I created a rules for a game I invented. it's maybe 15-20 pages.

    Is it better to pay more and go through legal zoom? Or is the cheaper easier?

    Is it more likely I'll file something wrong if I use copyright gov website?

    thanks in advance. Detailed responses please, so I can feel self assured I'm making the right decision.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago