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  • What is the reaction that happens in the creation of vodka?

    I need to find this for an Advanced Chemistry class, but I can't find it anywhere. I need specific information, chemical names, and a reaction mechanism if possible. All I can find is general instructions on how vodka is made.


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  • Is The Scarlet Pimpernel a revolutionary or an aristocrat?

    I have to watch the movie for my History class. Originally, I assumed he was a revolutionary because they are generally considered the "good guys" in the French Revolution. However, a lot of websites seem to say that he saves the aristocrats from being executed by the revolutionaries. This would mean that he is one of the "bad guys" (a strange choice for a main character). Yet, if he is in fact an aristocrat and is against the revolution, why does he have to pretend to be such a stuck-up asshole when he's hanging out at the parties with the other members of the upper class (as well as his wife). The websites also say that this is an act. Or is he really just a douchebag?

    TL;DR: Is the Scarlet Pimpernel one the side of the revolutionaries, or is he saving people from them?

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  • What song are these lyrics from?

    I'm pretty sure they're from the theme song to some TV show or another, and I can't remember the words exactly, but it goes something like: "Don't tell me what to do, I'll do it, something something, to make it right..." Not sure about the 'I'll do it' part, but I know there's the line "tell me what to do" and "make it right."

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  • What are some movies similar to Crank and Shoot 'Em Up?

    I'm looking for a comedic action movie with not too much plot, obscene amounts of violence, and preferable at least one hot actress. Something similar to the Crank movies or Shoot 'Em Up.

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  • Does anyone know where to get a Mac version of the Killing Floor Unreal Tournament mod?

    I've been looking everywhere for a Mac version of the mod "Killing Floor" for Unreal Tournament 2004. I have the native version of UT2004 for Mac, but I can't find a version of the mod that runs with the Mac version of the game. Anyone know?

    And I am talking about the UT mod, not the game Killing Floor by Tripwire. That costs money, which is why i'm trying to find this free mod instead...

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  • Spotlight won't index my hard drive, what can I do?

    I recently defragmented my hard drive, and since I did that, Spotlight has not been working properly. When I start up my computer, Spotlight runs fine, but after about 30 minutes, it only says "Indexing Hard Drive." I figured, fair enough. But I left it going for over 14 hours, and it still hasn't even started. It has looked like the link for the past 14 hours, and won't go past this stage. I've rebooted in safe mode, and done everything I can to get Spotlight to work, but to no avail. I have Mac OSX 10.6.4. My hard drive is 500 GB at 5400 RPM. What can I do?


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  • When Steam for Mac comes out, will The Orange Box be available as a pack?

    When Steam for Mac comes out, will The Orange Box be available to buy as a pack? I've seen lists that say that each of the individual games on the Orange Box will be released, but will the Orange Box as a pack be available? I'm asking because I want to buy the pack within the next few days so that when Steam for Mac is released this Wednesday, I will have already purchased the pack and can immediately start downloading the Mac version of the games. In your answer, please link to somewhere that confirms your answer.

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  • When Little Big Planet PSP is released (Nov. 17) will it immediately be available for download?

    When Little Big Planet PSP comes out this Tuesday (Nov. 17) will it be available to download from the Playstation Store that day, or will we have to wait until the normal Friday update for it to be added to the store? I know it will be out on UMD, but I want to download it, and I don't want to wait. Does anyone know for sure?

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  • How do I know if I have a firewall running, and which one? (MAC)?

    I have Mac OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) and my friend has Leopard, and we want to play TCP/IP mode on Diablo II. But whenever we try to connect to each other's hosteed games we get a "Cannot connect to server" message. We have found that this could be because of a firewall. How can we check to see if we have a firewall up and which one so we can disable it? Or does anyone know of some other reason why we wouldn't be able to connect to each other? We've tried using Hamachix, but it doesn't make a difference. We still get the "cannot connect to server" message". We have also tried using the IP adress from instead of the one the game tells us is our IP. Help please!

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  • Is it possible to get more than one bag in Diablo II? or to get more bag space?

    I'm only lvl 12, but i am already getting really sick of having to use a scroll of town portal every time my bags fill up so i can sell my stuff.

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  • Need something that tells me who on my WoW friends list is online without going on WoW?

    a widget would be useful, jusst something that lets me see who on my friends list is online at any given time without booting up wow (it takes a long time, especially if im just gonna log if none of my friends are on)

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  • Diablo II LoD installation question?

    I'm trying to install the LoD Diablo II expansion, but when I click "Install," it says "Diablo II is already installed at that location." Is the original Diablo II included in the expansion, and I can uninstall DII, and install LoD? Or should I just install LoD in another folder?

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  • What''s the difference between the Lord of Destruction (from Diablo II) "Full Install" and "Standard Install"?

    I would just install the full version, but I'm trying to conserve HD space...

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  • What does "lu" mean in txt-speak?

    my gf sent it to me, if thats any help... i thot it mean "love you," but i just wanted to be sure... lol.

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  • Underage Sex Laws in DC?

    In Washington, DC, is it illegal for two minors, one year apart from each other to have sex? If they were, say, 13 and 14? Or 14 and 15?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago

    im supposed to write an essay about "what if..." someone had taken the place of someone else. like "what if John breckinridge had been elected prez instead of lincoln?" it doesnt have to be that old, even though its for history class. it can be just a few years ago and it can be about sports, which i know nothing about, politics, anything! all i need are three ideas, ones that can be researched in books or "official" online articles. im only in 8th grade so nothing too complicated plz...

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    i have this song stuck in my head and i dont know what its called. its sort of a techno song so it doesnt have any lyrics, other than some chanting. it sort of goes "ooooh oh oh ooooh ohoh ohoh clap clap-clap clap clap-clap" (repeat) its a pretty famous song, i'm sure you've heard it, i just need to know what its called...

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  • How do I get the wireless to work on my psp?

    I just got a brand spanking new psp 3000, straight outta the box, and I want to download some stuff and possibly update if needed... I tried to connect to the internet through my home wireless (May be optimized for Mac or something, we only use Macs) and I get through all the steps, but when I enter the WEP password (it IS WEP im sure of it) it says "the characters you entered are not valid. for hexidecimal: use 10 or 26 characters from the ranges of 0-9, a-f and A-F. For ASCII: Use 5 or 13 characters" I really want to connect, what is wrong!!!!

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  • How do you get a torrent that needs a disc to work?

    I downloaded the Postal 2 torrent (for MAC), and I opened the .dmg, which opened a disc (Disc Image?) on which is the Postal 2 Installer. It is called "Postal 2 for Mac OSX." I opened this, and did all the steps until it started installing, at which point it told me to "please insert the Postal 2 CD-ROM." I tried it several times, and it still wouldn't work. I know that it needs the disc to work, and I torrented Roxio Toast 9 particularly for this reason. I ripped the .dmg to a Disc Image and mounted it, but it still asked me to insert the disk. I tried copying the installer to my desktop and then installing it, but it still asked me for the disk. Next I actually tried ripping the Disk (Postal 2 for Mac OSX) (Disk Image?) which has the installer on it. I ripped it to a disk image and then mounted it so that I actually had two disks on my desktop called "Postal 2 for Mac OSX" It still asked me for the CD-Rom. Do I need to actually rip the .dmg to a real disk? Or is there something else I need to put on the disk image? I only have the .torrent, the .dmg, and the Disk (Disc Image?) called Postal 2 for Mac OSX. Please help, this is one of my first torrents, and my first that needs a disk. Help!

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  • What is a really good PhotoBooth clone for Mac?

    I just got an iSight webcam for my slightly older Mac laptop that didn't previously have a camera, so I don't have PhotoBooth. I am looking for a relatively good quality PhotoBooth clone FOR FREE. I downloaded Funny Photographer, which is passable, but it saves the images in quartz, which is really bad quality. So... any suggestions?

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