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  • will he ever come around or should I just give up?

    I'm pretty good friends with this guy (we're both first years in uni) and I've been crushing on him really hard for the past while and recently I've started noticing an increase in sexual tension between us. The past couple of parties we've gone to we've ended up cuddling in his bed or almost hooking up. But I always used to try to convince myself that a hook-up wouldn't be a good idea because that'll just make me like him more and if he's just in it for the hook-up and not because he likes me I'll be heartbroken. So last night he has a party and we do was honestly the best hook-up I've ever had (probably because it was backed by pretty intense emotions on my part) and he was totally into it and stuff but this morning he sends me a really sweet, but really upsetting message saying that he's sorry he did that, that he wasn't in the right frame of mind, that he shouldn't have done that, etc. I was so torn apart, really heartbroken because I did exactly what I told myself I shouldn't, and I know it's my fault but sometimes you just get caught up in the moment. Anyway so now I'm really reeeaalllyyy upset, like genuinely heartbroken and what makes it worse is that we're good friends in the same friend group so I see him all the time. I'm wondering if I should just not even try and go on being sad or if there's still a chance he could come around. Oh btw we didn't sleep together it was a more casual hook-up. I'm just so bloody into him, I hate this! LOL

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  • I like a guy who's out of my league?

    We're both in university currently and pretty good friends. Here's the thing, looks wise I'm not worried at all. Now I know people say there's no such thing as a grading system or hierarchy, which I want to believe, I really do, but honestly there totally is.

    Like I said in terms of looks I'm not worried because I think that we're fairly balanced in appearance. It's everything else...

    You know how people can do multiple things and they're usually pretty good at one thing, he's literally (not even kidding right now) good at EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. He's probably one of the smartest, funniest, most successful, most popular, most creative, and capable people I've ever met.

    I honestly feel so unaccomplished and unsuccessful when I see the kind of **** he does. I know this sounds completely shallow but he's really really popular both online (facebook, etc.) and off. He has tons of friends, and he's so sweet and social and completely hilarious and really smart. Basically... he's a flawless human being lol.

    I know that I shouldn't concern myself with superficial things like this and they shouldn't stand in my way but it's really quite intimidating.

    All I want to know is if I should even try, I think we'd be really good together and he never seems to be bothered by my lack of success and he doesn't show off but I don't know if he would even take me seriously or appreciate me because he's so ******* good at life. He's a really good person but even the best people sometimes get caught in the social hierarchy so I don't know if he'd ever go for me that way.

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  • movie identification help?

    so I found this youtube video that I wanted to use for an assignment but the uploader for some odd reason decided to leave out all the names of the movies. Now I know some of them, but most I don't so it would be a huge help if you could put the time slot and then the name of the film if you know it thank you so much!!! I'll be really impressed if anyone can name them all, thanks again.

    Youtube thumbnail

    btw its just a clip of some really sad movie moments from famous films

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  • So there's this guy? of course, there always is haha?

    I just want to know what he wants from me. It all started about 2 years ago we almost had a "thing" we just liked each other for a while but nothing really came of it and we stopped talking for a good while. Then all of a sudden this year I start to think about him again and maybe like him a bit (we go to the same school but we arent in the same social circles or classes so I dont see him much) so a few days ago there was this party, we both got pretty drunk and started talking. He was flirting insanely like grabbing me and touching me all the time and he complementing me. I''m no einstein but it was flirting if I ever did see it, trust. He would initiate conversations (which never happens with him and I) and he would seem very interested in everything I had to say and in me in general and he called me pretty, all this stuff. Basically we were both flirting quite a bit and I was sure that he liked me back. So after the party we texted for a bit and then all of a sudden it was like back to normal, he wouldnt make an effort to start any conversations or anything and when I talk to him I just feel like I'm bothering him when literally 4 days ago he was all over me. I just want to know if I should even try to figure him out or if he was just bored and I was drunk. Because honestly we had a really long meaningful conversation and he seemed to genuinely care about me, so I'm just confused now. Is he just shy? So. confused.

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  • reacurring dream about a celebrity crush?

    ok so this sounds odd especially because i've never been the fan girl type but there's this musician (of course) that has been my centre of focus for many years now, he's been a fairly large influence on my life and so on. This began a few months ago i've began having reacurring dreams of me meeting him, its always me meeting him for the first time in every dream, never like we've already met. But as every dream progresses we spend time together and its really organic and sweet, not like a crazy fan girl sex dream, there's not even any physical contact maybe a hug or something, but generally we end up spending time together just talking or taking walks or something. I'm sure there's no profound explanation but i've never dreamt of him before, and all of a sudden its become reacurring, thanks

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  • dyeing my hair from dark brown to lighter?

    ok so I have very dark almost black hair, my hair is curly but relatively thin. I want to dye it a medium brown, oh and I live in canada :P

    ok so what are some good drugstore brands that will dye dark hair, should I buy like and ash blonde, so that it actually shows up? HELP! ok i neeed to know brands, colours, etc THANKs!!!

    oh! also if you have any tips, that'll make it show up better? thatd be great

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  • preventing writing from coming off shirt?

    so i just bought a really rare band sweatshirt, the writing looks silk-screened and it is a very like blue, very detailed, thin strokes, are there any tricks I can do to help prevent the writing from coming off, i've heard something about hairspray, clear nail polish, any suggestions? it still has to be wearable though thanks!

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  • Can't breathe properly?

    this started within the last month or so, I feel like im not getting enough air, and im constantly taking big breathes to satisfy it, I'm not unfit, and i eat like any average person, I just went to the doctor last week he listened to my breathing and he said everything was fine, and that im perfectly healthy. I think it may be more mental (im telling myself i cant breathe) but i dont know, this has happened before but it only lasted about a day, this time its been a few weeks, what could it be? I don't have anxiety or anything, also im a major hypochondriac so it may be mental, but still if anyone has thoughts please let me know thanks!

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  • What bands would I like?

    So I would really like to find some new bands to check out preferably sort of underground not really mainstream bands. The following words describe the kind of music I like, because it's not really a specific genre lol:

    - psychedelic

    - rock and roll



    these are some bands that I really like:


    Fossil Collective

    Fleet Foxes

    Arcade Fire

    The Kooks


    Franz Ferdinand

    The Beatles


    The beach boys

    pink floyd

    the animals

    so taking that in to account if you know of any good bands that'd be great thanks!

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  • Who is your male celebrity crush?

    actors, musicians, comedians, bakers, famous dog walkers, whatever the hell else, who is it?

    mine is.....

    A N D R E W

    V A N W Y N G A R D E N <3

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  • If you had a band, what would you name it?

    If you could have a band, or a stage name, or if you already have one what would it be?

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  • My two friends are having some friendly competition?

    These are my two friends A and B, I want you to vote A or B as in who is prettier, or looks like a nicer person, this isn't a fight, they love each other, they're best friends, they just wanted to know who you guys thought was prettier or a looked kinder.

    A is on the left, she has long dirty blonde, thin, pin straight hair, grey-blue eyes

    B is on the right, she has long dark brown curls, and really dark big brown eyes

    they are both really amazing girls and i love them, so please vote just for fun.

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  • short frequent headaches?

    so lately, id say the past month or so i've started having these really short (like a few seconds) but frequent headaches, you know like if you get up too fast, or turn your head too quickly you sometimes get this sharp pressure on your head for a few seconds, so that is what these are like except they are happening very often and frankly they're getting quite irritating and scary, what could they be? Is it that i'm not getting enough sleep, or enough water? any advice would help, thanks.

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  • i have a boy problem?

    Ok so i have like a wierd disease or something, all I know is that something is seriously wrong with me. So I could like this guy A LOT and want to go out with him and everything, but as soon as I find out he likes me too, and he wants to start dating, i completely freak out and i feel like i dont like him anymore. So that is what is happening I liked this guy for a while, and he started liking me too, and I was happy but then he mentioned "making it officail" and I freaked out and didnt even want to be around him anymore, and I feel like i don't like him anymore, when just 3 days ago, Iliked him a lot, my friend said its just an awkward phase and if I stick it out, it will pass and I will be fine, but I DONT KnOW WHATT tO Do! I think i have compitement issues :P

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  • I need help with my cat?

    ok so I have two cats (sisters), 5 years old. One is chubby and the other is average sized. The smaller one pees everywhere, I don't know what to do with her, the other one is fine. The strange thing is that she "#2s" where she's supposed to, she's never had a problem with that, but she pees everywhere but her litter box. First we thought that she didnt like sharing a litter box with her sister so we got 2, that didnt work. Then we tried punishing her, we did everything, we put pepper on the floor, we sprayed orange juice, we sprayed her with water, we hit, we locked her in a room alone with just a litter box and some food, but whatever we tried she kept peeing where she's not supposed to. We took her to the vet, they said she has no health issues, (bladder contorl wise). We are very loving and good to her, we NEVER hit her before, just after she starting peeing which happened constantly but increased over the past year or so. My husband is seriously considering giving her away, but she means the world to me and my kids. If you have ANY sort of advice on this it would be greatly appreciated, im not even considering giving her away, but this is getting really frustrating having to search the house for a puddle, PLEASE PLEASE help

    thanks :)

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  • I want to buy a beach cruiser bike?

    I'm looking to buy a beach cruiser urban bicycle, if anyone is familiar with them, can you please answer the following questions...thanks a bunch:

    - if im 5'2 what size should I get?

    - is it comfortable to ride even without speed change?

    - how much approximately would they cost in Canada?

    -what shops do you recommend, or is it better to buy online?

    Thanks a lot, oh and any additional comments are strongly appreciated such as wheather its worth getting, any down sides to it, pros and cons...

    once again thanks! :)

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  • what is this movie? please help?

    I only remember fragments of the movie, just bits and pieces but I remember liking the movie so if anyone has any ideas on what it might be that would be great! :)

    ok so I just remember in the beginning this woman is going into labour and she gets hit by lightning or something like that, after she has the baby I think she dies and the dad doesn't want the baby. A few years later I think the baby grows up and lives isolated in this house (now he's a teenager). Then one day these people come to talk to him and he sort of looks albino, he's bald and really pale. And he's really smart he reads a lot.

    Then he goes to school and all the people make fun of him, and he can do this wierd trick with like a spoon where he can make it levitate and spin.

    So yea I know it's a really asortment of memories but if you have any ideas in what this movie might be that would help.


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  • what are some good books for me?

    So I'm looking for books under the genre philosophical fantasy. In other words a non-fiction book, with some sort of philosphical outlook on life, or books that sort of toy with your mind, and books surrounding some sort of mental dissabilities (skitzofrania, autism, etc.)

    the following books are ones I read that fall into the catogory of the types of books I like.

    The Catcher in the Rye (my favourite book ever)

    The Giver (I liked it because of how different the idea is)

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    A Wrinkle In Time

    Walk Two Moons

    Feather Boy

    and some short stories from O' Henry

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  • bad hypocondria, please help?

    ok so im in my teens and i'd say around 3 years ago maybe I started getting these bad panick attacks over ANYTHING, even the smallest health issue like a stomach ache or something, i'd start getting really nervous and light headed and making the situation bigger than it has to be. I know its stupid and I tell myself to come down but I can't. For instance lately I have't been feeling too well a bit light headed and nausious, but not anything severe, and there are a million HARMLESS reasons why I could be feeling this way, I mean it might be that time of month, or because Im in my teens I could have mood swings or general body fatigue( weakness, headaches, and so on). And I know that most likely its nothing tobe afraid of because I am very healthy. but whenever I get the smallest case of nausea or weakness or whatever, I start panicking and shaking, and honestly its pretty stupid. It bugs the hell out of my parents because im also deathly afraid of doctors(silly I know), so they cant do anything about it, I can't even get a measly flu shot because it turns into this huge deal. I know for a fact that I dont need profetional help because I know its silly to overract like this but I dont know what to do anymore its really frustrating, and inconvinient to tell you the truth.

    So, if you have any advice of if you can relate that would really help.

    thanks :)

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  • What camera brand is suitable for me?

    I want a digital camera, relatively small, but I want to take detailed pictures, closeups, and just in general very vibrant, hd, pictures, I searched some canon cameras, and people say its the best company, but others tell me that nikon takes better looking pictures.

    So which brand is best, I take mostly pictures of nature, especially closeups on flowers, and insects

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