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  • Why don't white men date black women?

    So, out of curiosity I Googled "White Men who Love dating Black women", and all kinds of sob stories and blogs came up, usually having to do with a white man who was in love with black women, but couldn't be with them for some reason or another. So, I Googled "Black men who love White women" and there were actual WEBSITES dedicated to the subject!

    My questions:

    1)Are there white men out there who aren't afraid of dating a black woman (or women with an ethnic background)?

    2) If you are afraid of approaching a black woman, what is it about us (me, i'm black and Dominican) that seems to be the issue?

    3) Is me being attracted (Generally and sexually) to white men a "Fetish" or a "Preference"? (Considering my first boyfriend was white, and I've dated 2 other white men since I've been on the singles market. All the rest were black)

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