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I walk along with my Leslie Sansone DVDs every day. I have more than 3 dozen of them, so I don't get too bored with it. I need to walk. Have 2 grandkids in the city, about 15 miles from where I live.They are great company. I love it when they come to visit. My cats, Ralph and Gizmo love to have the kids come out to play. Two summers ago, I joined community theater. fun! Played "Henrietta" in "South Pacific", while my own 2 grandchildren played the kids I was tending. How much fun it is to play along with my family. Last summer, I did a small series of vignettes in "Oliver!" (chorus), and "Old Sally" which had quite a few lines in it. My grandkids were both orphans and pickpockets. My son in law and daughter were the undertaker and wife. They sang a cute duet This summer I was the Mission General in Guys & Dolls. I think I am done with community theater now.

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