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  • New submissive looking for advice?

    I am a new sub, and I need some tips, pointers, new ideas to try out. I know that I enjoy being restrained, bitten, hair pulled, told to do something, and spanked. At times it seems I cannot get my boyfriend to do it hard enough. He's really soft hearted, and worries about hurting me. I want to try out some new things, but I am unsure where to start. Any new things I can try out, ways to make him more comfortable with being a dom, or any advice at all really?

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  • guys, whats up with him?

    this one guy i kind of like asked me out. I only know him on the internett. (i'm 15, he's 17) i said no, b/c i barely know him. now he's acting distant, even though he said he's fine with my decision. he's gone through alot of crap, and i felt bad for turning him down. he's acting distant now. whats up? i need advice on what i should do. i want to stay friends and maybe more once i get to know him better. HELP!

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  • guys, blonde or brunette?

    i got into a big argument with a friend about this, so guys, what do you prefer?

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