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  • Why Can't I Post "Thumbs Down"?

    For the past couple weeks, I've noticed that my attempts to give some answerers a "Thumbs Down" on their answers is not being saved. I have no problems giving a TU - and get the standard "saving" and "Vote Saved" for my efforts - but not so when I try TD's...

    Can someone offer some guidance, please?

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  • Help With My Computer Video, Please?

    Okay, I have a nine-month old Vista box that is great... until recently. The video has become crazy - only showing about one frame per second or so. Audio is fine - it's just video problems. I've noticed that when I minimize windows, the closing window will "stutter" closed, and the same thing happens when I drag a non-maximized window across the screen.

    I've got Kaspersky anti-virus and nothing is registering. I also use the Search and Destroy Tea-Timer and Ad-Aware to keep my box clean - and they reports no problems at all.

    HOWEVER, every couple of seconds, the Start Bar (which I have set to auto-hide), flashes into view, like I moused-over it for a micro-second.

    I use a 24" LCD TV as a monitor (which hasn't had any problems thus far), and I also use a cordless mouse and keyboard set-up. My resolution is set at 1360x768 pixels (32-bit colors) - and my vid card is an NVIDIA GeForce 9100.

    Any given moment, when I check my system status, it tells me that I have around about 20% CPU usage and about 32% physical memory usage.

    Can a geek help me out? I can't watch DVD's, nor play CD-based games - and I've noticed that stupid flash-games that are memory intensive have been "hanging" periodically. I haven't received any Facebook messages saying that I am spamming with viruses or anything... so I don't think I've been hijacked...


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  • Why doesn't carbonation leave beverages en masse?

    Oh, the things you think about whilst drinking beer...

    When open or dispensed, why doesn't the CO2 that is in solution in your favorite carbonated beverage all immediately escape with the sudden decrease in pressure? How is it that the bubbles slowly form for upwards of 20 minutes or more? Logic dictates that there should be an immediate rush of CO2 escaping, then a rapidly diminishing flurry of bubbles... and nothing after 30 seconds or so.

    Help a guy out on this one, please?

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  • Where can I find a tat Template?

    I am looking to get a new tat with various pieces of my life that are of great importance to me... all done like a pile of puzzle pieces. I'm only thinking six or seven pieces total, and covering an area about 3x5" or 4x6". The problem is that I can't find a template for the actual puzzle pieces. I'm pretty skilled in computer picture editing, so I can put the pics/drawings on each piece... I just need to find a good template for the pile o' pieces.

    Can anyone help??

    1 AnswerTattoos1 decade ago
  • How can I see my DEFRAG?

    Okay, I just upgraded to a new VISTA box, and have found that my defrag is just a stupid gump that says, "This may take a few minutes to hours" with the little VISTA swirly spinning around so I know it's working. How can I switch something so I can watch the progress like on Windows 95/98/Millenium/XP??

    And before I get jumped on - I DO actually have a life. There's just something comforting with the ability to be able to see what's going on.

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  • Where Can I Find Buyers of OLD Books?

    I have a series of old Harper's Family Library books - all dated between 1831-1840. They were known to be very factual (if dated) works.

    Does anyone know where I can sell them and not lose my shirt? I'm not looking to sell them on Y!A, I'm looking for contact info for a professional rare book buyer.


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  • Occupational Instructor Certification?

    I am in a position that allows me to earn the OIC - and, while the bosses make it sound like it's the best thing since sliced bread, I have to ask...

    What the heck can it do for me? It isn't a teaching degree. It isn't a college degree. Who can I teach with it? Will the Mets ever win the pennant? Will John and Martha ever find true love?

    As you can tell, I are be truly confuselated by this... is it worth busting my butt to get, or should I let it slide?

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