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  • "Black Sheep" in the family and Need advice?

    Okay so I'm not sure how to ask this but here goes nothing.

    I am the middle child of 5 children and I have always been different from the rest. Whenever everything goes right I end up making it wrong. For example, there was this one time when my family (extended family) and I went out for dinner and I had a whole bunch of anxiety and stress and all these icky feelings going through my head. I was going crazy and no one knew it but me. Every one was having a great time but me. I didn't know what was wrong with me I felt depressed and scared and was slowing withdrawing from life altogether. Until one day a family friend came over and I shared with her some of the crazy things I do and she told me I may have OCD. I don't know how to cope with stress and anxiety the only way I know how is to drown everything and everyone out. Okay so I'm already drowning everyone out and supposedly some of my cousins was trying to make small talk or what ever and I didn't respond and all of a sudden everyone looks at me as if I did something wrong. I could see the look on their faces but I couldn't really respond because I was in my own little world at the time.

    I have some really bad history that majority of them don't know about with physical and emotional abuse.

    So now none of them really acknowledge my existence with a warm hello or hey! how you doing? it's all just oh the black sheep is here look on their faces.

    What are some coping skills

    What can I do to make them accept me?

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  • All the MUSIC LOVERS out there who know a thing or two about music I NEED HELP?


    ANy songs that top Ciara Body Party Please I need something that sounds like this or sound better..

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  • we are friends now does that mean we can still hangout?

    Okay so me a and my bf decided that we needed space and to just be friends and after we said goodbye on the phone he texted and said that he didn't want to lose me ..his b-day is coming up and he asked if he could comes over to my place, I said sure but I don't have anything to give him should I have said no given the fact that we both decided space was what we needed? PS he's never met my family or been inside my home, is that weird.. What should I do? Pps I told him that if we were going to be friends that we have to do it the right way.. No kissing, holding hands, etc. Help! Please

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  • I need a guys perspective please! (GUYS ONLY)?

    okay so this guy I've been talking too for a while.. me and him had a really rough start he was obviously lying to me in the beginning because his stories wouldn't add up.. he'd try to sweet talk me every time things got too personal.. Every time I suggested we go out he tried to make up an excuse saying he was working or he didn't have a car and it would not feel right if I picked him up.. when we'd talk on the phone he would act like he's too tired to talk and end the call.. he always waits for me to hang up.. he asks for pictures all the time.. he lied to his friends and brothers about talking to me and didn't even tell them that we were talking/dating.. when all my sisters knew.. I always had this gut feeling that something wasn't right with this guy but my heart won't let me see it... PLEASE is there any guys out there that are willing to help a POOR girl like me find out if this guy is a prick? I will be honest I don't want to believe it but it's keep bugging me..

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  • This is a situation that only GUYS can answer what should I DO?

    Okay, so I really like this guy and we met through a relative of mines he's always telling me how beautiful and gorgeous I am and it almost feels like what you see in the romance movies. To get to the point every time we talk on the phone I hear laughs in the background from his brother on the other line listening. When he tell stories of his past it doesn't add up because he talks about it like its the present and then claims that it happened 2 or 3 years ago. I asked him if he would consider himself a player and he got offended. He's always saying that he likes me and that he wants to see me and all this things but I can not trusting him it's all too good to be true... I think all these point to it if you ask me. I need a guys perspective...PLEASE!!

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  • I'm having Relationship Issues help?

    Okay so this guy showed interest in me and we got to talking then every now and then I would get quiet and he would try to spark up conversation. Long story short I feel like he was doing all the work and I was just being a Douche... But beyond all that I really kind of like this guy so I gave him my number and he said he was going to call me but he hasn't yet I'm still waiting for him to call.. Is this a sign that he is irritated of me or he's no longer interested? Please I need to know why so I can move on.. I don't want to be stuck waiting on his call I have to wake up early toomarrow.. ANy SUGGESTIONS?

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  • How do you pretend to do it?

    So I'm not really good with socializing with people any advice on how to fake it?

  • Uh any ideas.. ISSUES NEED HELP!!?

    I dislike having to mingle with obnoxious family members any ideas of ways I could try and avoid them?

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  • I dislike these people...What should I do?

    So, today is a family get together and I have one of the most DRAMATIC family members they are always gossiping about each other and some of them look down on us. Anyways, my family was planning this get together 2 months in advanced and everything was planned out. Until 4 days ago my aunt and uncle said they booked a park (no one spoke about booking a park) We all were a little annoyed because it was like they were planning their own get together. Well we said we weren't going to go to that park because everything had already been planned. They said they couldn't get a refund and that if it wasn't going to be at the park they booked they weren't going to show up. Now, tell me that isn't childish. So we eventually agreed because it was a waste of money if we didn't go. But, is it right for them to come up out of nowhere and say they booked a park when it wasn't planned?

    This family has a history with being greedy, rude, and high headed. I dislike being in their presents. What should I do. I might be forced into going. How should I act?

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  • I know it's childish.. but can anyone help?

    Me and my sister get into so many arguments over the littlest things food, clothes, shoes you name it. Well, one day she came over and she was wearing my shirt and I told her where'd she get it and she said my mom gave it to her (This is one of my fav shirts). I had no idea that my mom came in my room and took my clothes. Did my mom have the right or am I overreacting?

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  • what should I do about this family member?

    I have this aunt who has a son who is currently in college and he is struggling in a few of his classes so he asked his mom to come to me for help.(By the way, anything and everything he wants to ask me is either through his mother or his sister) I don't know how I could help him... I'm not that smart.

    Anywho's, turns out a few of the classes that he's taking is online and he asked if I could help him (Riiiiiiiiiight) it wasn't until I went over there to see what he needed help with that I realized he wanted me to do alll of it 0____o (Are you f** kidding me) I was cornered because his mom asked my mom and she was totally fine with it ugghhhhh......and how could I say no...Maybe it was a bad decision.... Anywho I ended up doing it for him.... his sister suggested that I get paid for it... I was thinking that wasn't a bad idea......but I just really wanted to get it all over with.....Anywho I finished it and his mother ended paying me 20 bucks.... Honestly I don't feel like my time and effort that went into this project was worth 20 bucks....I feel really ripped off and used .. Note: His mother has a history of asking for favors. She came to me again the following day and asked if I could do his history class. And gave me another 20 bucks... 0___o Whaaaaaaat!? Do I have a tag on my forehead that says willing to do your homework that....YOUR SON is suppose to be doing himself!!!!!! I don't feel too obligated to help them anymore....but my mom thinks I should help them because they're family ......What should I do? In all honesty I'm irritated by them...and this is not even half of it.

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  • I have trouble figuring out the Hypothesis?

    Can any one help me I don't know where the hypothesis is? I'm confused I know what it means but I my teacher didn't teach us how to look for it in a paragraph.

    China is a very large developing country covering vast territories and having a complex natural environment. It has an enormous population and numerous endemic diseases. The total population of China is 14 x 10(8) of which 3 x 10(3) live in endemic disease-affected areas and 0.48 x 10(3) suffer from these diseases. The distribution of the endemic diseases has obvious geographical characteristics. Among the most harmful and widely distributed of the endemic diseases are Kaschin-Beck disease, Keshan disease, iodine deficiency, endemic fluorosis and hepatic carcinoma. The geographical environments have a close relationship to endemic diseases and are influenced by climate, geology, landform, soil, food and drinking water. Drinking water is the key issue, since polluted water, or water lacking in or having an excess of certain minerals and elements, as well as water containing certain organic components, has been shown to be harmful to human health. Research has shown that some diseases can be reduced or eliminated by paying attention to the way drinking water is obtained, as well as by improving the nutritional values of the food by eliminating negative components. Fifty years of research has already gone into this subject and there is still much research to be done. This paper puts forth a model of health problems related to geographical environment and the importance of continued research in this field.

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  • I lost it and no one knows...?

    I lost my keys and no one seems to know where they went. Turned the house upside down and came up with nothing any one have any tricks or something that can help ?

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  • College Algebra Help!!!!?

    Can any one solve this? t^1/2+t^1/4+1=0

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  • HELP... Talking tommarrow!?

    I'm going to be talking in front of a large group of people and I tend to forget what I prepared to say and say something so idiotic. I need help should I play sick or do you have any advice on what I should do to keep calm........

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  • I found a baby robin.. need help?

    A little baby robin fell from somewhere in the sky and landed on my doorstep I didn't see any nests on my roof or anywhere else around where the baby robin looked to me like he might have been somethings snack and all of a sudden fell from it's predators claws. Long story short I'm stuck with it and need some advice on how to care for him. I bought 50 super worms from Petsmart and the cashier told me to cut them into pieces and feed it to the baby robin... I'm running out of worms because the baby robin seems like it's hungry every 15 secs. is this normal... I tried looking online for info but I'm struggling with this... I know that he eats mulberries but I have never heard of them until now and don't know where to look for them... He is chirping non stop and whenever anything moves around him or goes over his head he opens his mouth .... I gave him water and he almost bit me... maybe he was thirsty .... I don't know .. I need advice Asap.. the last thing I want to do is have to bury a baby robin in my backyard.....Thanks!

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  • I am at a low point in my life what my doctor says?

    He thinks I have various illnesses ... I need help in getting therapy ... any one doctor or several that can help with one or all of these illnesses?



    -Depression postpartum (I never gave birth before)

    -Anxiety disorder

    -Bipolar disorder

    -Epilepsy (temporal lobe)

    -medication reaction or side effect


    -Alcohol withdrawal (delirium tremens)


    -Sleep apnea

    -Post concussive syndrome

    -Panic attack

    -sleep deprivation


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  • What about job corps makes it?

    I haven't necessarily heard of anyone receiving a job straight out of Job Corps so I want to know if it is a path that I should go down or if I'm wasting my time..I'm in a situation where I either find a place to go or be tormented for the rest of my life...

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  • What can you tell me about my situation?

    I'm moving out of my parents house and I need a place to crash job corps is my only alternative as of right now.... Any suggestions>?

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  • Obnoxious family member>?

    I have this family member who calls all the time asking for rides to her friends house to go drink and smoke... I honestly hate being the third wheel but she's a family member..... Anyways she recently got me into drinking and smoking and now I take her so I can do it too... However it caused a lot of problems with my family and now I don't drink or smoke any longer (yeah I know it's lame only 1 month) .... but she still asks for rides to come over... ( mind you she lives around the block from me... ) I pick her up and bring her over.... all we do is listen to music and go on the internet.... so I don't see a point in her coming over.... I love her and everything because she's family but is her using me to go places a little over the top? and should I stop picking her up or how should I tell her I'm tired of picking her up.....?

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