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i make people upset about my spoon related questions and then make them more upset when i tell them im not spending 90 dollars on spoons

  • what if every tree on earth fell down at once?

    what do you think that'd be like

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  • who designed the new yahoo! logo?

    okay. i wasnt gonna be That Guy but the new yahoo!answers logo looks like something i'd find on a protein shake at walgreens. who designed it? do they know that it makes this website look like theres a suspiciously vague section in their FAQ about how their business is Totally Legal And Not At All Criminal?

    also i really hate the shade of purple they went with but thats not what this question is about <3

    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment4 months ago
  • what do you do if a praying mantis climbs you?

    where i live, theres quite a few wild praying mantis that just like to chill out. one time, one of them climbed onto my mom and made it inside without her realizing.

    for future reference, what's the best way to react to a praying mantis taking a ride on my, or somebody elses, giant human form? i don't wanna hurt the little dudes, but it IS quite rude of them to just come in without an invitation.

    6 AnswersZoology11 months ago
  • what do they put on apples that makes them so glossy?

    feels very weird and like im eating a fake apple. its also stupid hard to wash off

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  • whats your favorite kind of stuffed animal?

    for me i enjoy cats and frogs, with the occasional savanna-dwelling animal like an elephant or giraffe thrown in just for fun :) what about yall

    also i feel like i should disclaim that i think we all like teddy bears, so if we could get some answers that are not teddy bear, that would be cool

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  • why do you have to look people in the eye when talking?

    really hate having to do that. whys it required to be considered polite? i can still hear you if im not looking at you.........we can still talk....... my eyes are not my ears bro..........

    also eyes look freaky. so. thats another thing

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  • is it safe to freeze my clothes?

    like just for fun. not to dry clean them or kill moth eggs or whatever. if i just wanted to freeze my clothes, could i do that without fear of the clothes breaking into bits and pieces?

    10 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 year ago
  • why are certain sweet foods sticky if you get them on your skin?

    a few hypotheticals to set the mood of this question:

    i pour grape juice on myself. now i am sticky. why?

    i cover my hands in vanilla ice cream, and now my hands are all sticky. why?

    i am NOT saying that i would ever do either of these things! i just want to know why certain sweet foods (sometimes food in general) gets all sticky! and if you're thinking of going "well thats because the [x] is sticky!" WHAT MAKES *THAT* STICKY?????? thank you for your time

    5 AnswersChemistry1 year ago
  • is a muffin just a bread cupcake?

    not literal bread. you know what i mean. dont make me say it

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago
  • what is your favorite minecraft block?

    just wondering. i like bookshelves personally

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  • why are spoons so bendy?

    i'm going insane, okay? listen. i'm not talking about making spoons bend with your mind, not talking about making a spoon LOOK like its bending, NONE! OF THAT! i just want to know why the hell every single spoon i use for anything relating to putting pressure on the spoon (ice cream scooping, whatever else requires spoons, etc) BENDS like a piece of soggy soggy spaghetti. is the metal used just really shitty for all of my local spoons? i don't even know where my spoons came from. also before you go and say "oh well maybe you're just very strong idiot!" i'm 14 with arms the same width as 3 iphones (any generation) stacked on top of each other and currently it's 2 am and i just wanna get ice cream out of the box without having to bend my damn spoon back the way it used to be after EVERY. SINGLE. SCOOP. i'm so tired and so angry. i had to make a yahoo account for this because APPARENTLY bending spoons is only related to the matrix and nothing else.


    why are spoons so bendy

    6 AnswersPhysics1 year ago