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  • Was my car towed unjustly?

    Hi. Last night, I parked my vehicle at a grocery store parking lot and used it to run a quick 30 minute errand and came back to the grocery store as a customer within the hour. My car was towed for leaving the property of the parking lot, but since I was back within the hour, should I have been towed?

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  • Okay Philosophy Section, Here's a REAL question: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL ABOUT THIS?

    I can't believe my life. In a nutshell, my friend helped me move out of my hometown into the wonderful and gorgeous city of San Diego, which I thoroughly enjoy every moment of my life and with every breath I take, and I love (in the sense of sharing a bond with him) him for this reason alone, however that's not to suggest that that's been easy. We used to get into really heavy arguments, and he would actually disrespect me a lot (although I only reciprocated with kind thoughts/words/intentions, or at least did my best to). Our lease was running its course, he went looking for places, I was looking for jobs, he got frustrated that I hadn't been looking for places, I found one that was perfect for my situation and moved on & into better circumstances... He found a place before I did (while we still had to pay rent for our current lease, so he had 2 places at once), but that didn't work out for him, so WHILE he was paying rent for 2 places, he was also looking for a NEW new place, so he was moving out of 2 places simultaneously, to get into the *new* new place. Are your brain cells still there or did I use them all explaining just the SITUATION???...

    Now, here's the problem: I'm all settled down, but my roommate isn't. I just saw an ad he posted on Craigslist saying that he needed a roommate ASAP, describing how "his friend: (me) "couldn't make it" in reference to his current need for a roommate.

    After dealing with his constant criticisms of my life and life choices,

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  • I really want a sexy new yet practical and affordable car? (Sedan body type)?

    I want a car so I can become a delivery driver, so I would really like a car with better than average gas mileage. BUT, I also want to drive something I can be proud of, something sexy! I'll be funding it completely on my own and through my hard work, so I just really want to have something to show for my dedication and ambition for throwing myself out into the real world by myself and away from everything I've ever known/grew up with.

    I'm hoping to save at least $10,000 by the end of the year, so BQ: how do car dealerships behave towards the end of the year? i.e. do prices of cars drop, are there any car sales, etc.? My goal is to buy myself a car as a Christmas/New Years present for myself and it'd be really convenient if there were any deals or bargains I could take advantage of.

    Anyways, this is really just a light-hearted question to help acquaint myself with the car world. What are some sexy looking yet practical/affordable cars that you all are into? I've found a few that I'm into, so just to pick at random what I'm about: The 2014 Acura ILX Hybrid seems like a car I'd look and feel good in. Lol. Best Answer to the person with the most thumbs ups :)

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  • I want to apply for the same job at competing businesses. Is this okay?

    Basically there are two hotels located right next to each other that are both hiring for a certain position that would be convenient for my schedule and current living location. I already applied to one place (5 days ago) and have not heard back from them, but I stated in my cover letter that I will be following up with them (and I will be). It's a pretty fancy place, so it's understandable that they will be taking some time to get back to me. The other place put up an ad stating that they were hiring for that same position a few hours ago and obviously I would like to apply there as well. The position is part-time for both places.

    In a perfect world, I would get both jobs at both places. But would it upset my employers to be working the same job at a competing location?

    I feel like it may seem that I'm playing the job market, but I really am just aching for the hotel experience and everything I can learn from it. I've even applied at both places multiple times before (and with each time, my resume has improved drastically) and have the confidence to go through an interview on the spot, if necessary. I know that there will be differences between duties and expectations, but that goes without saying. I really just would love to have the experience, and what better way than to do the same job at two different places?!

    Would applying (and attaining) the same job at two competing locations be unprofessional or unacceptable from an employer perspective? Help me understand please and thank you!!!

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  • I want to quit my new job so badly?

    I work at a bagel place and I want to quit it so badly. It's my first job, and they didn't train me AT ALL. I was literally put on the spot of serving bagels to real customers on my first day there, without knowing the menu, and barely knowing how to cut a bagel! It's just not going too well for me so far (I'm just under a month of working there) and it's just all sooooo unpredictable, and disorganized. I do different tasks every time I work there, and they tell me I'm slow! (Understandably so, because I am pretty slow, but only because I care about the job that I'm doing; they're honestly pretty sloppy, in a multitude of ways.)

    Now obviously, telling the manager that working here just isn't the right fit for me is obvious, and I don't have a problem with that. My issue is that I work at another food place right next door... Except it's not even exactly right next door; the two places are conjoined with each other, so my bagel place coworkers will see me at my other job, and they even eat there pretty often too! So obviously I have to resign gracefully, so there's no drama... and that's where Y!A comes in: What would be the best approach to do this!!!??? Thank you, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can... And this place doesn't have any great guides!

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  • What can I do now to be out of fast food in 6 months?

    I just got hired at two separate places, one fast food place and a yogurt place. The yogurt place gives promotions fast, so Im investing my future into thatso far, but I have bigger dreams and I want to be on the next step of my life in 6 months, and definitely out of fast food. What can I do in my spare time to help me grow financially or professionally?

    I dont have a car, and I have really awesome roommates that are being lenient on rent right now. I have a bike that I use to get to work with, and a burning desire to grow. What should I be focusing on to transition readily to my next step? And what could get me to where I want?

    Sorry this question is a little vague, but the people with the answers will just know what Im talking about

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  • Got a job offer at a bagel place and an interview at a (conjoined) yogurt place right next to it?

    I went applying to places and those were a couple that I applied to. I got an interview (which was basically a job offer) at the bagel place last friday and filled out the paper work on monday, and was told to come back wednesday. But on that same monday, I got a call to schedule an interview with the yogurt place on wednesday. I told the assistant manager (who interviewed/filled out the paperwork with me) that I would be there wednesday after the interview, and he said that's fine, but working at both places isnt possible, so to tell the general manager what decision i was going to make after the interview. So I did, and the gen. manager said that, essentially, I COULD work at both places so long as scheduling isnt an issue. Which it shouldnt be, but I wont get into that. So to make a longer story shorter, I told the asst. manager that the gen. manager said he was cool with me working both places blah blah BUT since Im already set up with the bagel place, they pretty much have my loyalty and that I could start on friday/the weekend but I havent gotten an OK to do that yet...

    So my question is, first of all, WTF? and secondly, what am I supposed to do?? I just want to work! Can I get some insight from an employers perspective? This waiting game is beating me up! Im new to all of this... Thanks!

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  • Lost Social Security Card AT the DMV...?

    What will they do with it if it's given to the staff and what shoulf I do to protect myself?

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • Is it possible to get a California driver's license by using your Provisional License from another state?

    I'm moving to California next week from New Mexico and was wondering how I'd go about getting my California driver's license (I'm 20 and turning 21 this month). My provisional here expires in a little over a month, and I'll be well settled in California by that time, although I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to prove my residency because I'm moving in with a friend who already lives there, so obviously I'm not on the original lease.

    So my questions are: Do I need proof of residency to get a license in California?

    and would it be easier for me to get my license in New Mexico and then use my NM license to get a Cali license? Or can I not bother with getting a NM license and use my NM provisional to get a Cali license?

    I don't know where to put this so I'm going with the Suggested Category...

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  • Internet randomly stopped working so I reset my modem and now no laptops can connect it?

    The desktop works fine though but neither of my laptops can connect to the internet now, even though they were working before. All I did was reset the modem and plug some cord (back) into my modem; I'm pretty sure it was the battery cord, but it seemed to have been running fine without it in. When I do the Find Network Connections thing, it says I can connect to other people's internet (not that I actually care or tried to) but it won't show mine...

    When I open the Network and Sharing Center, it says:

    Network: Private

    Connections: Ethernet

    like shouldn't the Network part be saying the name of my modem's connection?? And the connection type be wireless ???? I don't get why it changed but I've reset the modem before and have never had a problem like this. (I think my modem functions as both a modem and a router, because I just googled the difference between the two of them and it says that routers are the ones that let devices connect to the modem, and thus to the internet)

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  • . . .My truck door locked itself closed, while still open . . ?

    You won't ******* believe this, because I don't either. My truck's passenger door locked itself, but it's still technically open because the lights in the car are still on even when the car is off. It's jammed or something so it basically looks closed and functions as a locked car, but we can't "unlock" it (first of all, because it already IS unlocked) because it's jammed or something. This is such bullshit! Any ideas on how to get my car door open without causing any damage?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • I was seeing stars after doing cardio. Did I get a bad workout?

    I'm not really worried about the seeing stars part, I try to take care of myself and be hydrated before I exercise and I know that I just got pretty hypoxic from my workout. Besides looking like a ghost when I was leaving the gym, I pretty much knew I was gonna be fine. But the thing is that I've done more intense cardio (and even for a little longer) and I was just fine afterwards. I have a ridiculous amount of changing variables though, i.e: this was also the first time I brought my own water so I didn't have to get off of the elliptical to get a drink, which also was a small but pretty sufficient break for me, and I also have a bad habit of changing how intense I'm going to exercise for every time I do it. I always push myself until I just can't anymore, but today it felt like I couldn't push myself as much as I usually do/expect to. I could only do 25 minutes today and that's the shortest I've ever been to the gym for and my usual is 30 minutes. Normally I'd say that I didn't last as long today because I just had a more intense/enduring workout, but I wasn't going as fast as I'm used to on the elliptical and the elliptical's intensity was challenging but it wasn't the most challenging I've done. I just don't get how my body's reactions to working out is like a gamble. I still feel like my lungs can take in a really good amount of breath after today, though. So did I get a bad workout??

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  • My brother was complaining about my bad grammar, can you help me out?

    I was casually talking to my mom about moving in with my friend in San Diego to work with him at his job for a courier service, and I said, "... but I don't even have a car." Then my older brother butts in and rudely interrupts and tells me that I have bad grammar because the "even" wasn't necessary, and therefore it shouldn't have been included. I told him that I wasn't writing a formal letter, I was just having a casual conversation and that it was okay, but he was insistent on me being wrong and was just being a complete asshole about it. I really didn't think it mattered, and practically speaking, it really didn't because had he not interrupted, it would have been completely overlooked, but now I have to know: technically speaking, DOES it matter?? I added the "even" in to add to my desperation, so I felt like I was accurately expressing my thoughts. But apparently, according to the rules of grammar, I was being sloppy about how I speak.

    Normally I wouldn't care, but this is a concern to me because I've been self-conscious about the ability to express myself in terms of grammatical-correctness. (The internet really has a way of getting you into bad habits :P)

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • I think I just shipped my USPS Express Mail entirely wrong?

    I normally use Priority Mail so I figured shipping Express Mail would be pretty much the same thing, but when I was trying to buy a stamp they didn't have a picture of the type of envelope I was using (it was just a big Express Mail envelope that you can pick up at the post office, it wasn't a cardboard one), so I clicked that the mailing package I used wasn't shown on the screen and it asked me things I didn't know about so I just winged it. I got my stamp and the deposit chamber I normally use wasn't working so I just put my envelope into the Collection's Box cause I figured it was the appropriate thing to do, but now I'm having doubts. So I guess my question is, how badly do you have to **** shipping mail for them to send it back?

    Bonus Question: How do you know if you have the right stamp/right amount of stamps?

    BONUS bonus question: why the hell do they teach me **** i'll never use in school instead of how to do simple things like shipping mail??

    2 AnswersGovernment8 years ago
  • My new computer runs so slowly!! Why?

    On my old computer I would be able to have multiple windows open (windows that run the Adoble Flash Player,Youtube, Tumblr & even cam websites like TinyChat) and it would run smoothly... But this brand new computer can barely run 2 of those websites... HOW COME??

    Norton AntiVirus was preinstalled and I haven't uninstalled it yet, but I definitely plan to (although apparently you can't get Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 8 so I don't know what todo about that). I also installed Guild Wars 2 and that runs slowly but it's still more or less tolerable for what I'm interested in doing. Could uninstalling GW2 make my computer run the websites I want it to normally?? Like I just tried getting on a pretty full TinyChat room but it couldn't handle that window all by itself... It's so annoying because this is supposed to be a computer update, not a downgrade... I didn't think that GW2 would make the computer THIS bad.... Please help!!!

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  • Doesn't Youtube have a section where the videos are strictly amateur (homemade) videos?

    like how Youtube used to be before it was bought by Google?

    i think i remember youtube advertising it ages ago (but that was back when the most popular videos were on a vertical list in the middle of the Youtube home page, and that was ages ago. Like it was one of the first Youtube layouts)


    1 AnswerYouTube8 years ago
  • a place i applied to called me, but i missed their call. AM I DOOMED??? :(?

    i called them back a day later and the person i was supposed to call back was on lunch break. i was told she'd call me back afterwards, but nothing. this was last friday. i was going to call again today but then i thought, what if they dont need me and im responding to something that is now irrelevant? should i even bother? on my voicemail the lady gave me her hours for this week so until now i figured waiting til now would be okay... what should i think? HELP!

    (its a little ridiculous to ask but i have no one reliable to ask for guidance on this. sucks!)

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • What do you do when you're filling a job application and you don't know what position to apply for?

    I'm planning on applying to Target, and ideally I would want to be the cashier. I could settle for stockboy, though (is that hard? I'm not strong or anything :(!). But I just really want a job and I guess I'd take what I can get. Is putting "cashier or stock boy" acceptable? And if they don't have any positions available for either of those, would they consider me for other positions if for whatever reason they want to potentially hire me?

    Or if they see that they have no positions for either of those will they tear my application to shreds and burn it in the microwave, laughing at my futile attempt to apply?

    (I also have no formal work experience and basically no references... Am I doomed? Thanks in advanced!)

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