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  • why won't he marry me?

    ok so I have looked on so many discussions to see if someone has the same problem as I do, but usually these people don't have kids together or don't live together, or the guy is a jerk... but that is not the case with me, he is very loving and caring and is so nice and tells me everyday that he loves me and that I am his world. we have been together for over 2 years and we have a 1 year old daughter, our relationship is great aside from the occasional arguments. from the get go we wanted to have a child together and so we did. well I assumed due to our very good relationship and the fact that we live like a married couple that he would have no problem moving on the that step. Well that is not the case, at first I would hint around to him and he never responded, then I got kinda irritated and flat out asked him why? Well every time I asked him why he had a new excuse. I finally got so fed up that I told him that I was going to leave because I could not be with someone who could be this committed but not fully commit. He begged me not to and that he does want to marry me but he wants to do it when he is ready.. I don't understand who he could be so sure that he wanted to have a child with me and live with me and have a joint bank account with me but not be sure about marriage?? to me having a child is more a permanent commitment than marriage. He won't even consider just being engaged for a while. I don't believe any of the excuses but I love him and I know he loves me, I just worry that there is a horrible reason why, and he is too nice to hurt my feelings like that... But I have no clue what it could be considering our life together now?? I wish he was a jerk or a player so I would have a reason, but he is the farthest thing from that. He talks about having more children and buying a house but when the topic of marriage comes up he shuts down... How could someone be soooo committed but soooo scared of marriage??? please give me your thought especially the guys....

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  • cake freezing and then frost then fondant?

    ok so I have been making cakes with fondant for a while but I cant seem to find an answer to this. I want to make a larger cake then what i am use to so i want to cut down time so I can have more time the day of to decorate.

    can some please explain the best way to go about this? I want to make the cake and frost it and possible cover the cake in fondant the day before. How do I store it? also I would like to freeze the un frosted cake before so it is easier to shave and level, then can I store an crumb coated cake in the fridge over night? can I store a fondant covered cake overnight and do I have to let the cake thaw out before I crumb coat the cake? I know I have to let it thaw out before I put the fondant on. also what is the process to thaw out a crumb coated cake before putting the fondant on?

    will someone please explain the best process for doing as much work to the cake as I can the day before

    FYI- I plan on using a buttercream to crumb coat and the filling between layers is a cream cheese base

    thank you

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  • Why is my husband acting like this?

    my husband and I decited to have a baby and finally when I got pregnant he was so excited and happy. Shortly after he was still happy but started to act like it is no big deal. Its frustrating because I will tell him things like concerns and pains and things that are bothering me at the time, and he has this way off just blowing me off and acting like he knows everything about pregnancy and babys that there is nothing to worrie about.

    Also we just moved into a new house and I work full time from 7am-3pm and coach softball after work from 3:30 to 5:30 or 6 every day, and he gets mad at me when I get home and dont help with the moving too! I am 24 weeks pregnant now and I am very tired all the time especially at the end of the day. this should not matter but I also bring in more than twice the income he does and pretty much paid for everything to get the house.

    It bothers me because it almost seems like he thinks that pregnancy is no big deal and not that special, like I am not that special for giving him his first child. Maybe its the hormones but I feel like he thinks I am not going through anything. He is still very excited to have a baby but I feel that he is taking me for granted, he acts like pregnancy is like going to the dentist, its sucks kinda but no big deal. I feel under appreciated...

    What should I do or say to him??? To make him understand??? He is a very nice guy and I think thats why it hurts so much because I never thought he would ever act like this...

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  • I have names for both a boy or a girl... tell me what you think ?

    It has been very hard to find a girl name I love. I wanted something feminine but not extremely wired. The boy name was very easy for me.


    Tierney Danielle


    Jaxon Charles (charles is after my grandfather)

    And please no rude answers, if you don't like the names, that's ok but no need to be rude.

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  • I finally found a girl name I like but, it sounds like something bad.?

    I have been having a problem finding a girl name I like, but I love the name "Tierney" but I told a couple of people about the name and they all looked at me weird. I looked on every baby name website and its a irish name and it means "Lord." Dose this name mean something else? I tried googling different spellings of it to find out what is so bad about it. The closest I got was "Tyranny" which means a dictatorship in a negative way. Please help me because I love this name.

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  • TTC, thought it happened finally this time. had all the symptoms along with a late period of 9 days.?

    We have been TTC for 3 months and this month it all started with sore boobs then my lower back was sore, then I got very very moody, more that usual. Then my period did not come. I cramped a little but only for like 5 min then would stop. on the 7th day of missed period I spotted very little and light and that only lasted for half a day... so I went and got blood work done and the test came out NEG! I am so confused.... I thought for sure I was prego! could I still be?? What could be wrong? and if I'm not getting my period then will i still ovulate???

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  • we are trying to get pregnant, is it ok to have sex every day?

    we have sex every day and I heard that you should not because he will not have enough time to get his boys ready for deployment...

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