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  • Does he still wanna talk 2 me or he's done & doesn't wanna *** out & say it?

    I met this guy at work (neither of us still work there) & he asked 4 my # but all we did was txt & I sent him sum pics. After we both stopped working there, we started 'getting 2gether'. He was spending the night w/me & we txt pretty much everyday. The last time I saw him was 10 days ago but if I txt him he will reply 2 my 1st txt only & then stop. He keeps telling me 2 work with him(whatever that means) which I know that while we were working he was going through some issues at home-- It can't be the sex cuz it was OFF THE HOOK so is it me being paranoid or him trying 2 let me go easy???

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  • Should I sleep with this guy from work?

    He's really cute, we haven't really went out but we txt & I give him a ride to & from work. I don't normally have casual sex but something keeps telling me to!! Am I gonna regret it afterward???

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