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  • Fire Sprinkler Pipes and Building Codes?

    I live in a condo and this past weekend while installing new moulding, I punctured a sprinkler pipe in my unit with a nail which caused a leak and damage to the unit below. The HOA had the Fire Systems crew repair the pipe, but now I'm responsible for the repair work in both mine and my neighbor's unit, etc.

    Here's where I need advice:

    I was really surprised to see that the sprinkler pipe is RIGHT up against the drywall. There is no spacing or gap like commonsense would tell you there should be. So literally anyone even putting up a painting could've punctured that pipe.

    So my question is if there are county or municipal building codes that would require piping to be a certain minimum distance from the walls? Or is there anyone you know of that could be able to give me that info?

    Thanks for your help!!

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  • Sharing the creativity.......?

    Something I wrote several years ago.

    Just dusting it off to post on my blog........

    "Drops of Black"



    in the dark,

    is where I sit,

    with my eyes wide open,

    seeing more

    than I would in the light......

    The ray of black

    shining bright in my mind,

    soaking with thoughts,

    the painful kind,

    appearing so clearly now

    as it washes my eyes,

    the shadowy clouds

    glaringly disguised

    by an evil light

    that the darkness now


    revealing the insight

    and burning flashes,

    that perhaps a mind,

    thought full of nothing,

    is brimming with something

    beneath the ashes.

    Though not a light

    it lets me see

    a previously hidden reality,

    cloaked in sunshine,

    but wearing a suit of black,

    never witnessed

    until I brought the

    darkness back.

    Splashed all over me,

    an evil rain


    from an evil sky

    no stars to hide

    and full of sights

    previously unseen.

    But now the dark


    reveals my true


    dripping drops

    of evil spots

    soaking my soul,

    with something dark

    that inside me grows,

    cleansing my body,

    nurturing the seed,

    while no one knows

    what grows inside of me . . . . . . . . . .

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  • To All Teenage Girls?

    Step back for a moment, think outside of the box, and answer this question:

    What are the biggest reasons why you are so obsessed with your weight and being skinny and beautiful?

    Is it just the normal insecurities of puberty?

    Too many mags and TV shows focusing on models and shallow celebrities?

    If you're one of the thousands of girls aged 11-18 who's ever asked a question on here like "Am I overweight?"


    "Do you think I'm fat?"


    "How can I lose weight FAST!?!"

    .........please take a moment and give me an honest, thoughtful answer.



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