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  • Mucus bowels?

    A few years back I got sick before lunch time. Just me out of several people. Every 15 minutes i was on the toilet with Extreme abdominal pain. At first it was like diarrhea. Get it out and your good to go. After an hour of one and off the diarrhea faided. The pain got worse and the stuff that came out was mucus.Mind you I ve never had pain or issues like this before. It was difficult to get out. I d clean up go in the living room and 15 minutes later. back tot he toilet. Almost like clock work. This lasted 6 hours or so. Towards the end there was a slight pink hue. I told my husband if it looks like blood we have to go in right away. But it never was strong enough to warrant it. My mother even came into the restroom and sat with me for a bit. Never be fore and never after has this happen again.

    Question......What the hell? Mucus shits, and almost hospital like pain. No one else was sick and every 15 minutes for about 6 hours.

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  • Spending big money on stocks?

    If I spend $30,000 and got a profit of $2,000 is that worth it are people really spending $30,000 at a time. Or even getting $7,000 back.

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  • Spending big money on stocks?

    If I spend $30,000 and got a profit of $2,000 is that worth it are people really spending $30,000 at a time. Or even getting $7,000 back.

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  • What is the strongest stone?

    When I die I want to put a tablet in my coffin. I believe far in the future they will dig up all our grave to move them or use the space or something. Our stones may be gone. I thought how cool would it be if they dug me up and with me was a stone table kinda thing with writing on it? So the question is what kind of stone will stand several thousand years in the future? Granite? Limestone? Im not talking diamonds or Jems.

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  • Baby room Ideas?

    Baby / toddler Room ideas.

    I really like "earth Idea" mountains, Trees, animals, rivers, clouds, Just an over all Earth feel.


    Sci Fi outer space. Stars, space, more of a sci fi space ships and stuff. Not so much earth space ships and the moon.


    Antique nautical themed and colors.

    Almost like an old library, Old maps, lots of browns and leather, big globe.

    The idea is to do more color scheme and then add a few things here and there "theme wise" To give it a theme with out everything having the "theme" on it. Keep it simple. I hope that I have described this good enough.

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  • what religion would i be?

    I believe in God, Jesus and in the Bible. HOWEVER I also believe that a "god" is someone who is more advanced that u or I. SO I believe that with much evidence from many thousands of years that "GOD" is an extraterrestrial. What religion would that make me? I believe our creator "god" is a species of alien that has been monitoring our world for many thousands of years. I believe that Jesus would not have been able to do the things that he was able to do unless he was more advanced.

    After watching Star Trek - Deep space Nine. I was thinking of the Bajoran people and their gods that were the "worm hole aliens" lol The Bajoran people worshiped an higher evolved species.They they thought of as "GODS"

    ALSO... Star gate. The whole theories of the star gate . (not the gate) just the way the people worships the "GODS" that where just more advanced species than they were.

    Its easy to say oh i believe in this or that, but when you sit down and truly think of the meaning of life and truly try to put into words how you think and feel its becomes very complicated.

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  • what job in the Air force lets you carry a side arm.?

    i would like a job in the air force where i get to carry a side arm.

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