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  • I'm looking to create an e-commerce website and need some help.?

    I'm trying to create a website. The purpose of it is to be able to sell anywhere from 1 to 5 products. I've done some research on html and have somewhat picked it up, but what I want the site to be may require me to have an even greater understanding of html (which I don't mind, but don't have the time). Anyways, what I really need is some advice/suggestions on how to go about with the creation of the website. First of all, since it's an e-commerce site, would I be able to create the site on notepad or do I need some sort of software like Dreamweaver? In addition, since I'm going to want to take down customer information, would working on notepad allow me to? Second, I'm looking to use PayPal as my primary source for transactions, so would I still need to go about selecting a shopping cart, and if so, what kind would be good? Since I'm going to be selling products, are there other details that I have overlooked (i.e. security for personal information, etc.)? If there are any other steps that I may need to take, those would be helpful as well. Thank you in advance.

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