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  • I don't want to go to Dr. but fell and hit my head on thursday it is monday and I am dizzy-but when I lay down?

    After slipping in the tub and hitting the back of my head on thursday i have had a headache but that is all until yesterday(Monday) and today (Tuesday). Today I am dizzy when I lay down or if I stand up too fast. I really can't afford to go to Doc, and also I am having foot surgery in 2 days so can't take ibuprofen and am afraid that they might not let me get surgery...FMLA is all set up already with work...don't know if it is normal to be feeling dizzy 4 days later?

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  • Is the help California is getting faster than the response to New Orleans?

    Do you think there is a greater response to caucasion Californians than to the african american Lousiana's?

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  • Why do all cultures and religions enjoy violence?

    For example, look at the television programs and news, it is always violence related. We tend to root for the guy picked on, and picked on if he beats the bully to a pulp. Why do we say a hockey game isn't good unless there is a fight? What is it about violence that we thrive on?

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  • Child abuse-what can help YOU do to stop it and why don't more people get involved?

    Many people say report it but where are the families/and what are they doing to help the kids that are abused. Seems like most children have more than just a mom or dad...Do you get involved?Personally? Do we need more parenting classes and less math/science/history in high schools?

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  • Go to a different church or stay?

    My daughter has been friends with another young lady at church for 8 years now, and she is 14, so basically most of her social years. There is a prob. with the other girls parents always getting after their daughter if they pass a note or whisper a word to each other. Now I understand when in service they need to be respectful but recently the 2 girls were sitting in the back of the church I guess whispering, as the girls father informed me, after he got up during the speaker went back and told his daughter to come up front and sit with him. She called my daughter 'Leigh' that she is not allowed to EVER sit with her again. Not in church, sunday school, or youth group. I asked how he even knew they were whispering unless someone was turning around looking at them rather than paying attention themselves, he got angry at me, told me that didn't matter. This is the most recent of several times he has tried to seperate our girls friendship. They are both good girls. ps. It is our pastor

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