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  • Should I create a website from scratch using dreamweaver/notepad (hmtl/css) or use wordpress/joomla/drupal?

    Hi, I'll be doing my internship for a pharmaceutical company and they want me to create a website for them. I am going to create it from scratch and do just about everything (from getting the domain name and web host to actually managing the website).

    I have the background in html/css/php and the like but i only create the and use them locally (for school projects and stuffs) so Im kind of new to this "actually putting it up live on the internet".

    The company just wants to have the usual stuffs in their site like product info, company info, faq, feedback forms, etc. You know just the usual.

    So for this static website, should i just create the whole site using dreamweaver and notepad and just upload those pages to the host OR should i do it in wordpress and take it on from there?

    Im not that much familiar with wordpress / joomla / drupal or any other cms stuffs but I'm already doing some research and i really am eager to learn about these.

    And another thing, where do you think should i buy a domain name and get a web host? Right now what im thinking is get a domain name at go daddy and host this website at bluehost.

    Thanks very much for reading and hoping for your responses :)

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  • What should i engrave for the back of my ipod?

    Im getting it just cause its free :P and i dont want to put some personal stuff on there

    I have these to choose from or you can suggest some :)

    -Keep moving forward.

    -If you're looking for a sign. THIS IS IT.

    Do it. It would be amazing.

    -All our dreams can come true

    if we have the courage to pursue them.

    -If you can dream it, you can do it.

    -Music sold separately.

    -Bite my shiny metal ***. (LOL)

    -Even miracles take a little time.

    -WARNING: Can kill your social life

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  • How much power is delivered by the PSU to the : HDD, FDD & Motherboard?

    HDD- Hard Disk Drive

    FDD- Floppy Disk Drive

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  • Benefits and Advantages of Elements?

    what are the benefits and advantages of the following elements:


    2.Sulfur Dioxide

    3.Hydrogen Sulfide

    4.Calcium Carbonate


    6.Calcium Chloride

    7.Potassium Permanganate

    8.Oxalic Acid

    9.Carbon Dioxide

    10. Carbon Monoxide

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  • Code of Ethics for Filipino IT professionals?

    i cant find it on the net...what are these ethics?

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  • What is mathematical energy? Cite examples.?

    we have to make a poster and the theme is mathematical energy. i searched the internet about it because i dont have any idea what mathematical energy is, but i found nothing! can you give me some ideas for what i should draw?

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  • how to depict data through bar graph using c++/turbo c?

    i wrote a program that works like a cash register. i already wrote the code and everythings working now but how do i depict the data through graph? for example, the total amount of purchase of customer 1 is 900, and customer 2 is 1500. show 900 and 1500 in bar graph (horzontal).

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  • no postal code?

    i sent my friend a package (im from philippines and shes from england)...i did not put any postal code that okai?

    it has her full adress tho..a complete one...just no postal code...

    will it get there?

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  • A sony or an hp laptop?

    model of a laptop with :

    * atleast 2 gb RAM

    *15- 17 inch screen

    *Intel core 2 duo

    *processor speed 2.00 MHz

    *hard drive is 80 and up

    *graphics memory atleast 256MB up

    *built in web cam, bluetooth and wifi

    --budget is no more than $ 1500

    -- preferably from sony or hp

    i found this HP laptop called "HP PAVILION DV9260nr"... does it have wifi and built in bluetooth??

    tnx. =]

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  • E-commerce??

    how is e-Commerce different from traditional commerce?

    and what are the components of e-Commerce?

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  • How to switch the X and O buttons on the PSP? (i got the japan version of the PSP)?

    i got a japan version of the psp..when i first got the main menu of the psp...the X button is the confirm button and the O button is the cancel button..i restored the default setting yesterday and when i opened it again..the O button is now the confirm button and the X button is the cancel do I reverse that again? i dont want to mess up my psp so can u tell me how to change it in the recovery mode step by step? Thanks =]

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