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  • 噴射G5擺放一年後無法發動(急)


    我G5擺一年後 噴射阪 125CC



    所以我換了機油 也換了新的電池

    換完後 所有前燈遠燈 方向燈 煞車燈都正常



    結果加了4公升 數小時後




    第一種是 快速的連閃六次 比照表後因該是電瓶 但我電瓶已經換了 或許只是沒有消除

    第二種是 慢閃兩次 然後快閃三次




    最讓我不解的 是加了油後 油表沒有顯示出來

    請問各位大大 問題因該是出在哪裡?

    目前才7000公里 2009年左右購買

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  • right size of guitar?

    I wanna buy a guitar. What size will fit for 3.5 ft tall Weighs around 40 lbs 6 years old?

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  • Do Rays stay indoor too long?

    3 perfect games, do the batters are used to hit ball with indoor light?

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  • English question PLZ HELP?

    I am not a native speaker. I tried to translate the thing below but I don't quite understand. Does that mean anyone who wants to play on the event will be free? Or it's only for certain teams?


    Furthermore, we would like to inform you that promoter of the above event has committed to absorb any eventual costs for the reimbursement of airline tickets of players (who in the meantime may have issued their airplane tickets) or for proved penalty fee for airplane tickets and hotel booking (i.e. for the qualification teams that have already made their bookings).


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  • Golf Strong Grip question?

    as strong grip in driver, as lefty golfer, my right arm is twisted cos the strong grip, when I hit the ball my of course my right arm can't be twisted so when my grip become normal when I hit the ball, but I started from twisted arm(strong grip) so when my arm become normal my driver's contact face will be down so I hit the ball on back of my driver.

    well, if you understand what I meant please give me some help

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  • Golf Driver Swing Question?

    I have no idea how did it happen, I used to hit ball 250yards normally but suddendly I don't konw how to hit my driver correct. I always either hit the ball just very low or I hit the ball with the back part of my driver. I suddenly don't know to to hit the ball with the right surface from my driver. Seems like my my dirver face is always facing down now and I have no idea how to correct it. If I put the driver in correct ankle I feel I can't hit it with my strength.

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  • Which one is safer? Hatchback or Sedan?

    if someone hit you from your back, for the passengers on the back seat, which car will be safer? it will be nice to answer this question with reference

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  • What's difference between 10.5 and 9.5 on driver?

    Which will go further? Which will go higher

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  • English Question in Email?

    How do I write this email formally? I am not a native speaker.

    Club A wants to come to my country to have a 10 days training and friendly match(our students team and club teams. But summer time our school is in summer vocation also our clubs teams. So no teams can play with them and summer time our association is very busy so we also can't serve them.

    Somebody help I will be appreciated.

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  • English Question in EMAIL?

    well, English is not my native, I need people to help me for the message below in proper English

    I have just received your email and thank you so much, the only thing that I concern is that the 3rd week our school’s final exam week so that I am afraid the attendance won’t be much. Beside that fact I have no other concerns and willing to help. So it’s up to you to decide.

    Besides, I have one question, when and where will be our qualification game between XXX. If the host country hasn’t decided yet we will like to host that game.

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  • Proper way to say in email?

    English is not my native, i want to tell people from 21st to 30th of Jan my company will have holidays so it's gonna to be closed, what's the format for this kind of thing?

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  • What's the best way to go to Boston from Saint John Canada?

    I am not American or Canadaian. But I have the USA VISA. So this summer I will go to Canada with my wife and we bought the tickets to see Red Sox. The question is I don't know how to get there from Saint John Canada. Will anyone check my VISA? I really wanna see Red Sox. Somebody help!!!

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  • How to get to Boston from Saint John Canada?

    My wife and I are planning to see red sox game in july, but i am not fromt north america and i dont think we are going to drive so can anyone tell me what i can do? and where can i find the information?

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  • What can I do to make kids be quiet?

    I work at a laser tag arena and sometimes I host on kids birthday party, i just don't konw how to make them quiet when I talk, usually their parents will help me but whenever they help i feel bad for myself

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  • 請老師寫英文推薦信

    因為我要推薦國外研究所想請老師寫英文推薦信, 請問當我寄發email給我以前老師時候因該要怎麼寫? 最好有個範例, 因為我真的想很久又想讓老師幫我又有禮貌!!

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