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  • Used Saturn Vue with problems?

    I bought a used 2003 Saturn Vue. From the dealer's stand point of it, the sunroof is the only problem. I took it to get inspected by a guy I always go to and the place the dealer say that he goes to to get some of his car work done at (partnering companies). Big mistake. They told me what the dealer already told me, "the sunroof is the only thing that needs to be fix." They said that they don't fix sunroof and they have a number to a company that do. Long story short, they played to many games to the point that the sunroof was never fixed.

    Problems that happened soon after:

    - Air conditioning stop working

    - Two front doors start having problems opening sometimes

    - After a while, the passenger side door stop opening.

    - Rain created a little mold in the front passenger side.

    I paid $2,700 for the car. I paid my monies worth, but I fear of a car accident that could make me trapped depending on where I will be hit.

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  • I found another job?

    I'm currently working at a job where I work two hours and thirty minutes. I started off working full time and when I was given park time, it was no shorter than 5 hours. I didn't see my schedule get two hours and thirty minutes until my third week. It gets even worse during the following week when they started cutting days off where I only work two to four days a week. I also went from working in a position I applied for to being moved to another position I didn't. Although I had all those problems, I like the workers and managers there and would deeply miss them. I really don't know the right approach on saying I'm giving them a two weeks notice since I am very close to all of them. My new job is paying me more, having me work full-time and a great business to grow my career. I basically got my new job by calling them to death until I got what I wanted and it worked.

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  • I feel unsettled at my job that I only worked three weeks at.?

    The hours I get at my job aren't worth working, plus it feels like they are quickly writing me out of the schedule. I went from working full time hours in a position that would benefit my career during my first week to working two hours in a position that doesn't benefit me in the second week. This week, my working days have been cut horribly and my manager refuse to add some days back. The weekends are when my job are at its busiest, but somehow they said they are too full to add me in those two days to work. I left work today feeling like my job has me as a replaceable worker. I put a lot of energy into my job and I also make sure to always put in my 100% effort, but somehow, even though my manager he like the way I work, it doesn't show in the way they are scheduling me. I want my current job to work so much, but I feel like I am putting way to much hope into it.

    My concern really comes from my work history. Before I got hired, I only had two experiences in temporary jobs that last one and three days. Finding a job at my city is a nightmare. I've been filling out job applications for 6 years during my high school and college days, but it took me two years after leaving college until I finally got hired at my current job. I don't want to go through another long job search because I know most likely I will be unemployed for years.

    What should I do?

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  • Am I the only one who seen MLS's weakness in the CONCACAF Champions League?

    This has been a question with many mixed views.

    In my opinion, I think MLS is heading into the wrong direction. After watching the CONCACAF Champions League, you seen the passion and heart the teams have without their own league showing the same. MLS knew there was going to be an important tournament during the second week of there season. Instead of creating a minor tournament or starting the season a little early, they only let San Jose and LA Galaxy take off for one of the quarter final matches while Sporting Kansas City had to play weekends and weekdays since the season started. That is no way to prepare a team, that is actually weakening a team due to fatigue. The reason way all MLS teams did good against Liga MX teams during the first leg of the tournament is because they used most of their starting players. During the second half, you seen a shell of a team because of injuries, yellow cards and other starters resting for up coming MLS matches.

    I know some MLS fans like the slow grow of the league, but it's not growing in strength. MLS's depth within their teams haven't improved an ounce for a decade. The only thing MLS's commissioner accomplished was keeping his teams weak like Chivas USA to create a competitive league among themselves instead of against teams in important competitions like the Championship League.

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  • What was MLS soccer thinking when they hired Don Garber?

    The league have good teams, good players, but a horrible commissioner. I want to see soccer grow in America, but reading MLS's stupid rules and expansion ideas are making me sick. I don't care if people think I am a Euro fan by saying his, but MLS need promotion and relegation. You can't add in new teams into the professional division and force players out of current teams. How leagues outside of MLS do it is by having a development division for new teams. You can't start a new team at the top and expect them to do as well as the other professional teams. That is stupid. I also can't stand how MLS don't plan to move Chivas USA out of LA when there is already a team there. I would say the same thing about New York Red Bulls, but they are in New Jersey, So I am for a team in New York. I wish the MLS commissioner would stop saying he want his league to win the CONCACAF Champions League when his salary cap killed any chances of that. Some stubborn MLS fans need to understand that there is no depth in any of the MLS teams. NONE! Once a good player is injured on a team, there is less than a 50 percent chance there is another good player in the line up to replace him.

    Out of all the MLS's rules, I am against moving players against their will into other teams during the MLS Draft. It's very unfair when you feel comfortable in a team, just to get sold into another one without having any options nor opinions. It's kind of like how slave owners do things back in the olden days when you think about it.

    After a while of getting angry, I did research on MLS's commissioner, Don Garber and found out that he was fresh from being an NFL senior president after working for them for 16 years when MLS hired him. He had no histories related to soccer from what I gathered. How this league lasted this long from gathering that up is beyond me, but it explains a lot from the rules that are in that league. When you hired someone to run a soccer league, it need to be someone who's an ex player, an ex coach, an ex soccer manager or someone who did work in soccer league management, NOT A RANDOM NFL GUY!!!

    What were they thinking?

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  • Which MLS team have a better chance at winning the CONCACAF Champions League?

    A) LA Galaxy (vs. Tijuana)(Winner will face Sporting Kansas City or Cruz Azul in the semifinals)

    B) Sporting Kansas City (vs. Cruz Azul)(Winner will face LA Galaxy or Tijuana in the semifinals)

    C) SJ Earthquakes (vs. Toluca)(winner will face a easy random team in the semifinals)

    Quick club three year history:

    - LA Galaxy: 2011 and 2012 MLS Cup Champions.

    - Sporting KC: 2013 MLS Cup Champion, 2012 US Open Cup Champion's, 2012-13 Supporter Shield runner-ups.

    - SJ Earthquakes: 2012 Supporter Shield (regular season) Champions

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  • Sporting Kansas City vs Cruz Azul?

    Do you think the MLS Cup champion's, Sporting Kansas City have a good chance winning against Cruz Azul in the CONCACAF Championship League quarterfinals?

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  • Seattle Washington verses Queens New York.?

    After I leave the air force, I am planning on leaving Kansas City for either Seattle or Queens to live and possibly start Art College. I want a city that is diverse/ethical, good food, full of things to do and family friendly. If you know anything about those two cities, what are the pros and cons of the cities and what area do you reference to buy a home with good schools?

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  • Do you think it's a good idea for MLS to join the Copa Libertadores?

    Representatives of CONMEBOL, the South American Confederation of Soccer, returned to negotiate with Major League Soccer club entry can Americans and Canadians in the Copa Libertadores 2015.

    Contacts, which began last year, resumed last week and further meetings should take place in June during the Confederations Cup, which takes place between 15 June 30 in Brazil.

    The idea is to expand and strengthen the Libertadores, either in 2015 or in 2016, including two more countries in the competition. Remember that the Mexican teams now vying for the tournament, largely because of economic interests and sale of TV rights.

    The Major League Soccer, which was formed in 1996 after the World Cup in the United States, two years before, is the leading professional football league in the country and now has 19 teams participating. The Los Angeles Galaxy is the current champion.

    For some time the Americans decided to increase exchanges with foreign teams, participating in official competitions against teams from Central America, entering tournaments with teams from Asia and Oceania and attracting European teams to carry out the pre-season in the country. The most ambitious step, participation in the Libertadores, depends on financial matters.

    It is significant that the Conmebol has also worked to expand the Libertadores, which this year had 32 teams in the group stage, outside the disputed call that Pre-Libertadores. The tournament has six teams this year with Brazil, all classified for the quarter-final, a milestone for Brazil, which won 11 of the last 20 editions of the tournament. Champion contest the Club World Cup in December.

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  • I don't get MLS at all...?

    Tell me which one don't make ANY since to you about MLS tournaments.

    US Open Cup - The same as the FA Cup in EPL. You face the minor, semi-pro and pro leagues in a tournament to be champion.

    WINNER: Sporting Kansas City

    RUN-UP: Seattle Sounders FC

    Supporter Shield - You win this by having the most points in the regular season.

    WINNER: San Jose Earthquakes

    RUN-UP: Sporting Kansas City

    MLS Cup and Runner-up - The top 5 teams in each MLS conference (East & West) to face in a 2 legged tournament. The winner is the face of MLS.

    FINALIST: LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo

    Club rankings/the teams going into the 2013-14 CONCACAF Championship League:

    - San Jose Earthquakes -- 1st place in MLS. 1st place in Western Conference.

    - Sporting Kansas City ---- 2nd place in MLS. 1st place in Eastern Conference.

    - LA Galaxies ----------------- 8th place in MLS. 5th place in Western Conference.

    - Houston Dynamo ---------- 9th place in MLS. 5th place in Eastern Conference.

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  • Banquet Cook nightmare help....?

    I worked as a banquet cook in a hotel and sometimes cook in convention events. I'm love being very organized and like everything being in place so when something is not, I will notice quickly to fix it. I'm used to handling large events, but this time I was only there to help instead of doing the plannin. The only thing my boss told me before arriving is that we are serving 9200 people and the food I am going to cook. The rest was unclear. May job was to cook the chicken breast and cut them into thin strips with the help of paid volunteers. From what my sister told me also worker at the hotel is that we had a big food and appliances shortage to be sent from the hotel. My boss never came to me nor the other employees to tell them what's going on. They tried buying and renting more appliances and still came up short. Even though my sister couldn't tell me what going on right away since being in a fool blown panic attack, everything had looked unorganized. One clue was that I didn't know my job at the convention until I was leaving the hotel, the second one was the food I was fixing didn't look like it will be enough for 9200 people and third, the truck loaded with all the food looked like it wasn't enough either. I had a bad feeling heading up there just finding out my job was to prep more foods then hand it to the servers and refill serving trays to be set back out. I had no way of knowing that we didn't have enough appliances, but the shortage of food was clear. The first thing to run out is the baked beans. My boss called the hotel to make some more and they said we ran out of the beans and could replace them with another type of bean. When it finally arrived, I was ready to hand the baked beans over to the servers until I seen it was black eye peas smothered in BBQ sauce. The first thing I though was, this is a mistake. I called my boss over and he laughed, called it cowboy beans and made me hand it to the servers who got mad at me for giving them such a thing. The next problem was the beef not having the fat trimmed off of it and cut. That was solved, but we already lost a large amount of customers due to the lack of food, forks, spoons, cups and plates. Finding that out added on a large amount of stress and panic and we lost a great client. I want to quit my job and get another banquet job in another state, but a banquet job is hard to come by these days. What should I do?

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  • What soccer/football team do you support...?

    in your own country and other countries?


    - Sporting Kansas City (MLS)

    - Tottingham Hotspurs (EPL)

    - Juventus FC and AC Milan (Serie A)

    - FC Porto (Primeira Liga)

    - C.D. Guadalajara (Liga MX)

    - FC Barcelona (La Liga)

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  • I'm a Libertarian and don't know who to vote for.?

    Voting for a 3rd party is risky and voting for Obama and Romney is risky. What should I do?

    I went from Obama to Romney to Obama to undecided to Obama or Romney to saying f***it. Obama has good pros but the cons take all that away. Romney has good pros and cons that take it away. I'm middle class and democrats are for middle class but Obama is not a good one.

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  • What are Romney's plan if he wins election...?

    And why would you vote for him or Obama?

    Please no typical answers like:

    - Because he's not Obama.

    - Because Obama lies. (Fact: Romney lies too)

    - Obama did nothing. (Fact: False and what makes you think Romney will?)

    - Obama made the economy bad. (Fact: Obama, W. Bush and the presidents before them too)

    - Obama started 2 wars. (Fact: Not true in many ways)

    I need to know what sets Romney apart from Obama. Both are bad decisions for president, but I want to know what makes Romney better in a mature way.

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  • Who will you vote for? 5 choices.?

    - Barack Obama (Democrat)

    - Mitt Romney/Joe Biden (Republican)

    - Gary Johnson/James Gray (Libertarian)

    - Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (Independent)

    - Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer (Constitution)

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  • Do you wish... (Election)?

    Do you wish Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would have the same treatment Obama and Romney are getting for the 2012 election?

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  • Who will you vote for as president?

    Barack Obama - Democrat

    Mitt Romney - Republican

    Gary Johnson - Libertarian

    Jill Stein - Independent

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