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  • Glutamate's Role in Learning?

    Trying to understand the theory of glutamate's role in memory and learning. Basically looking for a confirmation. Normal neuronal excitation occurs by binding of glutamate to AMPA receptors on the synapse (right?). LPT occurs when Glutamate binds to NMDA and opens the channel to allow Ca2+ and Na+, thus depolorizing the cell even more. My question is what determines how the NMDA channel is blocked. I understand that Mg is generally the culprit. Does it have to do with the charge in the Extracellular fluid? Does it sound like I'm on the right track to understanding it?

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  • How do we change our country?

    In a society ruled by the elite, we are given the illusion of democracy by choosing between who the elite want us to vote for. How do we begin to change this? Does anyone even want to change this?

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