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haaay talk to me ;P I'm bored lol

  • how long have you had the haircut you currently have?

    my bangs have been the same since i was 13 (im now 18) i need change...

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  • do you laugh a your own jokes?

    i do because im funny hahaha


    i am so alone...

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  • 80s/90s bangs, yay or nay?

    I cut my bangs straight across so their blunt. and look SOO BAD I'm laughing. SO, I really like that 90s vibe and was wondering what others thought.

    I'm styling my bangs like this:

    Just need some honest opinions. Thank you!

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  • My parents would never let me go to this party, should I just go for it?

    I'm almost 18 and I've NEVER been to a party. My parents are conservative Christians and never let me do anything -.- I'm really tired of this and I know sooner or later I'm going to have to just rebel and do things on my own i order to show them that I'm growing up.

    Theres a house party I was unexpectedly invited to and I really want to go, it's my senior year dammit. So should I just go for it? I need advice >.< Thanks for all who help

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  • what time did you wake up at today?

    I've been waking up at 11 lately D:

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  • What should I watch on netflix?

    I'm bored. thanks ! :)

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  • Will bangs look okay with my face/forehead?

    Hi, I've been so bored with my hair lately. It's straight and flat and ugh I need something new. I have an off center middle part and my bangs are long. I want a new look for the new year so but don't want to make it worse.

    I've been wanting those grungy kinda bold blunt bangs but heard it doesn't look good with heart shaped faces. Andddd, I have a weirdly small forehead and a strong chin, worse structure, I know so I need help. D:

    Heres my face (please excuse it lol):

    Thanks to all that help :)

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  • Should I get my braces off now, or wait?

    I had jaw surgery 7 months ago, I feel great BUT I still have numbness around my chin and gums. I can't remember if my surgeon said she wanted to see me before or after my braces came off. My ortho said I can have them off already, my appointment is this week, but my appointment to see surgeon is next month D: I really don't want to wait any longer but I also don't want to get them off in case my surgeon believes I still need them on. HELP ME D: And thank you in advance!

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  • Assault battery/Criminal Record question?

    Hello all!

    When I was in middle school, I threw something at a teacher. Yeah dick move but whatever. They suspended me for only a day, and kicked me out of that teacher's class. I talked to some police and they were telling me that she was going to press charges, if I didn't have a lawyer the city would provide me one, blah blah blah just trying to scare me.

    I was 12 at the time just keep that in mind.

    I was obviously panicking, my parents where disappointed, the teacher went on vacation or something, and that was the last that I heard of. I guess she dropped charges I'm really not sure. I didn't go to court or anything. I did recieve a letter explaining to my parents about what happened and how I commited "ASSAULT BATTERY."

    I'm now a senior thinking about a career as either a csi or a detective. Upon knowing in order to be a detective, your record has to be clean.

    My question, is this on my record? Remember, I never went to court or anything. If so, is my life ruined? D: Thanks for all the help!!

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  • Senior pictures helppp D:?

    Hi I'm taking my senior portrait in a few days and need help D: I plan to wear concealer for my under eyes and foundation. I heard makeup with spf isn't too good when combined with flash photography. Is that true? I want this picture to actually look good haha. All help and tips are appreciated.

    Oh, and one more question. I have braces -_____- so should I smile showing my teeth, or closed smile? Thanks again :D

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  • Iphone 4s users.....?

    Does your phone have 'top 25 most played' or 'top rated' under playlist? My brother's iphone 4 has it and I'm wondering why my iphone 4s doesn't have it ):

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  • My dog is going to die soon ):?

    My dog is 9 and is in really bad shape. He has artheritis and has terrible vision. He caught kennel cough two weeks ago. We've been giving him medicine for it. Since then he hasn't been eating normaly. Yesterday he threw for the second time in these two weeks. He began panting really loudly and drooling a lot. He also was having trouble walking. I couldn't take him to the vet since I was home alone and am only 16, I don't have a car. The only thing I did was pet him to help him calm down a little. The only conclusion I came up with was that he had a stroke or seizure. My family is going through financial problems and can't afford to take him to the vet for testing an medication. He was fine this morning, although he wasn't eating): But just right now he had difficulty walking and began panting and drooling again. He's laying on the floor belly flat because he can't get up ): It hurts me to see him in so much pain I'm crying as I type. I know these will be the last breaths he'll be taking): Since my family can't pay for medicine, we're going to put him to sleep ): My question is where am I suppose to take him? We went to a mobile vet for his vaccines and minor problems so I'm not sure where to go. My other question is how much does the euthinization and cremation cost in Southern California. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  • Acoustic guitar or clothes?

    Hi, my birthday is coming up soon and I was wondering what I should get.

    I want clothes because I'm in some deep need of new clothes but I also want an acoustic guitar. I used to be in band and miss it dearly, but I don't really miss the instrument I used to play haha. I want to play something new and thought a guitar would be perfect. (I have a little one but it's too small and I'm missing some strings)

    So I need your opinion, guitar or clothes? Thanks in advance! All answers are appreciated :)

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  • Would it be offensive to put the picture of JKF's assassination on a collage for my history class?

    I have to make a collage about events that ocurred during the 1960's for my history class. John F. Kennedy's assassination was obviously an important event that ocurred. I want to put the image of him seconds after being shot but I think it may a bit inappropriate now that I think about it /: Should I include that picture in the collage or just put another picture of him in it? All help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • If I'm wearing a pink dress with nude heels, what color should I paint my nails?

    I'm going to a wedding next week and don't know what color i should paint my nails. And what color bag should I take? Please help and thanks in advance. c:

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  • Do you think I can lose 8-10 lbs by mid/late March?

    I'm going to a wedding and I reeeeally want to get thin and look good by then.

    Is this goal possible?

    I also had corrective jaw surgery so I look pretty different (One of the reasons why I want to lose weight. A whole new me). Due to the surgery, I lost a couple lbs but gained half back :c I really want to stay at this weight and need help. I'm 5'3 and currently weigh 115 (before I was 123).Oh, and I'm 16.

    Please help, and thank you in advance c:

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  • SURVEY: Do people you know use Yahoo!Answers?

    I don't think people I know use this website haha but then again who knows.

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  • Is it okay to take a painkiller a day before donating blood?

    I have a huge headache and want to take a Tylenol right now but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. I'm donating blood at my school tomorrow morning. I heard taking a painkiller will thin out the blood. This is my first time donating blood so I'm not sure if it's okay too. Thanks in advance. c:

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  • Survey to people 18 years and older?

    What is one thing you would tell your high school self? As in, what is one thing you wish you could have told yourself when you were in high school?

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