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  • how do i get over him?

    We met a while back, he acted like he liked me. We've been talking for a while, we've been hanging out, talking every night, but out of nowhere he finds another girl. Apparently, he didn't realize i liked him. But our friendship is ruined because I said the worst thing i could have possibly said. how do I get over him?

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  • What is your main focus?

    mine is probably my music. i should have been focusing on school work, but i don't want to excel in stuff like that, because i love music!

    so, what is your main focus right now?

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  • do you sleep with socks on?

    i sometimes do, if my feet are cold. what about you?

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  • What do you think...?

    When you are lying in bed right before you fall asleep?

    keep it real, people.

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  • how old do you think i am?

    it's just a question. i want to know if when i answer, i sound my age or older or younger

    look at my profile & stuff and email me if you want to.


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  • Conversation?

    Ok, i like this guy and everyday we talk in the lunch line. really, i dont have anything to say!! i need some ideas, so i dont seem like i am uninterested!! help please!!

    and answer me other question while you're at it!;_ylt=AnMhv...

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  • Problem...?

    Ok, my best friend copies me ALL the time. if i shop somewhere, all of a sudden she shops there too. if i paint my nails a certain color, hers have to be the same. she copies me, but she is always jealous of me!! part of me wants to just let the copying thing slide and just be okay with it because i know she wants to be like me. another part of me wants to just say to her, "why do you have to do EVERYTHING I DO??" and get mad at her about it, but i can't decide what to do!!! I have talked to her before about copying me but she still does it. it's rediculous how much she copies me. a few years ago, i got involved with stamping and scrapbooking, and i love it. now she's "into it" but not because she loves it, it's just because i do it. it's really getting annoying. someone please help!!!

    oh and we've been friends since we were born so i dont know if i can just stop being her friend all of a sudden....

    still, help me decide what to do!! <3 Kristen <3

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  • Friend problem!?

    MY friend is constantly copying EVERYTHING i do. if i get something, she has to get it too. If i have a new thing that i say all the time, she says it too. it is SOOOO annoying!! should i tell her?

    ok there's one more thing:

    My friend abby (as mentioned above) said to me last year that she diddnt like my cousin mallory. then, i was talking to abby online and she told me to ask mallory if she liked her and that she likes mallory ok, she just doesnt know her. then, my my friend emily asked abby if she liked mallory and abby said, "i dont know her very well but what i do know i don't like." she either lied to me or emily, but she still lied. should i say friends with abby??? or should i tell her that she is an annoying liar? we have been best friends since we were born, and i dont know how i would tell her i diddnt want to be her friend!! PLEASE help!!

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  • Who loves rubber stamping?

    Who loves rubber stamping? I love it; i have a LOT of stamps and i just want to hear from anyone who shares this interest!

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  • What's the deal with crocs?????!?!?!?

    They are hideous. why do people wear them? I HATE THEM!!!!!!! i will never wear them!!! EVER! why do people like them so much?

    and yes, i know, lots of people say they are comfortable. i understand. but they are sooooo hideous? does anyone else agree??

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  • What's your favorite colour?

    yeah... mine is orange :)

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  • What should I ask on here????

    I don't have any questions i just like answering them... :P lol

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  • Who likes cats? What kind?

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  • What is a good hidden QWERTY keyboard phone that works with ntelos?

    It needs to work with Ntelos and be reasonably priced, so if anyone knows of one please let me know! :)

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