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Chem is try

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I am a high school Chemistry and Physics Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience under my belt, teaching classes in Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics. I received most of my science education at Carroll College; my focus was on premed. I earned my B.S. from the University of Wyoming in Biology/Secondary Education with a minor in Chemistry, in 1988. I fortified my Biology and Chemistry Courses by taking Physics and Earth Science Courses. I earned a M.A. in Secondary Education from Cal. State San Bernardino in 1997. I enjoy teaching high school and designing lessons and rigorous labs to prepare students for a future in the exciting opportunities that exist in medicine, engineering, technology, or science, and math education. I have noticed on several of my answers, the time and effort I put in was not rewarded. In order to not give those users anymore of my time in the future, I have blocked them.

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