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  • Grassless spot right off the patio what do I do to fix in 4 days?

    I'm hosting an outdoor party and the rest of the lawn is ok, but right off the patio (where everyone will walk) is completely bare. If I just put in grass right there it won't match the rest of the "just ok" lawn...but then I don't want everyone walking thru dirt. Is there anything that would look appropriate to cover it or any ideas with only 4 days left? Thanks!

    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)7 years ago
  • car accident how to get my deductible back?

    So I wanted some legal advice or at least a starting point. Long story short I was rear-ended by another driver (my insurance already completely determined it was not my fault) but the driver was not the owner of the vehicle...and though a police report was filed and my insurance has tried calling and writing both individuals (though in AZ the owner's car insurance is to cover it) no response has been reached from either of them...which means my insurance did cover my car repair expenses, but I still had to pay my large deductible..

    so how do I take legal action against either the owner or the driver to get my deductible back since none of it was my fault if the insurance can't even get a hold of them?

    any advice would be appreciated, I'm just confused what to do, where to do it, and how to do it against someone I can't get in contact with...

    6 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • raw chicken breast or cooked chicken breast leftovers for my ridgeback?

    my husband and I are working on trying to eat healthier so I've recently been cooking a lot of chicken (no bones) for us and going through and cutting off the uglier or fattier pieces and throwing them away..until recently I heard feeding them to your dog as a treat is a good way to A. save money on expensive dog treats, B. make your dog extra happy.

    So my question is as an occasional treat (not in replacement to his regular iams dog food) is it better to give it to my rhodesian ridgeback raw from the grocery store sitting in the fridge/freezer to his bowl or cook it up separately like I've been doing when I've finished with my cooking?

    (PS I'm just worried about raw processed chicken can it harm him or am I doing extra work and a disservice by cooking it for him)

    11 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Calculation question, what is better to pay off overall with consideration to tax deductions...?

    I am trying to decide what is best to start using my extra money to pay off...a student loan at 5.4%, an auto loan at 4.99% or a heloc at 7.75% I know student loans and heloc interest is tax deductible, but assuming these deductions don't affect a change in bracket (tax rate) what is the calculated difference in interest saved (assuming 15% bracket) on whether to pay which of these three....(I guess I've always been told pay non-deductible first, but with these numbers I just don't see how that adds up...and most importantly how do I actually calculate the real interest I'm paying on tax deductible interest so I can compare it to nondeductible rates...) thanks in advance for any help!

    3 AnswersOther - Taxes1 decade ago
  • husband coming home from iraq tomorrow any fun ideas or things I should be aware of/ready for?

    when my hubby and I met he was done, finished..out of the marines, we got married...bliss....then we got the recall letter month 3, month 10 he was gone for training, month 13 he left for iraq...we've had our ups and downs...but I can't wait to go meet him tomorrow when he gets off the plane, obviously, I'm so excited!!!...but I just want some tips/advise as for what to expect in his behavior or ideas to make him smile~tasteful...any tips/ideas/advise from those who have come home, or have experienced their loved one coming home...thanks for comments!!!

    12 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago