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  • How do you take care of your makeup brushes?

    I really want to know what type of brushes you have and how do you take care of them and store them? Thanks. I'm just curious by the way. Also, what do you use them for. Also, it would be nice to hear what brand and what type of brushes you recommend or don't recommend with different products.

    I have MAC 187, MAC 188, and Sonia Kashuk Fan Brush 129.

    These are all duo fibre brushes.

    I have MAC 188 for applying liquid foundation. MAC 187 for all my pressed powder stuff and buffing, and the Fan Brush is for sweeping off excess and applying bronzer and blush if I didn't want to use my 187.

    I clean my MAC 188 after every use because of the liquid foundation. I use MAC cleaner.

    I clean my MAC 187 every three days or other day using MAC cleaner.

    I clean my Sonia Kashuk 129 every week when I am washing all my brushes with Baby Shampoo.

    I store my brushes on a shoe tying mechanism where all the brushes are hanging upside down. I put them in the bag I brought them when I am traveling.

    What do you guys do?

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  • Fashion Portfolio? Third Garment?

    I hope someone can help me. I just really need a second opinion or more like a 5th opinion.

    So I am applying to a fashion school, and I have to submit 3 garments to show them my construction skills and design skills. It is more construction heavy, I think. So they are going to judge on straight seams and etc.

    So, I have already been to a fashion school for a year. I am submitting a dress with a modified princess seams and modified/curved waistline. It is made with satin and tulle.

    My second garment is a dress shirt with collars, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, and everything a dress shirt is. It is boxy though. There also a design detailing with special paneling, so it's not boring.

    I am stuck on what I should I do for my third garment. I have decided to do a dress to show that I can construct a skirt and bodice. But I am stuck between a leather dress and a neoprene dress. The leather has no topstitching, but the neoprene has lots of topstitching and princess seams and it seem it would take a lot of work. But the leather dress has a draped sheer skirt.

    As an additional garment, what should I pick? Should I pick a dress with heavy topstitching which I could f-ed/take forever up or should I make a leather dress that has drape detailing. Which one would be the topping on the cake with my other two garments?

    Things to consider:

    I need another design with sleeves which both have.

    I already did a princess seam garment but the leather dress has a centerfront bust dart which is simple.

    Sorry I don't have pictures of the sketches/flats. I am feeling the leather dress more but the neoprene dress might be more impressive, but leather is pretty hard to fit perfectly and I was thinking of adding fur sleeves (short)

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  • What should I wear to the Monster Ball Concert?

    My friend and I are going to see Lady Gaga in concert this September 14th.

    I have a lot of ideas running through my head about what to wear.

    I thought about doing black lacing fabric and go for dark Gaga like in Alejandro, or possibly a chained Alejandro inspired mask or the iconic frosted Lady Gaga glasses or blah blah blah.

    I really want to do something original. I can sew and I do a lot of DIY stuff.

    I just need a little creativity and focus on what to wear.

    So what do you have in mind?

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  • How do you get this hair bouffant?

    How do you get this ?

    It would be really helpful if you had a link to a video or something?

    I think it is known as the mile-high bouffant. Good Luck. Stay Fierce!

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  • Redken 23 Forceful Hairspray?

    Does anybody have any experience with this hairspray?

    I am about done with drugstore hairspray (tresemme, garnier, aussie, dove, etc..).

    I am on the look out for really good hairspray.

    I've been through Matrix Vavoom and Loreal Elnett.

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  • Best Hairspray.................?

    I am looking for a very good hairspray.

    I've been through:

    Tresemme (too flaky)

    Loreal Elnett (too smelly)

    I am currently using Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker (not enough hold but leaves my hair soft) and Matrix Vavoom Finish Spray (I can't restyle this product at all and it leaves my hair hard),

    I love the effects of Elnett, but not the smell.

    Does anybody have any comments on Aveda Air Control or Redken 23 Forceful?

    Or any other brands I should look at?

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  • Black Sneaker Question?

    Dear Yahoo answers reader,

    I need a pair of fly(exceedingly beautiful) black sneakers. I am a dancer and I will need it for a performance. (Dance:Hip-Hop). Oh yeah! I am a guy.

    I need some suggestions on what shoes I should get. I am not a big fan of all black shoes so that is why I don't have a pair.

    I am looking at these:

    These are Supra Black Tuf Gunny. Supposedly skater shoes but I hope they could be use for dance.

    I really like this new black shoe, white sole look so I am looking something towards that direction

    Preferable shoes: Black(not all black), High top or medium top, Can flex(but not like dance shoes or running sneakers), and has to be GREAT quality because I am dancing, so Suede might not do

    Thanks!! Sorry if I sound demanding, just being straightforward.

    Shoe size:10.5


    Price Range: Anything below $150

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  • Men's Timeless Coat ......?

    I know it is fall.

    I am looking for a new classy coat. I want a coat that is timeless that I can use over years and years. I hope I can keep it in good condition that long. I've been looking at J. Crew and Urban Outfitters. I am interested in Peacoats and Leather Bombers. I don't know if the bomber is timeless enough. And something in black or gray because I believe those are easy to layer on top of things.

    What do you think I should get?

    Price Range: Anything, but not to high like 500s

    Material: I don't want something cotton because I think wool might be better for warmth and longevity. Black or Gray???

    Brand: Anything trusted and with good seams and material

    I was looking at Peacoats. Especially this one:

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  • Male Hair Issue...........?

    Okay, I haven't got a haircut in about four or five weeks. I usually get it cut short (buzz on the side and some length on the top). Similar to this:

    My so what short-medium length hair has been getting on my nerves lately. I don't know what to do with it. I tried putting mousse to stand up, which only splits my hair in half making it look awkward.

    I am using pomade now and hairspray to keep my hair from showing that middle line.

    Any hair suggestions?

    Its just too short and too long for anything. do you know what I mean?


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  • How do I pay a magazine subscription? (first timer)?

    I want to order this magazine subscription with this card given in this magazine.

    The card has a postage spot and address and everything. It looks like you are suppose to send this alone.

    But on the card it says Name, Address, City/State/ZIP, and check boxes for Payment Enclosed and Bill Me Later.

    If I wanted to paid with sending the card how would I do that?

    I don't usually do these kind of things. I don't want to pay later, but I want to pay now.

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  • What is your favorite brand of Jeans?

    This is more directed toward the guys, but girls are welcome to answer or give comments.

    Alright, I am a junior in high school. I have been recently looking for the perfect pair of jeans or atleast the best brand of jeans.

    I love my Levi's 501. I have never been a jean person because I could never find one that fitted right, but now I just go in the stores and pick up every pair and try them on. It is the best system for me.

    My QUESTIONs are

    What is your favorite brand of Jeans?

    Why is it your favorite?

    What wash of jeans do you find most attractive on guys?

    Do you prefer light washes, dark washes, black, grey, white, or neutral colored jeans?

    Skinny, straight, original fit, wide leg, boot cut, slim straight, flare, loose, relaxed, destroyed, worn out, acid wash.... what is your favorite type?

    THANKS to all who answers.

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  • Back to school outfit - this or THAT?

    Also can you please answer this one too.;_ylt=At3Fl...

    I've only got one good answer and I need more.

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  • What kind of backpack should I get for school?

    Alright people. I am not a big fan of backpacks.

    I want to know what backpacks do you recommend or what do you do with your heavy books and supplies?

    I want an easy and fashionable year this time around. I am a guy. I love fashion.

    Last year I wore this chunky monkey:

    Ewww gross right?

    So I want to know what do you like to see?

    I need something very durable. I don't care about comfort as long as it looks good and can hold about 4 text books and two big supply pouches. I am taking art classes that is why I need to carry around big supply pouches.


    I really like this one but it is a bit pricey.

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  • What do you think about these shoes (with pics)?

    These two pics are the same shoes:

    or do you like these better:

    I am going for a pair of shoes that can go with anything and are kind of classy and clean. So what do you think?

    (I know I really don't like the touch of blue in the second one, but I can always find a pair of all black and white)

    Or do you like the touch of blue?

    P.S. If you find anything that you think I might like can you please add links for me. Thank You!

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  • Serious Sibling Problem. Help?

    I have a brother who tortures my sibling with pain (such as punching, sleeper holding). This is a serious problem. He is over 18 and all my other siblings are under 10.

    If they are crying hysterically and my parents does not mind this behavior. What can I do to help prevent this? or What can I do to help my siblings?

    I believe he has a serious anger management problem too.

    p.s. He stills live in the household.

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  • What to do when someone threatens you?

    I just broke up a friendship with my friend. (I am a male in high school) (My friend is a girl in high school)

    I decided to break up the relationship through text message because I can not deal with her anymore.

    Hours after we stop texting. Her parents called my house threaten me to stay away from her. They told me they were going to show me the american way of dealing with immature people.

    p.s. I would give you more back story if you ask?

    But what should I do if they threaten to come over my house and show me a lesson?

    Thank you for responding back so quickly.

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  • American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, and A&F?

    Is there something that I am not getting through my head?

    What is the deal with teenagers and college kids buying clothes from American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie and Fitch?

    Personally, they look like a walking mannequin for those companies and brands.

    Tell me what makes there clothes look so attractive.

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  • Should I buy these shoes? (with pictures)?

    Okay I have these pair of shoes

    Jordan Ol' School II

    Nike Vandal High

    Nike Dunk Low

    and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 in white and low top.

    I am going for a more fashion forward look. I am really tired of sneakers.

    But I really want a pair of these:

    CR Cesario Black Hi

    and Puma First Round Sketch

    Are these fashionable enough? and do they make a great edition to my shoe collection or do they blend in too much?

    What type of shoes do you like on guy that is comfortable and fashionable? (well it doesn't really have to be comfortable but has a decent comfort, not like serious dress shoes) lol

    I have also look into these shoes:

    But I don't know if these are my style. Tell me what you like and give me some links please.

    P.S. Thanks for responding back and I know have a thing for red and black shoes but I am willing to branch out. Also my career goal is to be a fashion designer and I am in my junior year of high school. Just some back up information and I have tan skin.

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  • What are essential clothing pieces?

    I am a guy about 16 years old. I am in high school. I am looking for a new look. I wear a lot of graphic tees, cargo shorts, plaid shorts, and rarely polos.

    I just brought some v necks and a cardigan. I really like stores like Old Navy, Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and other stores like Nautica and other brand names if can find anything I like.

    I wear a lot of Nikes and I am saving up for a pair of Pumas First Round Sketch and Creative Recreation Cesario Hi.

    I just want to know what are your essential clothing pieces for a fashionable guy?

    p.s. My career goal is to be a fashion designer and I don't favor American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, and Aeropostale because they have too much logos on everything, but there bottoms(pants, shorts, and etc.) are fine.

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