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  • What happened?

    I am a 26 year old male and because I am a Police Officer I am very active and stay in the gym, drink my “Bang” products, etc. While on duty I keep latex gloves on me to avoid any contact germs I may encounter on a daily bases. I even bought some facial wipes from Burt’s Bees brand to clean my face when I can’t get to a sink because of call volume.

    Now the point. I have never really experienced breakouts besides during early adolescence when I used pro active products to rid my teen acne. Years following my face has been radiant, youthful, vibrant and glowing. However around December I moved and took a break from law enforcement. I’ve been under a decent amount of stress, I don’t actively workout as much as I used to or at all really, I’ve kinda fell in a depressed state of mind. I also have UC and recently experienced a flare up.Also, I hardly get any real sleep as I’m up thinking a lot.

    I drink plenty of water, have tried several acne products from Walmart, either they don’t rid my skin of acne or the dry my skin so bad it hurts. I drink a lot of green tea as I’ve always have, take iron supplements, drink at least 7 bottles of water daily, etc. My question is what could possible be causing the worst breakout of acne I’ve ever experienced? Is it stress, lack of sleep, acne creams, juuling, UC, lack of physical activity? I just want my skin to be as it was but nothing seems to help!

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