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  • What's the most disturbing thing you've ever seen, or read?

    I've recently been following the case of the 'cannibal cop,' it's truly fascinating and the email exchanges between other cannibals are just disturbing in my opinion. It's sparked my curiosity to find out some of the most disturbing things ever. So what's yours?

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  • Most effective way to get rid of a drug user?

    So here's the situation. My wife is pregnant, and we're living in a house with her siblings, right now just her two brothers. One is a meth user, who does meth in the house. This won't be ideal for our child who is soon to be born. My wife wants to move, but we just moved into the house with the idea for saving for our own home within 2-3 years. Moving out in my opinion would be a setback in saving for a house, because we only pay $100/m for a portion of the mortgage. She tried to get her dad to kick him out, but her dad favors his son more and is oblivious to everything going on.

    I'm up for moving, but as a last resort only. So today I pulled his police records, he has 10 charges, mostly minor, some theft, and at least 1 drug related. His dad keeps bailing and fighting for him in court. There has been drugs and pipes found in his room, and it's easy to tell that he's been smoking in the room. He brings other drug users around the house all the time, trying to sneak them in.

    I want to know with everything going the way it is, is there a way I can get the police involved? Perhaps restricting him from coming near my family at home?

    The dad won't do anything, in fact enables him by giving his son money.

    I am not at home enough to account for everything, I work in the city which is about a 60 mile commute one way from home every other day, as I do work from home sometimes.

    What would be the most effective way to get him either kicked out? Or restricted from coming around, or bringing other strange drug users around the house?

    Creative ideas welcome. My wife wants him out, and so does the other brother, and her sister who may be moving in soon. I don't have the power to do it, it's not my house.

    -- Also the house is in her aunts name, the children just split the mortgage, and the house will become theirs when it's paid off.

    -- I haven't talked to her father myself, but I will soon, and probably confront the brother tonight when I get home. Seems like nobody wants to do anything about this but move out, and if everyone moves out, the house will def become a drug house.

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  • How can I convince my girlfriend to not hate black people?

    I'm black, and my girlfriend is Indian. We're also engaged, and she's pregnant. The ironic thing is, she hates black people. She explains her true hatred for black people, and all I can do is laugh because I am black. She loves me so much and tells me I'm the exception.

    I remind her, her son will be half black and she told me she doesn't want him to know that he's black, I laugh so hard when she tells me these things, but I know she's serious.

    She's had several bad experiences with black people, and her conclusion is that black people are the worst race to ever exist. She never uses racial slurs or anything demeaning, she just doesn't understand black people.

    How can I convince her to like black people?

    This is not a troll, I'm so serious.

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  • Need help with php class variable scope, getting fatal error?

    here is my code: and when i run the register function this is the error: Fatal error: Call to a member function connect_db() on a non-object in ... on line 32

    the database is set in the class constructor, I did a var dump from the constructor and it shows the object, i did a var dump from the function and it returns NULL. Why is this and how do i fix this fatal error?

    thanks in advanced

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  • Need the name of a anime, can't remember what it's called?

    There was an anime on I used to watch about a boy who lives with his mom I think she is a stripper or something, but the boy goes to a school where everyone thinks he is scary but he eventually meets friends and they all go to a beach house and hang out and things happen. Somewhere in the story a girl starts staying over the boys house with his mom. I think the boy cooks a lot too. I can't remember what it's called, it might have came on a few years ago, does anyone know the name of this anime?

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  • Arduino game error: invalid types 'int[int]' for array subscript?

    // Global variables

    int buttonState = 0;

    int button1 = 2;

    int button2 = 0;

    int button3 = 3;

    int button4 = 1;

    int led1 = 5;

    int led2 = 6;

    int led3 = 7;

    int led4 = 8;

    int input1;

    int input2;

    int input3;

    int input4;

    int userInput;

    bool play = true;

    long randomNumber;

    int sequence[129];

    void setup()



    //setup button inputs

    pinMode(button1, INPUT);

    pinMode(button2, INPUT);

    pinMode(button3, INPUT);

    pinMode(button4, INPUT);

    //setup light outputs

    pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);

    pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);

    pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);

    pinMode(led4, OUTPUT);

    // noise from analog pin will seed random



    void loop()


    if(play = false)




    while(play = true)


    for(int level=0;level<128;level++)


    for(int i=0;i<=level;i++) // generate random sequence


    int sequence[i]; // initialize sequence

    randomNumber = random(5, 9);

    sequence[i] = randomNumber; // add random number to sequence

    digitalWrite(sequence[i], HIGH);


    digitalWrite(sequence[i], LOW);




    for(int x = 0;x<=level;x++)


    for(int buttons = 0; buttons<3; buttons++)


    int userInput[x];

    userInput[x] = digitalRead(buttons);



    for(int current = 0; current <= level; current++)


    if(sequence[current] && userInput[current] == HIGH)


    // continue to level two

    } else {


    play = false;



    if(level == 129)







    void win()


    bool win = true;

    while(win = true)


    for(int i = 5; i <= 8; i++)


    digitalWrite(i, HIGH);



    for(int r = 8; r >= 5; r--)


    digitalWrite(r, LOW);





    void lose()


    bool lost = true;

    while(lost = true)


    for(int i = 5; i <= 8; i++)


    digitalWrite(i, HIGH);



    for(int r = 8; r >= 5; r--)


    digitalWrite(r, LOW);





    simon_game.cpp: In function 'void loop()':

    simon_game:67: error: invalid types 'int[int]' for array subscript

    why am I getting this error?

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  • A movie about a community where they work in a strict environment outside from the "real" world?

    Their is a movie I saw about people who worked in a future like concealed city, they dressed in all white and had specific task or whatever, then come to find out they were blocked off from the "real" world, and I think one escapes from it or something. I just cant remember the name of the movie, does anyone know what movie I'm talking about?

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  • I have a speeding ticket in NC?

    Hi I got a speeding ticket while I was in NC, but I don't live in NC. I currently live in Arizona, I'm a full time Robotics and Embedded Systems/ engineering student, and Marine Corps Reservist, and work a job and run a development business on the side to get by and pay for school, so I have little time.

    Anyways, I lost the speeding citation on the way back to Arizona from NC. At the time I didn't have an AZ drivers license I still had my NC drivers license. So while I was in AZ, NC was sending stuff about my speeding ticket to my old residence (where no one lives). So eventually my mom got the information and sent me some attorneys, on the 13th, today is the 14th and I'm finding out my court date is tomorrow. Which I had no clue up until today. So I call the attorney first thing after work, only to find they are closed def because of the time zone difference. Now I don't know what to do, or what will happen. I didn't even know the town I got the ticket in, it was just some small town in the middle of hick I was going through to get back to Charlotte.

    So my questions are, what will happen if I cannot make it to court, and I don't have an attorney representing me?

    NC doesn't even know where I live. Is there anything I can do to not get any serious offenses charged against me tomorrow?

    I really don't know what to do, and I already have an arrest warrant for me in another hick town in Texas that I'm working on paying off. Can they use that against me?

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  • Design an RC circuit that removes the noise from the line without harming serial communication?

    A long-run serial communications line is experiencing problems with transmission errors. Investigation shows high-frequency noise on the line.

    Noise Frequency: 60MHz

    Serial Communication Frequency: 10KHz

    Design an RC circuit that removes the noise from the line without harming serial communication.

    In your solution, note what configuration of RC circuit is used ( where is Vout measured? ) and choose values of R and C.

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  • How to have an event fire after the second load in an iframe?

    OK I am trying to execute a javascript function from an iframe only when the iframe loads a certain page. ok heres the example

    I have an iframe which is set to load index.html, and there are 3 links in index.html

    page1.html, page2.html, and page3.html

    When the iframe loads page1.html i want to have an alert that says : page1 is loaded from the parent page

    and for pag2, it will say page2 is loaded and so on.

    So what I'm asking is there anyway to execute an event from a certain page being loaded within an iframe?

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  • What are things that people use every day that were influenced by Nikola Tesla’s Theories?

    Of course he invented many things, such as the induction motor, but what are things that an average American citizen would use on a daily bases?

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  • Is this voltage right?

    this is the circuit :

    i need to find the value of V2, my answer is 1.15V is this correct?

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  • Whats the best way to pass input variables to another site through frames?

    What is the best way for me to pass input variables from a local document to another website through a frame.

    Like send.html to

    I tried javascript but that cannot work, I know I have the option of AJAX, and PHP. But which would be more convenient and work the best.

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  • In javascript is it possible to pass input values from one frame to another frame if the website isn't local?

    I'm trying to use Javascript to pass an input value from a local form to another frame form input fields of another website that is not located on the server is that possible?

    Example of my code: mainframe.html >>

    function passFirstName(str) {

    top.frames['right'].document.getElementById('callMeForm').firstname.value = str;


    <frameset cols="600,*,*" frameborder=1>

    <frame name="left" src="send.html">

    <frame name="right" src="">


    on send.html >>

    <form name="firstname">

    <input name="firstname" type="text" maxlength="25" onblur="parent.passFirstName(this.form.firstname.value);"/>

    </form> or recieve >>

    <form action="/callconfirm" method="post" id="callMeForm" name="clicktocall">

    <label for="firstname">* First Name:</label>

    <input name="firstname" type="text" maxlength="25" value=""/><br/>


    the website in the frame has matching input fields, well, the send.html has been setup to send values to the accordingly

    I have tested my code with two local documents, for example send.html and receive.html and the values pass with no problem, but when i use the the values do not pass to the non-local document.

    for example, allowing a user to register two accounts on two different sites at once.

    So my question, is it possible to pass input values from a local document to a non-local document using frames as shown in the example above?

    thanks in advance

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  • Is it illegal for Wendy's to make my girlfriend pay back the register?

    While at work my girlfriend made a mistake while wringing up an order, by selecting cash transaction instead of credit transaction, so when she made that mistake the register is saying that she owes $14. The manager at Wendy's wants her to pay the register back $14 out of her pocket for her mistake. Is that even legal, and if it is, is that right?

    I too once worked at a fast food restaurant, Jack In The Box, and if I made a mistake where I would owe the register a back amount, I did not have to take that money out of my pocket, nor would they take it out of my paycheck.

    At the least I would expect Wendy's to take it out of her paycheck, but never out of the workers own pocket. I believe this is the managers attempt at not having to deal with incorrect receipt logs, or what not. Mistakes happen, and I think this is close to punishment if they are to make her pay from her pocket to correct the anomaly in the logs.

    So my question for you, is, "Is Wendy's allowed to make her pay from pocket for her mistake?"

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  • I need to know the name of a certain anime?

    It was an anime about some weird show obsessed boy who lived in a shack on the roof of a building, and weird stuff started happening. Thats all I remember is that he was obsessed with some in-show anime and had dolls and stuff. And his sister ate mcdonalds.

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  • Python 3.1 to pull data from an XML feed, need help!?

    Alright I am trying to right a Python script that will pull the earthquakes from an XML feed. I am a complete Python newb, and I can't figure out how to do this.

    My code right now is:

    import urllib.request

    def getEarthquake(requestedURL):

    page = urllib.request.urlopen(requestedURL, None, 60)

    text ="utf8")

    indexOfEntry = text.find("<entry>")

    start = text.find("<title>", indexOfEntry) + 7

    end = text.find("</title>", indexOfEntry)

    earthquake = text[start:end]

    return earthquake

    def getEarthquakeOne():

    return getEarthquake("


    Instead of it just printing the first earthquake on the list, I want it to print all the earthquakes on the list, even if the feed changes. How can I modify my function in order to do this?

    Run the code I have and you will understand what I'm trying to do.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I Can't connect to Internet through web browsers only?

    I recently updated the Firefox Web Browser, after the update Firefox wouldn't load any web pages. I checked to see if it was my Firewall blocking it, but it wasn't. I opened Internet Explorer and nothing would load, I then tried Google Chrome, still nothing would load. I eventually decided something was wrong with my Internet connection, but there was nothing wrong it was a perfect connection. I then opened Filezilla FTP, and I was able to successfully connect to my web servers. I then opened an online game and was able to play. So I know my Internet connection is good, it's just none of my browsers will load web pages.

    So I decided to restart and try, I did this 3x, no luck.

    So I eventually restarted and booted into my Ubuntu partition. I was able to open Firefox and the web pages loaded as expected. I googled my problem, and the Firefox community had steps to delete Firefox from the trusted programs list, and re-enable it for Windows Firewall on Windows 7, I did those steps, still no avail.

    I also have ESET NOD32 Smart Security Installed, I disabled nod32, no avail.

    I also disabled Windows Firewall at the same time, no avail.

    I don't know what the deal is at this point. I did several virus scans, and everything returns OK.

    It's odd that none of my browsers can load web pages, but any other programs that have to connect to the Internet will connect and load successfully for example uTorrent, and Filezilla.

    I'm a robotics major, so I'm not completely dull on situations like this, but I've never ran into such a frustrating problem.

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