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  • Best Hydraulic Disc Brakes?

    I have mechanical disc brakes and am looking to upgrade to some hydraulics.

    The reviews on the "Avid Code brake set" looks good.

    What kind of Hyd Disc Brakes would you recommend?

    I cross a lot of creeks and am not concerned with weight saving.

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  • When did the military start to require higher Qual's for someone to become a pilot?

    When I joined the navy years ago, all the old WWII pilots and some Vietnam Cargo pilots at the local hanger asked why I was fixin them and not flyin them.

    The only qualification these guys had when they enlisted, was a desire to become a pilot. Next thing you know theyre flyin a p38 or in NAM a big multi engine transport.

    When did the selection process become like it is today, very difficult?

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  • Good airfoil for a big RC/ UAV plane?

    Whats a good airfoil for conservative flying. Im putting in a 40cc chainsaw engine for the power plant, wing span 4-6.

    Wing can be tapered or have dihedral...any ideas?

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  • Constant Speed Drive on Me262?

    After the germans lost the war and the Allies were taking over, some germans sabotaged Me262's by removing the Constant Speed Drives from the engines. No CSD made them inoperable.

    How do you think these CSD's worked?

    Where can I find old technical info on early jet engines?


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  • Attempted Murder sentencing?

    If some dummy shot at a Police Officer and missed they would be charged with Attempted Murder.

    What is the added penalty since it was a Police Officer, not a civilian, they shot at?

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  • Home Builders: How many redundant systems do you have?

    I think "redundant" is the correct term:)

    How many fuel pumps did you install?

    1)Are they in the same tank or different locations? Where?

    2)Is your fuel float sensor/sender powered by the fuel pump power line? Skip this one if you have a J2.

    3)Is your fuel pump and fuel float sensor a sort of "combination assembly" or completely separate units?

    3)What fuel pressure does your engine require; is excess fuel sent back to the tank if the engine doesn't need it?

    4)Do you have any other systems with a backup? Landing gear hand crank for example.

    Any input is good input..Thanks

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  • Single Engine AC Electronic Engine Controls?

    Ive never spent time around newer small engine aircraft. Do they use any sort of Electronic Control Modules (like in a car) to monitor fuel pressure/ manifold pressure/ engine temps...etc. for peak performance?

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  • Homebuilts:Wacky Engine Conversions?

    What the oddest engine conversion you've ever heard of for a home-built or modification?

    Ive seen an RX7 engine on a Lancair. Ever hear of someone putting a high performance auto engine on an airplane?

    I think Subaru and Porsche both use Horizontally opposed engines which have good vibration qualities.

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  • Draining an 85' Fiero Fueltank?

    Whats the easiest way to drain the tank on an 85 6cylinder GT Fiero. Its been sitting for 7 years and doesnt want to start after changing the fuel filter plugs, adding dri-gas and some other basics.

    The fuel system seems to build pressure so Im guessing the pumps good.

    Heres the million dollar question; the fuel is still very flammable(tested a quart with a match) does that mean its still good fuel?


    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Missing a MS DOS command?

    In dos, any version, I get stuck in my target folder. The CD command wont allow me to get out of the folder or return to my root directory. For example say I want a file called Olly, this is "my" respective path, Compile and MSDOS are my choosen folder names.Id go...


    c: cd msdos

    c: cd compile

    c: cd olly

    Now im where i want to be. All the files here are exe. or bat.

    How do I go back to my msdos or Compile file folder.

    When i type "cd compile or cd msdos" it says "unable to change to :msdos. or unable to return to : compile.

    In windows Id click the back button.

    Is there a command other then cd that I should have used?


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  • C and JAVA similarities...?

    This code is taken from an ooPIC user manual for a speedometer.

    The example code for C and JAVA are identical?

    This would lead me to believe....what?


    C and Java Syntax

    //This program reads how fast

    //an axel is turning with an

    //oSpeedOMeter Object and

    //outputs the value as a tone

    oSpeedOMeter A = New oSpeedOMeter;

    oSpeaker B = New oSpeaker;

    oDIO1 C = New oDIO1;

    Void Main(Void){

    A.IOLine = 15;

    A.Operate = cvTrue;

    B.Operate = 1;

    C.IOLine = 8;

    C.Direction = cvOutput;


    B.Tone = A.Speed * 250;

    C.State = A.Turning;

    } While (1)


    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Road for new programmer?

    I have all the need software and resources to begin writing and learning code in any language Id like to.

    My ultimate goal over time is to create an application that reads sensors and turns motors or other actuators to adjust "X" to the desired positions. i want closed loop circuits that correct themselves..

    I need to design a graphical user interface for this along with position indicators and gauges on my computer screen. I guess you can do this in any language but what would you suggest.

    I have Java JDK6, Note Tab ( a xml editor), Visual Basic2008, Basic Stamp Editor, ooPIC compiler, Different C code compilers and debuggers...

    Also do Visual Basic language and Basic(STAMP) language read the same code?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Cleaning Fitted Hats?

    How do you clean a fitted hat without it losing its shape. I want it to stay new looking but every time wash it by hand it gets funky shaped.

    Any ideas?!?! Mostly white fitted hats too?

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  • Ray Lewis' Future in the nfl?

    Will RayRay stay with the ravens or go out for the big payday elsewhere?

    13 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Where's JW bible in PDF form?

    Can anyone provide a link to The NWT Bible in pdf form if it exists.

    Thank You

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • JW Christian Bible versions?

    What bible did Jehovah's Witnesses use before the NWT was printed or what bible did Russell and Rutherford use?

    Do most Chistian Sects, other then JW's, use the same bible version?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Single engine A/C, sheetmetal of composite?

    Are any new small airplanes constructed with metal fuselages and sheet metal skins?

    Maybe a metal fuselage with composite wings?

    Are there many advantages of one over the other?

    Is a clean sheet metal a/c as efficent as a composite a/c?

    6 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • Jet Engine leading edge intakes?

    Why did the do away with leading edge intakes? For example the older British Jet..the Comet I believe..., had leading edge intakes..

    4 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • Wingtip Vortacies and Drag?

    During straight and level flight, what percentage of drag can be attributed to wingtip vortices?

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  • USA involvement in UN operations?

    Why did the USA decide to go into somalia? Was it a Democratic backed mission?

    Does the USA ever provide troops to UN causes, like peace keeping in bosnia or in africa?

    3 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago